Rubik's Cube: While looking in mirror
117.16 secondsRoland KovácsNext time sub15
My average is under 25 seconds.
219.71 secondsJeremy FleischmanSub 20! I knew it was possible. Clay says hi. Mile's so high.20080915
325.85 secondsDerrick Eideafter hours and hours of practice i FINALLY take back my uwr! this solve was crazy! sub 20 is DEFINETLY possible. also got a sub 50 sec avg! your move alex.. :)20070706
428.43 secondsAlex Seidleras stupid as it sounds, i see the pieces and patterns and i see what hand they're close to, and i keep my left thumb wiggling so i dont mess up exectution, not hard at all. by the way, that was a major run-on sentence, such horrible grammer.20070701
531 secondsAdam GéhinJ-C van Damme forever 
634.86 secondsJohn TamanasYes, I beat Macky!! Pretty fast f2l like 7th time done today.20070923
735.14 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20080915
836 secondsShotaro MakisumiDon't trust yourself. :D 
938.03 secondsAndy TsaoTimed with a stopwatch. Not bad.20060120
1038.88 secondsEmerson HerrmannI might practice with more, I can't believe the record is sub-20 :P20090201
1140 secondsLee June KyoI will get up speed!! 
1247.62 secondsKian BarryFirst attempt in 5 months, I'm thinking I may practice this a bit.20081021
1349.38 secondsZalán Mihályscramble R' U L F R' L D2 U' R' U' B' U' D' B' L R2 B2 F2 D' U2 R2 F' L U2 B ) Good First 2 layers. But fullstep )20080815
1451.10 secondsJason BaumIt will be hard for me to go much faster than this. My brain doesn't work very well this way.20070510
1553 secondsJoseph Liaomy brain still doesn't function that well while looking in the mirror -_- 
1658.36 secondsKarthik PuthrayaSub 1-minute,Yay!
I am going to do more of this now.
Scramble:B D F2 D F' R B' F R2 B' D U2 F' U2 L2 R' U2 R2 B' D2 U2 L' F U R'
1759.81 secondsDaniel De VeraIf you ever want to feel like your head is gonna explode, try doing this.20070611
181 minute 1.27 secondsPeck Ern-Minn/a20081119
191 minute 7.66 secondsVincent SheuWow..this was really frustrating..
Timed on a stopwatch, scramble from official cube scrambler:
D U2 B2 D B2 R B2 L' R2 F2 D' F2 D U2 B D2 L' R D B F D R2 F'L'
201 minute 10.22 secondsJeffrey ZhangI'll be happy when I get sub-1 =P20071205
211 minute 10.51 secondsAndrew RoleyOfficially not 'lucky', but easy last layer for me (mirror solving that is)20070611
221 minute 10.72 secondsZakk TomsTo be honest, it didn't put me off much. this wasn't a terrible solve, i used fridrich cross, f2l and then went to do oll, and forgot it cause im learning them, so i just did begginers last layer.20080810
231 minute 10.77 secondsHadley SheffieldThis was SO much harder than I was expecting.
I slightly cheated. Did the inspection normally.
241 minute 16.47 secondsPéter Oriskón/a20080519
251 minute 22.01 secondsPierra GagnonUsed an old and loose Rubik's 3rd dimension made by matchbox.. Popped twice20080709
261 minute 32.49 secondsGarrett DickersonThis was both the time for looking in a mirror and with hands tied behind back. I could probably do better without my hands tied, but I don't feel like trying to find out right now.20061215
271 minute 49.32 secondsArthur AdamsI don't try this often.20080625
282 minutes 3 secondsBrian EdwardsTilted my head for a better view and i had a stiff neck for an hour20070610
292 minutes 26.81 secondsRay WangWow, I skipped the Permutations (I think).
I'm not in last place anymore!
302 minutes 35 secondsAndrew Smithoh my gosh, this is super hard, i hate any mirror at all.
i am scarred for life due to this mirror solve. oh well i'll eventually get over it, lol.
312 minutes 47.19 secondsRyan MahMan I need some practice. 
322 minutes 57 secondsBen BartleyFrustrating at first but I think I got the hang of it. Maybe next time I have the guts to try it again I will cut some time off.20070326