Rubik's Cube: 3 cubes in a row
132.93 secondsYu NakajimaCubingTechniques.com20080224
234.80 secondsHarris ChanSub 35! No lucky just went really well. I used hybrid cube DIY and my WC/9.80 seconds cube (in that order).
Video is here
336.43 secondsMiln BaticzPractise practise practise.20080607
437.05 secondsAndy Tsao12.35 per cube.20081121
537.71 secondsRavi Fernando12.57 per cube. No lucky solves.20071208
637.76 secondsStefan HuberGreat!
Video is here
738.43 secondsRama TemminkFirst sub 40!
I started doing this now I have three good cubes. P
I use: Rubik's DIY from 2005 2007 and Japanese Speedcubing-kit.
839.08 secondsDerrick EideWoooooooooooooooooooooooo-Hoo... :) :P20081119
939.41 secondsJason BaumFirst sub 40! I haven't tried this in a while, but I've been cubing really well lately so I figured I'd give this a shot and did this on my first try. It could have been better still- the second cube had the E perm, and the third cube had the R' perm which are both among my worst cases. I'm still very happy with this though!20071201
1040.70 secondsAnssi VanhalaNot lucky.20061125
1141.28 secondsErik Akkersdijkcube 1: new DIY kit (type a)
cube 2: new DIY kit (type a)
cube 3: new DIY kit (type a)
so if I used my good cubes I would've had sub-40?? who knows.
1242.41 secondsYu Jeong-Minhmm. my goal is sub 40. (13sec per cube)
3 Cube solving Video :)
1342.80 secondsEdouard ChambonDone in Roissy in front of the audience. Thanks to Jimmy for lending me his (bad :p) cube.
Sub40 is not so far..
1443.27 secondsTeo Kai Xiangn/a20090510
1543.43 secondsTakuma AkutsuMy site20071012
1643.88 secondsLevi ReicheltAustralian Speedcubing Website
1745.60 secondsMatt WalterThe first two solves felt like 12.XX times. I used my first cube I owned, my cousin's and my sister's cube.20060608
1846.61 secondsShotaro MakisumiCubes used were: 12.11 Cube, US National Cube, 14.68 Avg.20040827
1946.96 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20070120
2046.97 secondsTakahito DomonMaybe I can get faster. :)20060608
2147.58 secondsMat Moitinho de Almeida47.58 averages out to 15.86 seconds per cube. Used 3 DIY cubes. This is very hard for me to beat.20060729
2248.06 secondsJol van NoortNo lucky solves, done on the stackmat. My website.20060207
2348.40 secondsRon van BruchemTried a few more times with Ton. Used my own cube and two very loose cubes of Ton. Sub 45 would be the target on my own cubes.20050714
2448.49 secondsCasey PernsteinerThis averages out to 16.16 seconds per cube.20060226
2548.68 secondsMichael GottliebNone of the three cubes had a lucky case. One was Japanese color scheme :)20090201
2648.81 secondsLeyan LoJust fooling around with my three speedcubes.20060109
2749.60 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiThere were neither an easy case nor a skip there. PLANET PUZZLE. 
2849.78 secondsCraig BouchardCool.20061230
2950.76 secondsKai Jiptner16.9166667 per cube. ;)20080304
3051 secondsYouyang Guyouyanggu.com20080224
3151.30 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardIt just went well, practice for SOC'0820080826
3251.47 secondsGunnar KrigFirst try in a year or so.20061223
3353.05 secondsOlivier GaucherSub-50 seems impossible.20050531
3453.94 secondsAnthony BenisUsed 2 of my DIYs and my main studio speedcube. I have a little trouble recognizing on the white DIY and my black DIY isn't that good, so I could see sub 50 pretty easily.20071015
3554.23 secondsTobias DaneelsYes, great times for me.
I had two easy crosses which I took second and third.
This made it easyer to start every solve.
3654.71 secondsRon Herbert Dunphypsychoalphadisco betabioaquadoloop20071227
3756.45 secondsOu ChenI was pretty bored when I should've been studying for finals. My third sub minute in this category.20080501
3857.28 secondsAlex Baileydon't really do this much20080417
3957.75 secondsThom Barloww00t!20060601
4058.02 secondsYuji YoonMy site20070701
4158.50 secondsRuben Geelsn/a20060712
4258.62 secondsFrank MorrisFinally sub 60! 
4359.52 secondsLucas GarronFinally. Used two of my cubes and Ummon's.20070319
4459.60 secondsMasayuki Akimoton/a 
4559.72 secondsPeck Ern-Min1st cube solve was about 17 seconds20081231
461 minute 0.30 secondsRichard PattersonSo close to a minute! Will resolve this soon.20050425
471 minute 1.84 secondsSyoji TakamatsuJSCC 2006 New Year Contest.20060102
481 minute 3.97 secondsJon MorrisThis was my first attempt at this. My site. 
