Rubik's Cube: 10 cubes in a row
12 minutes 18.24 secondsMilán BaticzUsed 10 new A-type cubes and I had 1 pop(lost 5 sec).
Next time it will be sub-2:10.
Practise practise practise.
22 minutes 23.55 secondsHarris ChanMy third (or fourth?) try at this. I assembled 4 of my 6 DIYs that I got on Tuesday. I just try to inspect the next cube while doing the PLL. The necessary ingredient to sub-14 avg per cube: Fast non-inspection time, Amazing look-ahead while consistently turning, and putting down/picking up cubes faster :P Video of another attempt, 2 minutes 26.15 seconds 20070705
32 minutes 25.40 secondsThibaut Jacquinotyeah fils tranquil sur ca!! Allé Edouard mélange, en route pour le sub 2 min 20070503
42 minutes 34.70 secondsEdouard ChambonC'est trop laid !20070503
52 minutes 39.08 secondsDerrick EideGot this sometime last week.
Just forgot to post.
Go Cubing! :D
62 minutes 41.46 secondsPhillip EspinozaMy first try in a long time. I need to improve this. So many mistakes.20080607
73 minutes 9.27 secondsCraig BouchardThis was nuts. I think it was either my 5th or 6th try, but pretty sure my 5th. My worst time for doing it was like 3:20 or so, maybe 3:19.xx, and other than that they have been 3:13 and less.check out the video of the UWR.
83 minutes 9.88 secondsTakahito DomonNext is sub3 mins. And it's doable for me, I reckon :)20060311
93 minutes 12.77 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiThanks Taka! You can evolve more. p(^^) PLANET PUZZLE. 
103 minutes 16 secondsLouis KoonIn between these 10 cubes 5 of them skip the oll or pll it was a exciting solve )20080812
103 minutes 16 secondsEmerson HerrmannI can do better20090308
123 minutes 21 secondsGunnar KrigIt was my first ten solves when I did a 42 cube marathon.20061227
133 minutes 22 secondsJack Tamwell this is the second time for 10 in a row in my life
quite interesting solve
there was a skip in PLL in one of the cubes
143 minutes 44 secondsFrank MorrisDid this at work.. witnessed by my co workers. 
153 minutes 51.50 secondsPeck Ern-MinDone with all the cubes I have at home20081231
163 minutes 52 secondsLevi Reichelt:) its on my youtube account
174 minutes 22.70 secondsShinichi KajitaNext Sub 4minutes.20080422
184 minutes 31.16 secondsToshiya HirohataI used developing cubes.
Only 11th and 12th cube was my good cubes.^^;
Anyway, I had a very nice time!
Toshi's web log(The video is here!)
194 minutes 48 secondsRichard Pattersonn/a 
205 minutes 15.26 secondsShinichi Kajitathanks,Rinrin.20071012
215 minutes 27 secondsJustin ViningI love getting done and seeing a pile of solved cubes! 
227 minutes 4 secondsCasey HurlburtThanks to Issac Kane for mixing. This was my first shot I hope to improve20080224
237 minutes 58.50 secondsUmmon KarpeThx to Lucas for scrambling.20070701
2410 minutes 42.97 secondsRyan JewI used layer by layer method. I think all the solves were sub-minute to sub-80's.20080505