Rubik's Cube: While fully drunk
111.84 secondsStefan Hubervery good! I don't remember exactly but somehow it was an easy LL and 1 pair already built in the F2L.
Done after a carnival party at home. It was the best time out of an average of 12 which turned out to be 15.44 seconds
212.50 secondsEdouard ChambonThe most difficult is to post in your site after the solve. Done with clément and thibaut after caps, wine..
Simply absolut trip 2072.
Allez Clément, t'as le verre a finir la !!
313.79 secondsThibaut Jacquinot13.88, 15.26, 14.36, (13.79), 15.13, 15.30, 13.97, 16.71, 16.52, 13.85, 14.37, (16.99). It's very difficult to post while fully drinkunk (hic !) but with chambon and clémment it is very triping!! With bordeaux fonviel (wine) Simply absolut trip 2023 (hic!)
413.87 secondsMateus Moitinho de Almeida17.13,19.80,18.55,19.33,19.04,18.09,18.87,(20.41),20.32,15.62,18.67,(13.87)
average was 18.54. I'll get sub18 next time. maybe sub17. Oh, I'll get one sub13 time next time I'm drunk.
514.99 secondsThom BarlowI remember I did a 14.xx maybe a day or two after, but I didn't post because I'd only just posted my other one and I forgot the exact time. Now it's been beaten.. :)
615.42 secondsErik AkkersdijkIt occurs very very few that I'm drunk (as I'm fairly wise) but got the best out of it. Non-lucky solve. Wheeeeee! =D20060909
615.42 secondsZalán MihályXD WTF??XD PLL skip? I don't know . Round Round! Kibelezem apádat! UGYE FODOR??? .26 PEDIG KURVASZAR!!20081123
817.25 secondsTakahito DomonOh, too drunk. The World is 
917.50 secondsMichael BennettEight shots of tequila + two pretty girls + Roux method = fun20070417
1017.68 secondsCarlos RamirezWheeee, 7 shots, 30 mins, and lots of cubing fun ^_^20070908
1118 secondsTony SnyderIn a restaurant, just polished off dozens of shots, then the restaurant owner saw me and made an announcement to everyone there (about 150 people), he mixed my cube and handed it back, I picked the one in the middle (looked like 5 different cubes), and my fingers did the rest. 
1218.57 secondsTrey Westrichweeeee margaritas20090201
1319.00 secondsGunnar Krign/a20060325
1419.33 secondsShinichi Kajita23.14 (33.29) 23.10 24.73 21.00 28.02 (19.33) 19.62 23.59 21.46 22.09 19.63
I drank Okinawan millet brandy(Awamori).
1520.18 secondsClément GalletThe most difficult is to make sub20. Done with Edouard, Thibault, Côtes du Rhone, Bordeaux and Kronenbourg. Il faut mieux boire une pinte de rouge avant de vomir !!
Obsolete trip 3042.
1620.39 secondsSyoji TakamatsuAlso an average record of 28.08 seconds:
24.44 30.74 29.05 23.47 21.61 29.72 41.28 (20.39) 27.67 26.74 (51.44) 26.03
1720.45 secondsBrian Kimbest of average run: 23.52 27.49 26.14 21.78 27.27 27.69 22.58 (28.74) 25.13 27.33 (20.45) 25.7020060203
1820.74 secondsShelley Chang26.12 26.31 (20.74) 29.24 22.64 25.11 28.64 (30.55) 27.44 27.47 23.68 26.75 for an average of 26.34
Done the night I found out exactly what my alcohol tolerance was. It was only about two and a half glasses of wine but I'd never had that much in my life and probably never will again because that wasn't the most pleasant experience. So I took the opportunity to do a cube average before passing out.
