Rubik's 2x2x2 + Rubik's 3x3x3 + 4x4x4 Cubes (in any order)
11 minute 0.91 secondsYu NakajimaMmm. I could done better. Next is sub1 )
21 minute 02.99 secondsFeliks Zemdegs2x2: 3
3x3: 11
4x4: 48

31 minute 9.59 secondsErik Akkersdijk2x2 and 3x3 in about 16 seconds. Rest for 4x4. No parities is handy :) quite ok I think! :D
41 minute 9.80 secondsIsaac Wappes2x2: 6
3x3: 17
4x4: 46
Really nice 4x4! Bad for everything else. I love my Meffert's.
51 minute 11.30 secondsMilán Baticz4x4 had PLL parity.
Practise, practise, practise...
61 minute 11.37 secondsAdam Polkowski2x2 - 5.xx
3x3 - 14.xx
4x4 - 52.xx
Quite good but not maximum :]
71 minute 11.99 secondsPhil Thomasduring a 2-5 relay, so I put .99
2: 0:04
4: 0:54
81 minute 16.59 secondsYuji SuseI solved 2x2->4x4->3x3.20070903
91 minute 18.02 secondsAndy TsaoI emulated the 2x2x2 on a very stiff 4x4x4.
4x4x4 done in about 50 seconds
101 minute 18.46 secondsMichael GottliebSomething like 51 second 4x4. I wanna be better at the small cubes.20080425
111 minute 18.49 secondsDerrick EideOH WOW!! I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED HERE!! 2x2 was normal like 4 sec 3x3 was smooth 4x4 was pretty easy i think the edges were easy but not lucky and no parity. like i said i have NO CLUE what happened but this is AMAZING!! WOW!!!!20080416
121 minute 18.65 secondsMátyás Kuti4x4x4: 60 sec.
3x3x3: 14 sec.
2x2x2: 4 sec.
Average solve for each cube.
131 minute 19.24 secondsFrank MorrisThanks to Matyas Kuti for the inspiration.
It took a while to break 1:20.
141 minute 26.96 secondsGunnar KrigAverage solves.20071019
151 minute 27.95 secondsChris Hardwick4x4x4 in about 56 seconds, and the other solves were normal. The 4x4x4 is the key solve for this record since it takes so many more moves compared to the other two cubes. My biggest problem is in trying not to rush and just keep a normal pace. I will try for sub-1:20.20060228
161 minute 27.99 secondsJon ChoiPart of a 2x2-5x5 relay, remembered seeing 1:27.xx when I picked up the 5x5... 2x2- 0:06, 3x3- 0:19, 4x4- 1:02.20080327
171 minute 28.89 secondsJason BaumI did 3x3x3, 2x2x2, 4x4x4. 3x3x3 in 9.xx, 2x2x2 in 7.xx, 4x4x4 in 1:12.xx. Pretty good for me!20071105
181 minute 31.65 secondsRon van BruchemWhen Ton and I train together on 4, I sometimes solve 2+3+4. This was the best of 5 tries. Can be improved a lot!20060412
191 minute 36.92 secondsThibaut Jacquinotn/a20061016
201 minute 37.46 secondsTatsuya Ookubon/a20061013
211 minute 37.75 secondsDan CohenWow. first try in a while.
3x3: 15
2x2: 8
4x4: 1:15
no parities is nice.
221 minute 40.90 secondsMarc van BeestSecond try. My first try was about 2 min 4 sec.
After 15 sec of inspection (of all cubes) I started with the 4x4x4, 3x3x3 and I ended with the 2x2x2.
The 4x4x4 was solved after about 1 min 10 - 15 sec, the 3x3x3 after about 15 - 20 sec and the 2x2x2 after 10 -15 sec. This can be faster!
The 2x2x2 is very sticky, I've to buy a new one.
