Rubik's Cube: Most cubes solved in 1 hour
1245 cubesMilán BaticzDuring my 24 hour marathon(4786 cubes). It was the result of the 1st hour.
Practise, practise, practise.
2233 cubesAndrew KangThanks to Jack Meisburg, Tammy Liaw, Andy Lei, Taylor Lemm, George Stewrt, Josh Chu. Now for the 24 hour cube marathon!20071213
3195 cubesToby MaoThat was pretty rough on my neck. 130 cubes at 40:19. Last cube was down to the PLL. too bad I didn't make it. Thank's to Tyson for scrambling. And thanks to Dan Dzoan for some rate calculations.20061125
4190 cubesBalázs BernátThe result of the first hour in the 24h marathon. 8)20081119
5177 cubesJulian TanDone with 2 cubes and Jason scrambling+keeping count. It's a pity the average per cube wasn't sub 20 (20090510
6171 cubesBernett OrlandoIt was almost 172 cubes. Yes, I have improved a lot. My last best was 142 I think.
I used 3 cubes and all the three were differing in their smoothness. One cube was not really good for speed solving.
At the end my neck was paining. Thanks to my dad for scrambling from Dan Knight's timer. Hope he learns fingering by the way!
7170 cubesFrank MorrisFastest solve 15.05, slowest 31.86, overall average 20.84, fastest average 18.24, and all without inspection. Big thanks to Tyrell Jewell for helping with the scrambling.20050806
8155 cubesMarcos AmeijeirasDone yesterday at Terrassa. It was an exciting and an intense challenge. I did lots of mistakes but I think it's a good mark for me. I was so tired at the end of the hour. Thanks to Alejandro Riveiro and Jordi Piqueras for scrambling and judging me.20090106
9154 cubesKatsuyuki KonishiOn August 6, 2003 Mr. Kondo and I did the measurement meeting. Most solves in 1 hour was the first experience for me. Then I was not able to control the pace well. I felt pain of the finger too. The result was average 23.376 seconds per cube. Time when 100 cubes passed was 39 minutes 1 second. I had already lost time a lot of here. Anyway, I obtain a very good experience, and I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Kondo. Thank you very much for scrambling work.
10150 cubesZbigniew ZborowskiI and my nephew Slawomir Wolanin and my niece Iwona Wolanin (my scramblers) were making several "hour's sessions". This time we were doing this at home. During one of sessions I have solved 150 cubes (6 seconds left. :). zz20030819
11142 cubesGunnar KrigI was quite tired in the end, but surprised that I solved as many as 142. Thanks to Kĺre for scrambling.20050705
12140 cubesAdam GéhinA whole average of about 26 seconds per cube. Thanks a lot to Benjamin for scrambling and timing some single times, and to Jérôme for counting the cubes and checking the clock.20030522
13137 cubesHadley SheffieldNeat20090510
14132 cubesDanilo Caimanototal average is very high:27.xx. But this is the first attempt for me.
Thanks to Luigi Lunardon for scrambling and Dario Divino for judging-counting :D
15131 cubesLeonardo TambelliniÉ muito cansativo mais é muito loko!! =D
Aqui estăo os vídeos: - Parte 1 - Parte 2 - Parte 3 - Parte 4 - Parte 5 - Parte 6 - Parte 7 final
16127 cubesAndrea Santambrogioaverage is 30second but sometimes sub 3020080909
17125 cubesHugh GillWow, that was one long hour, hands hurt a little bit. But I crushed my old record of 23, when I first started cubing, improved a little.20070608
18124 cubesRichard PattersonThanks to Jake Rueth for scrambling.20040508
18124 cubesLucas GarronAll on video; 125th was fast but didn't make it. Since all my non-inspection marathons so far were 37sec averages, I'm quite happy. Thanks to Arthur for scrambling all the cubes!20061111
18124 cubesBrian LeThanks to Dorian Toy for scrambling and taking the count. For one straight hour!20070814
18124 cubesAnker Peetthis is gangsta20080229
22122 cubesThomas WatiotienneI did it during our last Marathon of cube. I'm quiet happy to be sub 30!20060830
23121 cubesKĺre KrigOuch, I wont be trying this again for some time. Thanks to Gunnar for scrambling.20050705
24115 cubesPeter BabcockThanks to Jake and Bob for the scrambling. This kills my old record of 86 (set over a year and a half ago).20050626
25113 cubesJeff Hsiehn/a20050830
26108 cubesTyler KroffI definitely won't attempt this again for a long, long time.20080724
27100 cubesOlivér NagyI finished with my 100 cube at 59:54.99, I had 1 POP (that solve was around 31 sec when it POPs) and 1 very bad (57.xy) The fastest was: 28.02. So I think I can do it better!20060226
2896 cubesBob BurtonThanks to Peter Babcock for scrambling. I forgot a bunch of my OLL algs, so many of the cubes were solved with a 3 look LL.20050626
2993 cubesJacob RuethWhen I got done with this, my 3x3 looked like a 5x5. 
3092 cubesChris GilsdorfCould have gone a little better. Physically did not have a problem, but mentally I started to go about 20 minutes into it. My immortal thanks to Chris Loy for scrambling and tallying. 
3189 cubesKarlson PfannschmidtThanks to my friends who helped me with counting and scrambling. After 30 minutes I felt a bit giddy, but all in all it was not that difficult.20051007
3285 cubesDavid Guglwoooooooooooooow20080224
3383 cubesAndrew Smithwow, i never thought i'd be able to solve 83 cubes in one hour, luckily it is my first try.20070323
3481 cubesBrent MorganThis was my first attempt, and I know I can do better, it's just trying to find someone to mix the cubes up for 1 hour.20030328
3578 cubesAlex Musselmani could have done way more if i had some one scramble for me20080626
3665 cubesLouis Morettisolved last cube with less than a second left20070620
3760 cubesQuinn L'HeureuxThis is my first time doing this. Thank you to Anker for mixing the cubes up and keeping track of how many solves I had.
Extreme Cubes
3859 cubesCharlie ConleyFirst time I tried! Pretty good for me. It was boring in geometry class one day so I just timed myself and got a friend to mix them up.. probably could have done 60, but I got tired..20070615
3947 cubesBartek KlimczakThis was my first attempt and I know that I can do it much better!20060605