1921.40 secondsDavid Wonervodka and cranberry juice, jello shots, and a few games of beer pong(i remain undefeated!) i also got a 22.82, but the rest of the avg was 30 or higher. this is why pc timers are better than stackmats, you dont have to remember anything.20080903
2022.05 secondsWojciech InglotAfter my cousin wedding party!20081029
2122.30 secondsGrzegorz LuczynaI'm completely drunk cause I've failed my exam. Polish Vodka rulz.20060407
2223.02 secondsBob BurtonSober enough to scramble, drunk enough to solve. :D20050918
2323.47 secondsRoland KovácsSoproni beer :D20080322
2426.99 secondsPeter BabcockI don't remember this too well, but the next morning I found that I had scribbled the time on a piece of paper to remind myself of what I had done. It was totally worth the hangover.20050623
2527.15 secondsBryan MytkoI stumbled in my room, did a 12 cube session at 4am and hit a 2720050716
2627.58 secondsRafael W CinotoToo much cachaça and caipirinha.20081213
2728.82 secondsDavid BergmanThe cube was flying and so was I.20050718
2829.22 secondsThomas ClementJust did it tonight. Absolutely totalled I promised a guy I could do it in less than 30 seconds. He allowed me a little bit of inspection. Took 4 goes.20060812
2931 secondsChris GilsdorfYay! I did this on a cube I stickered earlier when I was sober, then played a few games of pong and solved it then. It's actually about as good as my regular solves. Hope the 'rents don't see this.20060402
3031.04 secondsChris ThiessenHappy 19th birthday Richard. Just got my timer the day before and took it and my new DIY cube along to the party.
"If you can still say 'Pituitary' you need another drink!"
3131.28 secondsJoël Heymbeeckbad headache . feeling so sick .
Je suis dé-chi-ré . ca fait mal le pastis
3234 secondsRyan Knapton Yes, fully loaded. My buddy Nate and I bar cube all the time. got this hustle we always win drinks from peeps. I've read the exact opposite. BUT the ladies do love a man with the brains to cube, just lay-low and don't be a f'in dork about it. Remember HER conversation is more important then being a brainiac novelty act so stop cubing, put on a smile and stop talking about the cube asap. :) 
3334.75 secondsEdvard HoveThis is harder than it seems! I usually avg way below 30 secs, and this was a fast drunk solve! And posting it was indeed hard.20080607
3435.96 secondsMike TryczakUnd es feuert mich, es feuert mich, es feuert mich so schön! Man muß es nur verstehen, mit feiern umzugehen!20050130
3537.51 secondsSachin Shirwalkarhelllo all. submitting my first time in this category. happy cubing. my avg of ten solves is 53.32 seconds.20051002
3642.38 secondsSuzanne HassaniI broke my previous record! yayy!! Wasted Cubers!20051228
3744.28 secondsChris BrownleeSolved while fully drunk but still about my average time. 
3845.38 secondsRichard PattersonI hope my mom never stumbles across this 
3946.11 secondsHeath Littonyeah I was fully drunk, I made a few attempts to solve it, a few times I ended up dropping the cube, this was my best one.i have gotten 25 seconds when before, but I wasn't fully drunk so i guess that time doesn't count.. 
4051.50 secondsJean PonsPas loin d'une pinte de vodka avant de vomir , it tripes here
Le temps le moins bon que jai fait en soirée :filsssssssssssssssssss!!
4156.18 secondsBobby BausumA lot and alot of beer. had a friend find the timer on my laptop and scramble for me took about 3 trys before i finished without popping but i got a good time.20081104
421 minute 6 secondsChris HardwickI did this time about a year ago but I didn't know if I should post it or not. Well, I guess since there is competition I should post it now :) And yes I was fully wasted when I set this record. 
421 minute 6 secondsSean Donnellyi was completely gone!! it was really hard to do!20060414
441 minute 20.42 secondsMike DeeseYeah nice.20071224
451 minute 24 secondsBrent Lee Sickingn/a 
461 minute 27 secondsJesse ConnellI hope others have done it at a bar, but don't expect to get any action out of the deal. 
471 minute 35 secondsRay HintonHappy 2008 everyone! I do a 4 look LL using a really amateur version of the Friedrich method. I skipped orienting the corners. This was a shitty solve for me but who cares!?20080101
481 minute 47 secondsAndy Hollowaythis was actually my personal best at the time.20060323
493 minutes 25 secondsJonathan DymockEcaf Tunc20050506
505 minutes 12 secondsChennakeshav AdyaSolved a 3x3x3 cube in 5 minutes, 12 seconds after a bottle of Port wine :-))))20070313