Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded team solve
125.40 secondsJason Baum + Ian WinokurB2 D' L F' B2 R2 D' B' D' L2 F D2 L R2 F2 B R' U2 L2 F' B L2 U' L R2
Done with Ian calling and Jason solving. ZBF2L followed by ZB last layer.
Fastest time with Jason calling and Ian solving was 30.57. Would have been sub-30 but Ian locked up on the PLL.
225.78 secondsHoe Tze Han + Chester LianD R F' B2 R' D U' R U2 F R2 B' D' L2 D' U2 L' B U2 F B2 U' L R2 U'

Non-lucky. We had a 25.44, but lost the scramble.
326.84 secondsAttila Homok + Zalán MihályWOW!!! Sub 30! ) Very fast LL. (Attila told Zalán solve). the OLL is death man with zero cross and the prem is T ) Next time sub 25 ).20090214
427.59 secondsIan Winokur + Chris HardwickDone with Ian calling and Chris solving. R2 F' R2 F D' L' F2 R2 U F' L2 U B U R' D2 R D B2 L2 F2 L2 D2 L' F'20081029
529.64 secondsIan Winokur + Bob BurtonFinally sub-30!20090214
633.20 secondsIan Winokur + Quinn LewisHere's the scramble: R F R B R' B' D' U F D' R2 U D L U2 L F' R U2 R' F' R' D F' U220050801
734.15 secondsCraig Bouchard + Bob BurtonSick, pure sickness.We don't remember anything from this solve, other than it was good.It is in our average.20060815
834.68 secondsTimothy Reynolds + Ian WinokurSmooth, fast solve after US Nationals 08. Ian calling, Tim solving.20080724
935.40 secondsChris Hardwick + Ian WinokurDone with Chris calling and Ian solving.20050718
1036.25 secondsRaul Garcia + Ian WinokurJaspers & Lions20050916
1137.32 secondsIan Winokur + Raul GarciaGoal is sub-35. (Lions & Jaspers)20050601
1238.29 secondsLopburi Sasinin + John TamanasB2 F' L2 R' B' D U2 R D' U' B F2 D2 L R2 B2 F2 R2 U' L2 B2 L R2 U' R'
Lopburi (Top): xD I gave the directions this time =]
"WTF is Y" lmfao
1339.11 secondsPhil Thomas + Dan KlenoskyPhil solving Dan calling.
Here is a video of our 45.50:
1439.97 secondsTim Reynolds + Bob BurtonIt did not feel this fast, but it was very smooth.20071015
1540.08 secondsDániel Fodor+Zalán MihályWe did it after the Galanta open. (In the train) Fodor told Zalán solve. The F2L's is interesting :D because we were drunk :D20090214
1642.35 secondsMichael Stock + Louis Morettigetting better every time :)20070712
1743.43 secondsMilan Baticz + Mitko ProdanovMilan told, Mitko solved.
Sub-30 in progress. =)
1844.80 secondsCyrille Cornu + Thomas WatiotienneNo lucky solve : fast first cross and F2L20070715
1945.25 secondsClément Gallet + Thomas RouaultNot lucky case. very fast F2L, we can do still better with a good LL ;) (good luck Ian & Raul ! ) 
2045.54 secondsIan Winokur + Anthony HsuThis was about our fourth attempt, done after Ian had told me his best time with Macky was 53 seconds. Now I can say I beat Macky!! Ian is masterful at team blindfold solving. Thank you for showing me this interesting category. This was done at the Rutgers Spring competition 2006.20060429
2149.34 secondsCharlie Cooper + Lars VandenberghDone after the French Open 2009 at McDonalds with Lars calling and Charlie solving. We had about 20 attempts at this before we finally got it under a minute.20090510
2252.68 secondsKyle Barry + Kian BarryVideo is here:
2353.24 secondsShotaro Makisumi + Ian Winokurn/a20050819
2453.88 secondsJack Foster + Ian WinokurLions20050915
2558.10 secondsJason Baum + Elizabeth RouttDone with Jason calling and Elizabeth solving. Having a girlfriend who cubes is really cool.20071021
2659.71 secondsIan Winokur + Joey Spadaforan/a20050801
271 minute 0.62 secondsRaul Garcia + Joey Spadaforan/a20050801
281 minute 3.02 secondsGunnar Krig + Kĺre KrigDone after the German Open, while having dinner with the hungarians. We have a few code names, and use 3-look last layer. The time can easily be improved a lot.20070502
291 minute 12 secondsZalán Mihály + Gábor RókaThat was our third attempt. I hope it will be better.20080812
301 minute 14 secondsConnie Chen + Theodore ChaoWith Connie solving and Theo calling. One minute cross+F2L, 14 seconds PLL and OLL.20070301
311 minute 15.38 secondsPéter Trombitás + Zalán MihályPéter told. Zalán Solved :) This is the second solving :)20081231
321 minute 15.80 secondsFrank Morris + Ian Winokurn/a20050819
331 minute 15.97 secondsThomas Watiotienne + Cyrille CornuThis game is one of our favorite. Our average is sub-2 minutes, but a single sub-90 seconds is hard.20070219
341 minute 20 secondsJustin Adsuara + Brian Nicole UyI (Brian Uy) am very proud and happy that I did a team blindfold solve with the World's Youngest Blindfold Solver.
