Rubik's 2x2x2 + Rubik's 3x3x3 + Rubik's 4x4x4 + 5x5x5 Cubes (in any order)
12 minutes 35.37 secondsMichal Halczuk5x5 edges and centers done at 50 secs and of course Martini.
First try this day.
You are slow.
22 minutes 38.89 secondsMichael GottliebOrder was 2354. I finished the 5x5 at about 1:45 so I'm guessing it was 1:25ish and the 44 was sub-55 (normal solve with no parity). This felt sooooo nice.20090308
32 minutes 39.45 secondsMilán Baticz5x5 at 1:26, 4x4 at 2:22, 3x3 at 2:35, and 2x2 at 2:39.
Practise, practise, practise...
42 minutes 42.19 secondsYu NakajimaI think someone can break this record.
52 minutes 55.28 secondsDan Cohen2nd try today. Haven't done this in a while. The video is here.
2x2 = 6s 3x3 = 14s 4x4 = 1:06 5x5 = 1:29
I'm bad a 4x4.
62 minutes 57.55 secondsPatrick JamesonWhoa! Didn't expect this. Everyone else seemed to be doing a lot of this so i tried some. I know 4x4 was in ~55 seconds.20080808
72 minutes 57.75 secondsErik AkkersdijkQuite good :) done during the weekly contest at first try since a long time.20071016
82 minutes 58.21 secondsFrank Morris4x4 practice has really paid off.20070918
92 minutes 59.81 secondsPhil ThomasYES SUB-3!!
2: 4
5: 1:48
4: 54
3: 14
Nice 4 solve really helped it. I'll never catch up to those guys ^^^
103 minutes 3.83 secondsMátyás KutiWow!
5x5: 1:40
4x4: 59
3x3+2x2: 24
It could be better.
113 minutes 7.45 secondsPhillip EspinozaI thought I should give this a try. I think it's pretty good for my first time. Don't remember what the details were exactly but meh. I'm satisfied.20090308
123 minutes 14.78 secondsMartin ChooDouble parity on 4x4. I think it was my 5x5 that was pretty fast, but I didn't keep track of the individual cube timings.20081213
133 minutes 29.44 secondsPéter Róka5x5x5 1:53 4x4x4 1:09 3x3x3 15 2x2x2 12 2x2x2 was slow I maked the Pll wrong and this scrambled the cube. This is my new record but i think i can better by 4x4 and 2x220080502
143 minutes 33.38 secondsJon ChoiFor's Weekly Competition 13. 2x2-4x4 finished in 1:27.xx. If I warmed-up properly (and not dropped the 5x5 before I finished) this would have easily been sub-3:30.20080327
153 minutes 35.99 secondsJan SmarschevskiHoly. ! Great!
5 about 2 min
4x4 about 1 min 5 sec
3x3 + 2x2 about 30
.99 because I don't know it exactly
163 minutes 37.22 secondsOlivér Perge2x2: 5
3x3: 17
4x4: 1:11
5x5: 2:04
Could be better.
Voiture! )
173 minutes 38.12 secondsDan HarrisDone during a demonstration at the Riverbank Plaza Hotel for ABN AMRO. Cubes were well mixed by several audience members :) I was spazzing like no other.20070330
183 minutes 40.86 secondsMatt WalterStarted with a 1:53 5x5 solve. Double parity for the 4x4. Need a lot of practice for the 2x2. I think it took over 20 seconds.20061225
193 minutes 41.65 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20061030
203 minutes 45.37 secondsDerrick Eidedone in normal order> 2 3 4 5.
lol the 3x3 part of the 5x5 sucked lol.
