Rubik's Cube: Copying a scrambled cube
142.44 secondsTimothy SunUsed Phil's scramble (F2 R D2 R' U2 F2 R B2 D2 L2 B2 D R B L' U L U L2 B2 F)
This is kinda silly.
244.94 secondsMilán BaticzMy avarage is around 51.
Practise, practise, practise...
346.43 secondsPhil ThomasPretty easy scramble
F2 R D2 R' U2 F2 R B2 D2 L2 B2 D R B L' U L U L2 B2 F
For the #32 contest
447.13 secondsStefan Pochmann51.07 (59.68) 50.46 56.59 49.79 56.09 47.94 50.47 (47.13) 52.89 53.56 55.24
[I want a flying pony]
547.27 secondsHan-Cyun ChenI still don't know how to do the LLs.20090510
649.07 secondsDaniel SheppardA bit of practice needed and then it becomes easy!20090308
754 secondsStephanie Keyesi didn't think this was a very legitimate solve because it didn't require any thinking on my part but I copied a scramble/solve algorithm from
855.65 secondsCasey PernsteinerThis is fun! I was bored so I practiced until I got a sub-60 time. It took about 15 tries. My average seems to be around 80 seconds.20060302
958.71 secondsHarris ChanPracticing for this event in C3 ^^
It was fairly easy F2L and LL.
The video
101 minute 7.13 secondsPhillip EspinozaCopied a cube off of Ryan Heise's cube simulator. Have proof if you wanna see just email me. WILL beat Pochman's record.20070812
111 minute 32.16 secondsJacob HuangNot that difficult, after the first few seconds at least. 
121 minute 34.45 secondsKen Francoise PanganibanI think this was one of my ten first tries.20080206
131 minute 35.10 secondsChris HardwickAlso got a 1:38.86 - man this is difficult! I think I need to come up with a better method of doing this if I hope to get any faster. 
141 minute 36.46 secondsMichael GottliebWith a working-corner strategy. I think I can improve this, especially the last layer.20061228
151 minute 42 secondsShotaro MakisumiThis is hard.20031104
161 minute 43.73 secondsTobias DaneelsWell, my first solve was 2 minutes longer, and this was my 5th, so I guess with more practice,faster is possible.20071028
171 minute 46.93 secondsKhoi TrinhThis is a lot harder than it looked. The LL is so confusing.20080729
181 minute 48.40 secondsCraig Bouchardn/a 
192 minutesZebadiah W. Ziegenbeinthis is harder than it looks the first time took me 10 minutes. after awhile you get better and i got down to 2 minutes in about 3 or 4 tries.20060118
202 minutes 8 secondsAndy TsaoWow. I cut my time in half. Still could've been faster.20061106
212 minutes 11.10 secondsSteven BeringerLong Beach Cube Club: My first attempt. Doesn't seem that hard.20080206
222 minutes 35.06 secondsAlex MeyerUsed the Heise cube sim. This sure makes your head spin a bit. I stopped the timer at 2:33.06 but had an AUF left so I added the 2 sec. penalty.20080224
232 minutes 37.83 secondsDan SealThis is pretty tough but a lot of fun. It was my second time trying this, and improved a lot from my first time, 4:16.66 I can probably do better.20060116
243 minutes 4.27 secondsErik Akkersdijk1st time trying this. After making pretty patterns without algs on a megaminx, this is not so hard.20060626
253 minutes 24.45 secondsAlan TanAhhh this is so frustrating XP
But enjoyable my first time
263 minutes 33.39 secondsEmile CompionR2 U2 B2 D R D R' L D R F2 B2 D2 R2 L2 F R F' D L D' L D' L U˛
I just scribbled down a bunch of random turns. Fixed my cheap Dollar Store cube to this algorithm, and did a 15 second inspection, and fixed my good cube so it looked just like the scrambled one. It's hard to permute corners and edges if you don't quite know what goes where XP.
274 minutes 8.36 secondsEric Sentern/a20060825
284 minutes 13.09 secondsTyson MaoMy first try at copying a cube. Scrambled with Jess Bonde's timer : F D B2 F' D2 U R2 B U2 R2 B U2 R2 U2 B F L2 U R F2 R B R' B L' 
295 minutes 22.55 secondsChris AlmichThis was tough. it's hard to do the algorithms when you cant see where to do them.20050623
305 minutes 42 secondsCameron WebleyFirst attempt, used a layer by layer method. 
315 minutes 50.56 secondsMarcos Kawakamihard and fun =)20070601
326 minutes 30 secondsMichael AtkinsonI mixed up one cube, and with the solved one I made it look exactly like the mixed up one. This was my first try, and I can definitely beat it.