231 minute 41.19 secondsWillie Siaun/a20090201
241 minute 42 secondsJeffrey Hansenn/a20090510
251 minute 44.21 secondsPéter Rókan/a20071018
261 minute 44.30 secondsJohannes Laire2x2 and 3x3 were normal, but 4x4 was very good for me. First sub-2.20061029
271 minute 45.43 secondsOlivér PergeStart with 2x2x2 than 3x3x3 and finally 4x4x4. 20071028
281 minute 45.50 secondsHarris ChanI solved 2x2-3x3-4x4. It was a pretty good 4x4 solve for me, no parities. I can definitely go sub 1:45 though20080422
291 minute 52.25 secondsAlex Baileygood for me on 4x4, and average on 3x3 and 2x220080909
301 minute 54.67 secondsMasayuki Akimoton/a 
311 minute 55.20 secondsRavi FernandoFinally got sub-2 after almost a day of work. This was an average solve on 2x2, a good solve on 3x3, and a very good solve on 4x4 (first time without parity error in about 10 tries). I average about 2:20 on this. See my site.20050923
321 minute 56.59 secondsTim Sun4x4 downwards. About 1:25, :20, :14. I didn't let myself (accident) have any inspection time. I forgot about it and only realized in the middle of my 4x4 solve. :P20061013
331 minute 57.34 secondsRoland Kovácsmy 1st sub220080917
342 minutes 8.90 secondsDavid Woner3>2>5>4. i know its a weird order but they go in order of required inspection and 5x5x5 edges warm me up for the 4x4x4 edges. 3x3x3 was high 19 3+2 in 28 and i think i had the 5x5 reduced by 3:40. fast 3x3x3 the rest were decent.20080607
352 minutes 9.75 secondsThomas WatiotienneI didn't pratice 444 for a while. I've to improve. Sub-2 is possible!20070622
362 minutes 9.77 secondsMike BennettI'm going to practice a little more on my 4x4, and try again. I would definitely like to earn one of the top spots in this category.20050916
372 minutes 12.16 secondsAndrew Smithn/a20090214
382 minutes 16.12 secondsKĺre KrigI start with the 3x3. No idea about times for the different cubes.20061023
392 minutes 16.92 secondsMichael SwanI did the 3x3 first then 2x2 then 4x4.
Times are
3x3- 17 seconds (fast for me but not uncommon)
2x2- 7 seconds
4x4- 1 minute 50 seconds
402 minutes 20.16 secondsCraig BouchardEasy solves.all 11th PB broken today.20060316
412 minutes 23.27 secondsMatthew MillardI average just under 3 mins. The moons must have been aligned. How do I make my 4x4 turn smoother?20080917
422 minutes 25.95 secondsKenneth GustavssonSoon to be beaten. I used ES 2x, Rubik's DIY 3x and ES 4x20081021
432 minutes 28 secondsWill Klauslerout of nowhere20090214
442 minutes 32.43 secondsBob BurtonI solved 4->3->2. Visit my site.20070529
452 minutes 34.40 secondsStefan HuberI really suck at 4x4. The 2x2 and 3x3 were finished after 23 seconds.20071103
462 minutes 37.63 secondsSimon WestlundI can do better20080808
472 minutes 37.99 secondsBrad DavisThis is still using LBL method for the 3x3 and 3x3 portion of the 4x4 (reduction). I also solve the 2x2 using the same method. 4 layer last looks on all.20080712
482 minutes 40.90 secondsRyan JewTimed on a stackmat. I forgot when though. .20090510
492 minutes 42.20 secondsDavid EraniSince my internet has been down i got two challenges. Beat Winokur's in a few tries. (For some reason on the first few tries I didn't finish one of the three cubes each time.) I can do better maybe sub 2:30. Can't believe how much faster I got. Four by four is sub-two average now.20050331
502 minutes 42.54 secondsEmile Compion4x4 - 122.xx
3x3 - 26.xx
2x2 - 13.xx
Not bad for my first try :).
512 minutes 42.57 secondsPatrick KellyMy webpage
Free Computer Help
522 minutes 46.95 secondsAlan TanXP First try =]
2x2: 10.xx
3x3: 25-30.xx
4x4: 2 min 10.xx sec
Approximated results XP just from stealing quick glances at the timer -_- Not a smart idea.
532 minutes 48.22 secondsCaleb LauFirst attempt, I know I can beat that time but I'm just too lazy to. See my site at GottaCube.com20070608
542 minutes 52 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080505
552 minutes 54.91 secondsTommy Gustavssonn/a20081127
562 minutes 55.80 secondsMartijn BakkerSecond try and first sub 3 min.20081112
572 minutes 57.34 secondsCristiano AlbaVisitate il gruppo italiano del cubo di Rubik's20060313
582 minutes 58.99 secondsChris Brownleejust playing around in the chatroom saying that i could beat three minutes. on solving 2x2 3x3 and 4x4. really didn't know what sub three would put me top ten. it was my second try. first try was 3:19 with a very bad 3x3 solve that i think would have been almost 40 seconds20060220
593 minutes 4.56 secondsOu ChenWow, my 4x4 time must have been close to my record. Still slow on 2x2 though.20080428
603 minutes 12.71 secondsLucas GarronDon't have a 2x2x2, so I substituted my Rubik's World.20061016
613 minutes 16.30 secondsIan WinokurWhere's David? (Lions)20050319
623 minutes 19 secondsJustin Vining:) 
633 minutes 23.60 secondsJon Santosn/a20080116
643 minutes 28 secondsOliver Wolff2x2=0:17 3X3=0:35 4x4=2:36 
653 minutes 44.12 secondsJames Watt10.xx Secs 2x2, 42.xx 3x3, 2:51.xx 4x4.