This is getting more fun to me now! :)
213 minutes 46.87 secondsEmile CompionMy first attempt in quite a while, and also my first sub-4.20081012
223 minutes 51.29 secondsYuji Suse5x5x5 in about 137 seconds. I practice 5x5x5 more.20061129
233 minutes 55.40 secondsGunnar KrigI can do it much faster since the 4x4 took about 1:20.20080119
243 minutes 56.86 secondsPer Kristen FredlundDone from 2x2x2 upwards! Emulated 2x2x2 with another 4x4x4 cube. Stefan gave me the idea to have a go. I was so nervous. Third attempt I managed to go through all the cubes relatively smoothly and got this time. I think maybe 3:45 is possible with lots of practice and some luck :-)20050729
254 minutes 0.16 secondsChris HardwickI suppose I should be disappointed to get so close to sub-4 but not make it, but my 5x5 is so inconsistent I hardly deserve this time. 2:15 on the 5x5, 1:20-ish on the 4x4 (so hard not to rush!!) and normal for the 3x3 and 2x2.20060228
264 minutes 2.29 secondsGábor Vighn/a20080626
274 minutes 5.71 secondsBernett OrlandoMy aim was sub 4 min, when I started solving. I did not preinspect anything. This is my first ever attempt. The rough running time was as follows
2*2*2 + 3*3*3 = 38 sec
4*4*4 = 108 sec (OLL parity)
5*5*5 = 245.71 sec
I am very very happy.
284 minutes 15.47 secondsLars VandenberghStill made many mistakes.20060607
294 minutes 15.72 secondsJeff Wangnot especially lucky, but i didn't get the situation where i had to flip one edge (4x4x4), which i really hate doing20071201
304 minutes 16.84 secondsAlex Bailey2x2 ~3
3x3 ~16
4x4 ~1:23
5x5 ~2:31
314 minutes 23.73 secondsCraig BouchardDecent solves on all of them, about average, maybe a bit better than average. 5x5 - 4x4 - 3x3 - 2x2
5x5 done around 2:40-2:45, 4x4 done right before 4:00, 3x3 around 4:17, 2x2 PLL skip done at 4:23.73 (about a 5 second solve) I'm happy beats my old record by about a minute
324 minutes 24.42 secondsRyosuke Higon/a20070430
334 minutes 25.06 secondsJosh Bergcouldve done sub-4 but my 5x5 popped.20080329
344 minutes 36.05 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardFrom 5 and down. Avg solve on 3x3 and 2x2. 4x4 was fast bit faster that avg. 5x5 was avg solve.20071105
354 minutes 38.96 secondsLorenzo Bonoani know i can still do better20081213
364 minutes 39.13 secondsJon MorrisI've been practicing ;)20060322
374 minutes 40.98 secondsOlivier GaucherIn this order :5,4,3,2 2:07=> 3:46=> 4:11=> 4:40.98 I have to work the 2x2x2! 
384 minutes 44.39 secondsPedro SantosYeah! Beat my previous record by.30 seconds O.o
The 5x5 was pretty good for me, my PB (2:40), then 4x4 in about 1:30, than 3x3 in about 19 and 2x2 in 15 (made a mistake but got a pll skip). I can do better with a better 2x2 (I got a Rubik's one, too small for speed :(
394 minutes 44.40 secondsLevi Reichelt
404 minutes 58.02 secondsRichard PattersonNo solves were lucky. 5x5- ~180s, 4x4+3x3- ~110s, 2x2-~8s.
These are all approx. times, I only glanced at the timer a few times :) Felt great to break this barrier.
414 minutes 59.17 secondsMatthew MillardFinally sub-5, avg. 5:15.xx20090510
424 minutes 59.54 secondsFrederick Badie2*2*2, 4*4*4 and 5*5*5 are EastSheen products. I can't notice my different times but it was something like 10 for 2*2, 20 for 3*3, under 1:30 for 4*4 and around 3:00 for 5*5. It is not a lucky case but a good time for each at the same moment because my average for this category is between 5:30 and 6:00. I made many tries before that. 
