Rubik's Cube: Scrambling with a computer generated 25 move scramble
15.92 secondsPiotr KózkaI can do faster with nice scramble.20080925
25.95 secondsJohannes LaireThis helps.20071031
36.05 secondsJason BaumR' U R2 U R L' B2 U' R2 F' U F B U' D' L2 D' U R' B2 R D' B D L
I wanted a sub 6 but this is good enough.
46.30 secondsTeo Kai Xiangnice time could be better.
i used this scramble: U L R' D B2 F' U2 L' R B' D L R B' U L2 R2 F' L2 B U2 L2 U B L'
56.42 secondsPatrick Jamesonit took me like 30 times to get this score.20070217
66.47 secondsHarris ChanTimed with a stackmat. It didn't feel all that fast I guess I can probably beat it.
The scramble: U L' U2 F' R' F2 U' B' F' D2 L' B F D2 R D' U B F D L B2 F' D U2
76.78 secondsErik AkkersdijkIt is more fun to do 5 scrambles in a row.20070405
86.82 secondsStefan HuberBest try out of my average of 12 which was 8.90. The scramble was U R F U R' B R F U' F2 R B' R' U D2 F2 R2 U' D2 B' R' U F' R U'.20080127
96.89 secondsDanilo Caimanothis is the scramble!:
D R' F' R2 U' D B R F2 R' U R2 U2 D' B2 F2 D2 R' U L R B2 L2 R2 F'
106.90 secondsFubo WangB U B2 L2 R' F U' L F' U' D2 R' U R D' F' L F R' B L2 U2 F2 U' D20090308
117.16 secondsPhil Thomasfirst time using Jason's scramble20080423
127.20 secondsCharles HuynhIt took a few tries. I was trying to finger trick some of the turns and as a result, my first few tries had pops.20080626
137.31 secondsMilán BaticzU B' F' D' R U L' U L' D' U B D F2 U F' R' F L2 B' R U2 R' F D'.
Practise practise practise.
147.91 secondsMichal RobaczykYeah20061218
158.32 secondsAndy Thichme best record20070924
168.69 secondsMichael AtkinsonUsing Jess Bonde's Ultimate Rubiks Cube Timer, I just start the timer and perform the random scrambling algorithm there. I know I'll be able to break 8 seconds, at least..probably even better than that though.20050610
168.69 secondsHiroyuki Taken/a20070212
188.78 secondsThomas WatiotienneNot very interesting20070721
199.01 secondsChris Wilkinsonso close to sub 9 o well still a good time20090510
209.09 secondsShinichi KajitaL' F' R L2 F2 D' L' B L' U' L2 F2 R' L' F B D F' U' F L2 R2 F2 U2 R'20081231
219.39 secondsCraig BouchardBah.this is harder than it seems.17th PB for the day.20060316
229.43 secondsTyler YarnelliTook me a bit to get sub-1020090510
239.49 secondsBob BurtonI only tried this a couple times and was waiting for a sub-10. Visit my site.20060518
249.80 secondsIsaac Firesmiththis is a wierd catagory20070222
2510.27 secondsDavide Macrigood20081012
2610.47 secondsJosh Bergyay first time trying20080424
2711.71 secondsAaron McGhieThis was about my 3rd try. I did like 8 attempts but then I noticed that every attempt was nearly the exact same time so I quit.20070709
2811.88 secondsArthur AdamsNeed a better cube for this. I tried it!20061218
2913.77 secondsAlfred Ferwerdan/a20070821
3013.91 secondsAnthony BenisWell, I was never very good at scrambling.20070215
3114.53 secondsJohn ShephardI have never really tried this until I saw this category. This is a result of my second attempt at this.20070623
3215.13 secondsNicholas NeckJust For Fun20071015
3315.53 secondsLucas GarronI'm still way too slow. Arthur should try this.20061016
3416.12 secondsRyan JewI used Jnetcube. I tried quite a few times and i finally got a pretty good time Scramble: R2 L F2 U' F D F' B D' B F R2 F R D R U2 D2 F2 R' F' U2 R U2 R'20080415
3516.75 secondsAndrew Roleywhere f(x)= (x^2+1)/2, If x is 11 (prime), f(x) is prime, as well as f(f(x))), f(f(f(f(x)))), f(f(f(f(f(f(f(x))))))), and possibly f(f(f(f(f(f(f(f(f(f(f(x))))))))))). The number of times the function is used is 1,2,4,7,11, respectively. The number of composites between each of these primes is 0, 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Unfortunately, It would take hundreds of computer years to see if this pattern went any longer.20070405
3617.89 secondsJacob WildesThis is stupid. maybe it's because I'm very slow.20070127