491 minute 4.19 secondsBrian LeYeah, I wish it was sub-60.20071012
501 minute 4.35 secondsArthur AdamsApproaching one minute.20080626
511 minute 5 secondsJulian Kwann/a20080412
521 minute 5.26 secondsTimmie WongSub-1 minute seems possible with good cubes.
531 minute 6.03 secondsTyson MaoTrying to improve. My Website.20040906
541 minute 9.66 secondsJohn ShepardI want to get sub-minute.20070703
551 minute 10.19 secondsToby MaoThis was awesome! Everything felt really smooth. The first solve was around 22, and when I looked up at the clock after I finished solved 2, it was at 45. 
561 minute 14.66 secondsMason Hoffmanmy first attempt20070401
571 minute 15.06 secondsAndrew ChowUsed mine and two friends from school. Would've gone faster, but one of my friends' cubes was missing all the reds, and I was not aware of it.20061116
581 minute 16.09 secondsThomas WatiotienneI used three very different cubes. The first one is a "prismatic" one. I made it in about 20s. The second one is very very bad, and I made it in 32 seconds, the last one is the best one. I made it in about 24s. I know I can improve this time. You can see the video on:
591 minute 16.39 secondsBob BurtonI can go faster.20050917
601 minute 16.84 secondsAlan TanHm I hafta admit I was going rather slowly looking for cross pieces T.T
Anways first cube was my 2nd speedcube ever very smooth can't cut corners. Then I solved my 1st speedcube ever extremely smooth cuts corners but pops occasionally due to inner parts of pieces being weakened by turbine oil. After I solved my current speedcube a DIY which pops occasionally.
All solves were not lucky CFOP full.
611 minute 18 secondsJusting ViningThis is Fun! 
621 minute 21.78 secondsEmerson Herrmanni was bored so. yeah.20080414
631 minute 23.46 secondsPeter BabcockOne cube was much worse than the others. Hopefully I can do better with 3 good cubes.20050602
641 minute 24.04 secondsKre Krign/a20050120
651 minute 25.72 secondsWillie Siausmooth.20080925
661 minute 27.25 secondsCameron WebleyTook 4-5 tries to get under 90. This was my third sub 90 time. It could have been much better, but I messed up the cross on cube # 3. I didn't look ahead at all to see where to put the cross. 
671 minute 28 secondsAndrew Smithyay! i got my personal best while doing this.
my friend timed each solve so i could see my times!
My personal best is 21.xx according to him.
681 minute 28.06 secondsScott BellGoing back I had a 30.55 24.32 and 33.19 solves. This is definitely my very best.20090201
691 minute 30.60 secondsShinichi Kajita1:25.79 (1:20.55) 1:33.16 (1:52.24) 1:32.34 1:36.13 1:24.06 1:25.36 1:39.37 1:29.18 1:34.32 1:26.28
This time is In Japan Speed Cubing Club 2008 New Year Contest
701 minute 31 secondsEdson Prezn/a20080207
711 minute 32 secondsNoah Hevey1 speed cube. 2 new DIY cubes. One black, one white.
Very good for me.
721 minute 34 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080414
731 minute 37 secondsChris GilsdorfOne of the cubes was new and was un-trigger-able :( Better luck next time. 
741 minute 44.74 secondsRyan MahHands got tired after first 1. guess I have to gain stamina. 
751 minute 49.89 secondsJustin TangI did this marathon after solving an average of 10 solves. It looks like these solves beat my old record by 10 seconds.. ^.^
Working on the last layer.
761 minute 51 secondsBrad SampsonJust for fun.20071218
771 minute 53.29 secondsTommy Gustavsson37.76 per cube.20060821
781 minute 54.33 secondsAllen Winslow
791 minute 54.73 secondsRaul GarciaThis is awesome! Gets you out of the old routine. (Jaspers) 
801 minute 55.72 secondsKenneth Gustavsson38.57 seconds/cube20060304
812 minutes 11 secondsBen KingI had to use all the cubes I owned. Visit my site.20050318
822 minutes 14.62 secondsCarpus Tini was bored at raymonds house so i used raymonds and my cubes except raymonds cube sucked^^ 20070204
832 minutes 50.59 secondsBruno Azevedon/a20050916
842 minutes 54.22 secondsRyan JewI used LBL for all three. 1 and 2 were pretty good solves, i messed up a little on the last one.20080417
854 minutes 24.01 secondsChris DresslerI was bored again I did this 5 minutes after I did the other one that I did. 
864 minutes 49 secondsSaurabh ChawdharyThis was my first 3 in a row. I'll try to do better again.
My Cubing Page
875 minutes 43.28 secondsJason RobertsonI picked up one cube after another also 2 of them were not lubed (oiled)it hurt really badly! 
886 minutes 41 secondsCsaba SosI'm just a beginner so not very bad.20061215