435 minutes 7.60 secondsTim ReynoldsI couldn't believe it; my best time before was over 5:50. Not sure what the splits were (I would guess 2:50, 1:45, 20, 10 or something like that) but the 5 and 4 felt pretty amazing. Hoping for sub-5 soon.20070119
445 minutes 9.36 secondsCristiano Alban/a20090510
455 minutes 10.66 secondsBen WhitmoreScrambles:
2x2x2 - D2 B D2 L U R2 D' F2 L2 B D2 B2 L2 U R2 B R U2 R2 D L2
3x3x3 - U' L' U2 F2 D B2 L F' B' U' R' L2 D B2 D U L' F D2 U2 F2 U' B2 L2 U'
4x4x4 - D2 L2 d2 u' l2 D2 u' R' F u2 l2 b' l' u2 D f L2 u U B' U' u' L r R2 F u' f' B2 D2 B' R r2 F' u' U' L' r D' U'
2x2x2 - 12.xx seconds
3x3x3 - 58.xx seconds
4x4x4 - 4 minutes .xx seconds
I really need to learn centers first on the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 and any other bigger cube
465 minutes 14.49 secondsDoug LiThis was my very first attempt at doing a relay. This was the relay I did at Nationals 06 for one of the mystery events. I believe I went in the order 5,4,2,3. Someone got this on camera too.20060804
475 minutes 25.43 secondsSyoji Takamatsu2006 Japan GW Contest.20060504
485 minutes 28 secondsTobias DaneelsI tried 3 times.
This was the best.
I had unfortunatly 3 times 2 parity's.
I may get better if i train 5x5x5.
495 minutes 29.53 secondsMichael Swan2x2- 8 seconds
3x3- 27 seconds
4x4- 1 minute 55 seconds
5x5- 3 minutes
This is just a guess for what times I got for each. My 5x5 was fast for me.
505 minutes 30.58 secondsWillie SiauMemorization time: 33:06.
For an online competition.
515 minutes 37.67 secondsMasayuki Akimoton/a 
525 minutes 39.82 secondsLucas GarronThe 5x5x5 solve was almost a PR.20070817
535 minutes 41.50 secondsKĺre KrigNext step, do it blindfolded :-)20061023
545 minutes 41.81 secondsClancy Cochranfinally sub 6. done with jon morris in #rubik.
555 minutes 46.23 secondsClément GalletAbout 2x2 : 20 sec - 3x3 : 30 sec - 4x4 : 2 min - 5x5 : 3 min. 
565 minutes 47 secondsWill Klauslerfast20090214
575 minutes 48 secondsJames Wrightused a rubiks brand 5x5, east sheen 4x4, diy speed cube, and a east sheen 2x220080206
585 minutes 48.86 secondsFrançois Courtčs5^3: white V5; 4^3: white Meffert; 3^3: storebought; 2^3: black ES20081219
595 minutes 53 secondsChristina BodensiekFinally sub-6. ]20080511
605 minutes 55.39 secondsMatias Macaya2x2 PLL skip, 3x3 normal (2x2+3x3 in 32 seconds), 4x4 PLL skip and easy first center and fast edges, 5x5 fast edges, i ned to practice more20080912
615 minutes 56.91 secondsJosh RotholzWow. First timed try and I got sub-6 minutes. Watch out Tristan! Done with new ES 5x5, Rubik's 4x4, DIY 3x3 with Cubesmith tiles, and a very very broken in ES 2x2. Awesome time. 20080416
626 minutes 5.50 secondsPatrick KellyFirst time I have tried this. 3x3 done around 18 seconds, I didn't figure out the others.