Edges and 3x3 solve are still killing me on the 4x4.
Jarhead Cubing
663 minutes 44.61 secondsScott Bell4x4=2:50.88 Best Time!! 3x3=45.13 2x2=8.620080510
673 minutes 46 secondsTyler Wilkinson2x2 - 12 Seconds 3x3 - 36 Seconds 4x4 - 2 Min 58 Seconds20070416
683 minutes 48.29 secondsConnor Grieves2x2 - 6 seconds 3x3 - 28 seconds 4x4 3:1620080422
693 minutes 50.09 secondsDennis StrehlauWOW!
my best on the 4x4x4 was around 3:45 minutes and now this time for 2x2x2 3x3x3 and 4x4x4! Just do not know the time for the 4x4x4 but whatever. I am happy.was the first try and it was FUN!.:)
703 minutes 50.11 secondsBrian Nicole UyPhilippine Cubers Association20071201
713 minutes 50.45 secondsMarcos Kawakamin/a20090201
723 minutes 56.87 secondsPawan Dhananjayfinished 2x2 and 3x3 in 36 sec.
made a mistake in 4x4 while pairing up the dedges.
733 minutes 58.50 secondsBryan O'Connoronly did it once and did 4x4, 3x3, then 2x2, then i was going to do the 5x5 but i messed up on it. At least this was a sub 4 minute solve and im 13 years old =)20080626
744 minutes 20.41 secondsBrad SampsonUgg this big cube solving is grueling. my brain hurts.20080122
754 minutes 21.27 secondsVernon RodriguezYes, my pb20071121
764 minutes 23.60 secondsElizabeth Wonbleh. . cube popped (20090510
774 minutes 26.21 secondsNick Carneytried again
very slow 3x3 and 2x2
all very bad cubes
no oll parity
784 minutes 34.23 secondsRay WangI don't have the individual times because I did them all at once.
2x2: 18 seconds
3x3: 32 seconds
4x4: A long time
794 minutes 42.83 secondsNicholas LeungYay. Still need to get a lot better.20080915
804 minutes 49.37 secondsSimon Chaninn/a20070414
814 minutes 55.48 secondsGavin Nelsonwell, ok 3x3 solve, fairly slow 2x2, and fairly slow 4x4 so i think i could have done better. o well20071108
825 minutes 16.14 secondsBaian LiuI'm trying to kill 4x4x4 time.20080111
835 minutes 16.73 secondsJeffrey GlassDefinately need work on the Revenge; took about 3:30 for that alone. Hoping to be sub-5 min within a couple weeks.20060707
845 minutes 25.02 secondsTony BrowneActually struggled a bit on the 3x3, but got my fastest 4x4 time ever.20080228
855 minutes 44.01 secondsJustin MohrDecent solves on all three (for me at least). I tried reversing the order this time (4x4x4 first) and it seemed to help.20050827
865 minutes 45.83 secondsHadley SheffieldNo parity on the 4x4x4. Didn't inspect any of the cubes before starting, though.20071225
875 minutes 54 secondsJason Gosseasy pairing on 4x4.20070623
886 minutes 21.40 secondsJesse Lieman-Sifrypretty amazed i could do it that fast.20080422
896 minutes 28 secondsNgei-Ning LauFirst try.20060317
908 minutesMichael Blakeman2x2x2=1 minute 3x3x3=2 minutes 4x4x4=5 minutes20070204
918 minutes 23 secondsJacob WildesI suck at 4x4. 7:00, :55, :20.20061221
929 minutes 19 secondsMarvin SeckerI liked it.
It was nice!
939 minutes 50 secondsKenneth Svendson2x2 at 30, 3x3 at 1.59 and 4x4 too long, but second attempt, so its ok. Timed at online-stopwatch by myself.20090510
9410 minutes 12.48 secondsJoe Wallacen/a20060122
9511 minutes 43 secondsChad KeenanFirst time trying to solve all three in a row.20081206
9612 minutes 46.14 secondsRyan MahJust thought I might try. Fun though. 
9716 minutes 13 secondsYouyang Gun/a20070423