Rubik's Cube: Underwater, goggles, no breathing equipment
16 cubesDan HarrisTime: 4 minutes 10 seconds
You need to be extremely relaxed to do this for so long, but the cubes moved well!
25 cubesStefan HuberTime was about 1:40 min.
I think that 6 cubes are possible. Let's see what I can do the next time.
34 cubesJoŽl van NoortThanks to the great Canadian speedcuber Matt Walter for helping me with attempt. Done in a swimming pool near my home in Leiden. My website.20060711
34 cubesMatt WalterThanks to the great Dutch cuber JoŽl van Noort for helping me with this attempt. Done in a swimming pool near JoŽl's appartment in Leiden.20060711
34 cubesErik AkkersdijkAt a swimming pool with Dennis, we also tried to do blindfold solves with memo above water and OH. 5 is very possible.
This was fun!!
63 cubesEdouard ChambonTime: 1 minute 6 seconds
3 cubes ! I can do 4 with more apnee.
63 cubesThomas RouaultTime: 1 minute 29 seconds 
63 cubesFrank MorrisTime: not measured
Solved 3 cubes under water.
92 cubes + 1 2x2x2 cubeNathan McKerveyTime: 2 minutes 47 seconds
My best friend and I would see who could swim the farthest and hold their breath the longest on the swim team. I never thought it would come in handy. I think I can improve my record because I have held my breath for 3 min 20 sec but I will need another 3x3x3 cube.
92 cubes + 1 2x2x2 cubeDerrick EideMan i almost died doing this solve! lol jk but i was on the verge of coming up because i was trying so hard. i want to do 3 cubes sometime hopefully. 
92 cubes + 1 2x2x2 cubeZalŠn MihŠlyTime: 1:48.30 I'm not crazy ) I love the bathroom D20080813
122 cubesRon van BruchemTime: 59 seconds
The cubes were moving remarkably well, even now that they have been under water.
122 cubesAdam GťhinTime: 1 minute 38 seconds
My goal is to solve three cubes under water because I normally can stay under water more than 2min30.
122 cubesAndrew RoleyTime: 1 minute 30 seconds
This should really be posted as CRAZY; it's at least crazier than on a treadmill.
Done in the hot tub the band was staying at for our competition. Got a video too. Once I got rid of the nervousness, I could do the cubes a lot better as well as keeping my breath in easier.
122 cubesThomas RouaultTime: not measured.
I popped during the last movement of the second cube but I replaced the piece and finished the cube under water. Thanks to "doudou" to time me and good luck to him for the next time.
122 cubesJacob RuethTime: not measured.
I had to rescramble my cube underwater cause I only have one cube to use! 2 cubes + scrambling all underwater :) I am sexy!
171 cubeIbrahim Vajgel-ShedidTime: 19.02
I was trying to get a sub 20 lol I did inspection underwater and no googles D
171 cubeBrent MorganTime: 20 seconds
It was a cheap cube, and I was very surprised how well it turned. I have to say, the F2L was _very_ fast because it was a little lucky. But it was a decent solve.
171 cubeRon van BruchemTime: 23 seconds
In our bath tub.
171 cubeBob Burton23.19 seconds
I did this on vacation in Wildwood. I can only hold my breath for about 30 seconds. Visit my site.
171 cubeKenneth BrandonTime: 24 seconds
Tried it a couple more times in a pool, and got this. Also a friend of mine held his breath for 3 min and 30 seconds under water. If I could do that I could do 6 maybe 7 cubes under water.
171 cubeJohnathan BrouilletTime: 26.34 seconds
I was astonished at how well the cube turned underwater. But i wouldnt recommend throwin all your cubes in a pool. Its not the best thing for them.
171 cubeAndrew SturkieConcentration is key!20080725
171 cubeTristan Wright30.72 seconds.I'm not one for holding my breath, but if it involves speedcubing then I'll do it!20060816
171 cubeArthur AdamsMy third attempt ever, after swim practice. The second attempt was a POP. Sub-30 though. 20080120
171 cubeJohn Shephard37.89 seconds. The cube was very smooth actually. I did this in my in-ground pool.20070616
171 cubeTony SnyderTime: 38 seconds
Only tried this a couple times, the cube likes to come apart under water so it has to be turned slower, plus it can be tricky to see past the air bubbles.
171 cubeRichard PattersonTime: 40 seconds
This was done in a got pretty hot down there. The air bubbles were hard to see past too. I had to stop after a few solves cuz I got dizzy, I wouldn't suggest jacuzzi solving. Amazingly the water didn't slow my solves down much. My avg out of water is sub 35.and I hit under 40 underwater every time. It shows good promise for my 12 hour cubing marathon this summer.
171 cubeMichael AtkinsonTime: 42 seconds
Took me ages. But I didn't have googles on, so it was all blurry. I had to take about 5 seconds to look around in between every step, which led to this terrible time. I'll improve as soon as I find some goggles.
171 cubeOscar Roth AndersenYes. this was on my schools yearly "record day" and I only had one try xD20080909
171 cubeJorick Horntime: 1:4.43
I did this on vacation in Wildwood, NJ. It would be WAY too much of a coincidence if Bob's solve were done in the same pool, but anyway, my parents won't let me post the video, because they're afraid somebody will go and drown.
171 cubeThomas KohnTime: 1 minute 9 seconds
my first attempt, i also tried in gothenburg with anders larsson and others, but we didn't stop the time. .
171 cubeJoseph LiaoTime: 1 minute 18 seconds.
In my bath tub, with a meffert's cube!
171 cubeChris RuizTime: 1 minute 15 seconds
I was bored in my pool so I decided to try to solve my cube underwater in one breath took me like three tries but I got it in 75 seconds alot of fun really different from solving normally have fun.
171 cubeAndrew TempletonThis took 1:26:73 for me to do, kinda hard to do while attempting to stay underwater.20070715
171 cubeKegham KhosdeghianTime: 1 minute 33 seconds
Cube works incredibly smoothly underwater. I had trouble staying underwater at first.I did it faster than i usually do. Done at my building's pool.
171 cubeStefan PochmanTime: 1 minute 39 seconds
Bad cube, bad system, but at least it wasn't in the bathtub. Real men use a swimming pool to submerge completely ;-)
171 cubeBrendan Howelln/a20080625
171 cubeFabio Feon/a20080827
171 cubeDylan MooreTime: not measured
Harder than it seems. I about died for this record, it might just be from a bad cube. For all of you who are afraid of this record let me tell you it dosn't mess up anything about ur cube other than wearing off the lubing. My cube is still alive.
171 cubeAnders LarssonTime: not measured
Done in the evening after Chalmers Open 2005.
171 cubeJoe StillOne day I decided hey i see if its kewl to do under water and i can hold my breath for a while but its harder to hold when cubing to me like 5 tries.20070512
171 cubeDaniel De Verafunniest thing ever.20070607