Rubik's Cube: Team solve, one move each
126.70 secondsMilŠn Baticz + Stefan HuberDone at the Swiss Open. After a few solves, we had no problem to do Sub-35 solves and we even had another Sub-30.20090214
227.78 secondsDavid Gugl + Manuel Menapace
328.72 secondsErik Akkersdijk + JoŽl van NoortErik: Each time we practise this again we get better!
JoŽl: 2 guys 1 cube. oh yeah!! Unfortunately, no video this time.
430.62 secondsRama Temmink + Erik AkkersdijkDone at Rama's place. Rama was like: Erik come on man lets get serious and this is what we got.
Dutch team! (official WCA scramble)
Erik: de base fils!
Rama: Don't try this at home. ;)
531.15 secondsBrian Loftus + Ou ChenWe have been practicing teamsolving once a week and can average under a minute. This was just a very smooth solve with a Sune+U.20090308
631.21 secondsYu Nakajima + Takumi YoshidaYu: Yeah.Finally :)
Takumi: We did it!!
733.38 secondsRobert Orkenyi + Milan BaticzNon lucky. Normally we can solve it between 40-50 seconds.
Practise practise practise. :)
835.51 secondsJoŽl van Noort + Dan HarrisJoŽl: Dan and me form a great team. Especially at the German Open 2007, we were in shape, hitting sub40 quite a few times. We had a lot of laughs while practicing new techniques :)
Dan: Our new technique worked well, once we adopted it we could hit a lot of sub40's, and I think sub30 is possible. We will take on allcomers!
941.78 secondsMatt Walter + JoŽl van NoortJoŽl: We broke 45 seconds 3 times today!! This one ended with a F RUR'U' RUR'U' F' OLL and an H-PLL, so nothing lucky here. We made a nice team solve video, I'll upload it to my website once I get home, check it out! Canada is GREAT!! My site:
Matt: Dutch and Canadian beer work well together.
1043.28 secondsDan Dzoan + Shelley ChangWe're so cool!20080519
1146.61 secondsLars Vandenbergh + Dan HarrisDan: We tried many hilarious times before finally pulling off this solve!
Lars: Yaaaay!
1247.41 secondsSinpei Araki + Yu ArakiIt is likely to have become popular in Japan.20071226
1348.04 secondsRon van Bruchem + Dan HarrisDan - We had a few tries, and our similar systems (Ron as my mentor) worked well together to get this fast time! 
1448.23 secondsRon van Bruchem + Lars VandenberghRon: If only we used the same LL algorithms.20060708
1548.39 secondsStefan Huber + Julian BŲhlerGood run. Once Julian has learned full OLL, we might be faster.
video is here
1649.76 secondsBrian Loftus and Brant WaysonThis was a very nice solve, we used niklas to skip edge pll since we use 4LL. Unfortunately it was not caught on film. you can see our 56.03 solve on youtube.com20071115
1750 secondsLucas Garron + Arthur AdamsDone at school. This will be broken. ;)20080208
181 minute 5.74 secondsKen Francoise Panganiban + Allen-Meidal DelantarKen: We used cross color of Allen. Red, I usually use green
Allen: no comment.
191 minute 7.03 secondsJohn Snyder + Chris ShewellWe have been practicing all week and while at Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. We beat our old record of 1 minute 11.32 seconds. Chris - 12 years old, John - 14 years old.20070529
201 minute 7.44 secondsJoŽl van Noort + Michiel van der BlonkMichiel was visiting the Netherlands, and JoŽl was visiting Michiel. Red cross on bottom, had to get used to it. We use a lot of different algorithms. 2 look LL: 6 move OLL, G perm.20070504
211 minute 34.98 secondsBŠlint BarŠt + Bence BarŠtThat was our 8th solve together so it will be better.20070721
221 minute 38 secondsMichael Atkinson + Jeremy KlasFirst time we got 6 minutes. Then we practiced about five more times, and got this low. 
231 minute 38.33 secondsSam Cappleman-Lynes + Tom Cappleman-LynesThis was our second try at this, it's quite funny when you cancel the move they just did.20071117
241 minute 54.28 secondsStefan Henning + Johannes TrispelThis was our second try of team solving.20090308
252 minutes 8.54 secondsKyle Barry + Kian BarryUsing different methods, we'll get better.20070516
262 minutes 21.82 secondsSteven Beringer + Joey ZiembaLong Beach Cube Club: Joey calling and Steven solving. our first night attempting. Hasegawa did not help at all.20080206
273 minutes 30.58 secondsGavin Nelson + Kate NelsonLol I can average 45 seconds and my sister forgot how to solve the cube but remebered notation so I told her every move to do, but we got it done. 20071112
283 minutes 42.32 secondsJesse Pham and Elizabeth PhamJesse Pham : We're siblings and Elizabeth ( Elizabutt ) is only one year younger than me. We use different methods so it takes us a while to get it.
Elizabeth Pham : Jesse ( Jesus or Jessica ) is probably covered the whole thing already. So yeah.. Nothing to say anymore
295 minutes 42.15 secondsWesley Rou + Crystal Rou + Jeremy KlasWesley: my sister just learned it 2 weeks ago while i've been cubing a little over a year.
Crystal: brother sister solve! wh00t pwnage (:
306 minutes 20.28 secondsDaniel Sheppard + David RackstrawFirst attempt
317 minutes 1 secondJosef Strauss + Andrew Straussn/a20070228