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Rubik's Forum
636 minutes 6.36 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20081007
646 minutes 12.27 secondsBrad DavisThis is using LBL for the 3x3 and 3x3 portions of the 4 and 5x5. 4 layer last look on all. 20080712
656 minutes 17.43 secondsBob BurtonI did not think I would try this more than once, but I cut a nice chunk of time off. Visit my site.20070607
666 minutes 23.34 secondsJohnathan BrouilletI have no clue why my time for this isnt down to 4 minutes, i average 6 second 2x2 24 second 3x3 1:30 4x4 and like 5 minute 5x5 solves, i really need to work on that.20080507
676 minutes 29.00 secondsTom WeinreichThis was my fourth try. Sum of my best avgs is 7 minutes, so this is really good. Went in ascending order to take advantage of inspection. 4x4 was lucky, the only PLL was the parity.20070513
686 minutes 30.91 secondsDavid Woner3>2>5>4. i know its a weird order, but they go in order of required inspection, and 5x5x5 edges warm me up for the 4x4x4 edges. 3x3x3 was high 19, 3+2 in 28, and i think i had the 5x5 reduced by 3:40. fast 3x3x3, the rest were decent.20080607
696 minutes 35 secondsMike Kotch5x5 - about 3:37
4x4 - about 2:00
3x3 - about 0:42
2x2 - about 0:13
706 minutes 43.31 secondsTommy GustavssonGetting better at the big cubes after having the V-cubes inspired me to try this.20080925
716 minutes 43.81 secondsPatrick Gornyn/a20080925
726 minutes 44.22 secondsThomas ClementStill quite shocking, but the first time I've tried since I finished them all on the maglev in Shanghai (Sub 7 mins 20 seconds). I should be happy my 4x4x4 went so well on my crap cube. 4x4x4: 2:10, 5x5x5: 5:55, 3x3x3: 6:25, 2x2x2: 6:44.2220070430
736 minutes 52 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080505
747 minutes 6.56 secondsRyan JewThis was done after i got my new stacktimer and 4x4. The 5x5 solve was better than usual.20090510
757 minutes 7.39 secondsBryan O'Connor when i was 12 years old, it took me about 25 minutes to do this, and i thought i would never break the 10 minute barrier. Now im 13, and i can do it in about 7 minutes.I know ill get a lot faster some day =)(if i had better cubes, i could do it even faster) 20080701
767 minutes 43 secondsChris GilsdorfBeat my old record by nearly a minute.
Thanks to Chris Loy for help with the timings.
2x2=:16 3x3=:36 4x4=2:29 5x5=4:22
778 minutes 15.32 secondsBrad Sampson First ever sub-2 minute 4x4 also! The order was 5-4-2-320080515
788 minutes 47 secondsAndrew Webbern/a 
798 minutes 57.37 secondsAndrew RoleyI really have been doing a lot worse on the 4x4 recently because I have lost all but one of my stickers for the yellow side :(20070613
809 minutes 0.70 secondsBrian Nicole UyPhilippine Cubers Association20071225
819 minutes 1.84 secondsBrian LeWow, better by one whole minute! I almost got a sub-20 for a 3x3.20070716
829 minutes 8.03 secondsKenneth GustavssonOrder: 2x, 4x, 3x and 5x. Around 10 sec for 2x, 45 secs for the 3x, 2.5 minutes for the 4x, 5.5 minutes for 5x, the rest to swich cubes and try to remember what I saw in the rapid inspection =)20060729
839 minutes 36.05 secondsNick CrawfordSecond or third attempt (I just got my V-Cube 5). Might do this some more once I get better on the 4x4 (and maybe 5x5).20081231
849 minutes 41.22 secondsJoshua BrownFinally under 10 minutes20081116
8510 minutes 1 secondOliver Wolff2x2=0:19 3X3=0:37 4x4=2:34 5x5=6:31 
8610 minutes 10.11 secondsNicholas Hosolved the 5x5, followed by the 4x4, 2x2, ending with the 3x3. my first time trying this.20071123
8710 minutes 21.72 secondsMarcos Kawakamin/a20090201
8810 minutes 35.28 secondsJason GossWoo! My personal best20071018
8910 minutes 38.56 secondsVincent LeI must be getting faster on the bigger cubes. I got a PLL skip on the 5x5x5.20051122
9010 minutes 51.05 secondsPeter BabcockThe 5x5 took the longest out of the four. 
9110 minutes 53.27 secondsJuan Bustos2x2x2,4x4x4,5x5x5 cubes are Eastsheen, second time i do them all at once.