I was the one blindfolded. Then on the 2nd solve Justin was the one blindfolded
Too busy to cube now as in I cube only once a week.
Philippine Cubers Association
351 minute 22 secondsHeidi Schatz + Michael BennettNothing beats dead guy. Except maybe gay superman.Anyway, watch your back, Ian.20051030
361 minute 25.24 secondsArthur Adams + Lucas GarronPretty fun with the coincidentally-synched music! The ninth try. The video20061230
371 minute 25.67 secondsGunnar Krig + Erik AkkersdijkThis is a lot of fun. Me and Erik only did this a few times, so the time can be improved a lot. We didn't have any got code names for cases which made it a little harder.20070502
381 minute 28 secondsErik Akkersdijk + Gilles van den PeereboomGilles calling and Erik solving.
Gilles: Het kan beter
Erik: On peut faire mieux
391 minute 36.75 secondsEdouard Chambon + Adrien BroussetFor the second time we do blind team, it is really good. We can really do better. 
401 minute 52.78 secondsJohn Shepard + brotherMe and my brother team solving, I am solving he was telling me what to do. This is our best time so far. This is the last 15 seconds of the solve: []20070627
411 minute 56.21 secondsJack Moseley and Callum MoseleyThis is really fun. Callum was solving and Jack was calling. Callum is only 8 years old!20070710
421 minute 57.30 secondsTristan Peńarroyo + Enrique FloresFun
U' D' F' R2 L2 D2 F' R' L' F' U' F2 B2 R2 L U D' L F' U' B R' B R2 B'
432 minutesHadley Sheffield + Jason BaumI think this was about 2 minutes. I did it with Jason Baum at the Setson tournament. Me solving, him calling. Mid solve, they called for his 5x5x5 for the next round, so we paused, but I did not remove the blindfold. As I said the actually solve time was about 2 minutes.20080429
442 minutes 1.10 secondsBrian Loftus and Joe Mooren/a20070908
452 minutes 11 secondsShotaro Makisumi + Frank ChangAlmost sub-2 min.20040215
462 minutes 17.45 secondsRyan Jew + Brian YuDone at EPGY 2009 while waiting around. Ryan did the calling and Brian did the turning. It was 2:15, but we got a +2 for misalignment.20090510
472 minutes 44 secondsTobias Daneels en Joke RoelsFirst time we did this.20090308
482 minutes 47.04 secondsChris Hardwick + Daniel BareDone for the 5/2/04 Sunday contest.20040205
493 minutes 1.04 secondsChris Gilsdorf + Andrew WebberChris--Webber was blindfolded and I dictated the moves (Webber was too slow to do it the other way around). We use virtually the same method. We'll have to get under 3 minutes sometime (PS Loy) 
503 minutes 15 secondsChris Moyer-Grice + Steven WallaceThree minutes, here we come! 
514 minutesHadley Sheffield + Arielle Parnes-KatzMe calling, her solving. She got very confused, as she uses layer by layer and I was calling CFOP to her. 20080625
524 minutes 15 secondsAndrew Smith + Matt Glanfieldthis was very hard, and since it was our 3rd solve together i think we can get faster.
Matt guided.
Andrew solved
534 minutes 25 secondsRoland Varriale + Christina BergonzoChristina was blindfolded, I(Roland) Guided her. Very Interesting and tedious to do at first. Hopefully we'll get a faster time.(Jaspers)