5x5x5 =6:19
4x4x4 =3:40
3x3x3 =38
2x2x2 =16a
9211 minutes 3.49 secondsSimon Chanini just got a new 2x2, 4x4, and 5x5, so that was fun. 20070414
9311 minutes 11.42 secondsDillon BeesleyThis was my first try at this after getting my 2x2, 4x4, and 5x5 eastsheens 3 days ago, will get better though.20081109
9411 minutes 33.08 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was my second attempt my first time was about 12 and a half minutes so i dropped a minute and my 5x5x5 time helped a lot but my 4x4x4 time was a little worse. My times were
2x2x2= 9.21 seconds
3x3x3= 36.18 seconds
4x4x4= 3 minutes 48.08 seconds
5x5x5= 6 minutes 59.61 seconds
All in all it was good just need to work on the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 but i have my Eastsheen cubes so they don't struggle so much.
9511 minutes 45.48 secondsJames Watt2x2 10.xx, 3x3 42.xx, 4x4 2:59.xx, 5x5 7:55.xx
Had not tried all of these at once.
9612 minutes 27 secondsKenneth Brandon10s for the 2x2, 30s for the 3x3, 4min 20s for the 4x4, 7min and 25s for the 5x5 
9713 minutes 22 secondsIan Winokur(Jaspers). 
9813 minutes 50 secondsBruno JorgeI did it after lunch. The 2x2x2 was around 20 seconds, the 3x3x3 may be 1 minute and 10 seconds. The 4x4x4 and the 5x5x5 I don´t know but I'm sure that I beat my records in the 4x4x4 and the 5x5x5, I can't post them because I don't have the time. I will do solutions with just one cube to have an actual record.20061228
9913 minutes 51 secondsMichael RiggsSeems like it took forever, but I was lucky, I didn;t get to many parity cases.20081127
10015 minutes 24.10 secondsRoma KudinovAll cubes at once is looooong and exhausting :)20080307
10115 minutes 49.28 secondsNicholas LeungIt was not that hard. :)20080502
10216 minutes 32.69 secondsTyler YarnelliIt was the first time I had ever done it20080304
10316 minutes 41 secondsJustin ViningMessed up alot on the 2x2x2, but what a wrist work out! Owen Hall SE4! 
10416 minutes 55 secondsPatrick Wongmy second try i was very lucky that there was no parity on the 4x4x4, but i kind of messed up when i was trying to solve the 5x5x5 parity After trying it, i realized that i wasted about 30 minutes of my life trying to create this record20080501
10517 minutes 15.66 secondsSteve WithingtonWill post again when (if) I break 15 minutes.20070929
10617 minutes 26.22 secondsMichael Lambertonfirst time trying all. i need practice with 5x520070630
10717 minutes 51 secondsEthan RosenI uses eastsheen 4x4 and 5x5s, a standard 3x3, and a standard rubik's 2x220070529
10817 minutes 52.97 secondsAaron Reiddisnt go as planned worked from professor down and had a poor 9 minutes on it then the pocket cube was also very badly done at about 1 minute!
Overall not bad for a first try at all in one
10921 minutes 34 secondsSébastien Marsn/a 
11023 minutes 19 secondsJed Zeinsbest solve on 5x5 ever for me, the rest was average20070623
11123 minutes 47 secondsMichael LooOw, my wrists. Not bad, considering I use a variant of the Varasano method. I'm too lazy to learn anything else. I went from 5x5x5 downwards to the 2x2x2. This way my brain doesn't explode.20060331
11224 minutes 32 secondsLow Fu KangBest timing, i started solving the 5x5x5 first. for the odd cubes i used lars petrus's method. even cubes i used layer building.20070918
11326 minutes 46 secondsAndy Hollowaydid a pyramix as well in another 42 secs and a Sudokube in 3 minutes and 8 seconds as this was all of my puzzles at the time. i just hoping to solve em all in under 30 mins. not quite20060323
11429 minutesFelix Navidadeasy20070529
11533 minutes 16.81 secondsMichael Blakemanthe 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 were supercubes. the 2x2 was done in 33.91 seconds, the 3x3 was done in 2:24.26, the 4x4 was done in 10:28.58, and the 5x5 was done in 19:50.0620090201