5x5x5 Cube: One-handed
12 minutes 51.06 secondsMichael GottliebFirst sub-3. V-cube rocks.20090510
23 minutes 19.72 secondsPiotr KózkaV-Cube20081015
34 minutes 15.31 secondsDerrick EideNot Bad.20081016
44 minutes 46.43 secondsLucas GarronSecond try, white ES (first try was on my old black ES, whose outer layers are terrible for 3x3x3).20080813
54 minutes 47.47 secondsManabu Choshin/a20070107
64 minutes 59.09 secondsPéter RókaThis was an Oll skipped solving20080517
75 minutes 0.65 secondsStefan Pochmann(5:00.65) 5:23.50 5:46.64 5:30.27 (6:35.84) 5:40.54 5:29.5520060824
85 minutes 32.46 secondsMichal HalczukMy 18th Attemp.Using East Sheen cube.20061116
95 minutes 56.01 secondsFrank MorrisMy 4th attempt.20060404
106 minutes 0.81 secondsDan CohenFirst try. Done w/ an ES.20071112
116 minutes 4.71 secondsAndrew KangAwesome! Almost beat Frank~~~ ^-^.20060707
126 minutes 6.88 secondsMoritz Karljust 4 months ago i got these times 2 handed
was my second attempt and its so hard tot turn because the layers are so small
136 minutes 13.32 secondsErik AkkersdijkChallenged at school :P20080515
146 minutes 46.40 secondsGunnar KrigThis is quite boring.20060320
156 minutes 51.88 secondsGrant TregayAside from skipping the parity problem, this wasn't a lucky case. I didn't have as much trouble with this puzzle catching as with my 4x4x4 (both EastSheen variety). I anticipate that having a solution using the fewest number of moves (and avoiding slice moves) becomes very important when doing a puzzle of this complexity with only one hand. 
167 minutes 5.42 secondsRyosuke MondoI'm happy.20061210
177 minutes 52.85 secondsMike HugheyMy first attempt. After having done 7x7x7 OH a couple of times, this seemed like it should be comparatively easy.20081026
187 minutes 56 secondsFrançois CourtèsI like my V5 for OH too :-)20081206
198 minutes 3.24 secondsFumiki Kosekinext sub 7 min.20061206
208 minutes 10.05 secondsMarc van BeestThis is my 1st attempt. 4x4x4 one-handed goes a lot faster!
This can be improved a lot by me. :)
218 minutes 17.56 secondsMatthew MillardMy 4th attempt on V-Cube. I'm gonna go see if I can change a tire on my truck one handed. (no tools)20081021
229 minutes 19.42 secondsSyoji TakamatsuI used Eastsheen 5x5x5.20061206
239 minutes 23.27 secondsDoug LiJust completed my first ever OH 5x5 solve. Luckily there was no parity problem encountered.20051203
249 minutes 26.05 secondsKåre Krign/a20070119
259 minutes 41.39 secondsBack Tae-YoungI'm hungry!!20060326
2610 minutes 2.27 secondsCraig BouchardWell, this is a pain in the neck to do.or arm.It's a lot different from doing a 3x3 OH, because the cube is too big.20061106
2713 minutes 19.55 secondsMichael FungTimed with "The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1".20050502
2813 minutes 43 secondsRuben Helmstaedtern/a20081116
2915 minutes 27.69 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiThe first 1 time only try. I am using the method of Mr.Chris Hardwick. Like 3x3x3 time was 12minutes.(4 outer-edges exchanges and 4 edges flip I was necessary. And as for I the exchanges of 2 inside-edge was more necessary. But, Flip of 2 outer-edge were UNnecessary. Is this very lucky?). Next, F2L was usually. OLL was 1 Look(T4=o_33). PLL was 1 Look(P1=n4).
3021 minutes 21 secondsSatoru J. NodaNext sub20 minutes is aimed at. 
3123 minutes 46.53 secondsArthur AdamsArrggh! Why is this a category? (I can definitely do sub-20 though :P)20061221
3224 minutes 4 secondsJohn DoneganMy first attempt at cube 1 handed. 
3325 minutes 11 secondsKenneth BrandonWow my hand hurts! About half way through my arm could no longer keep the cube in the air, so I had to rest the cube on my lap, made it considerably easier. 
3439 minutes 4 secondsAlbin ThorningTook it VERY easy, it was my first attempt ever. Developed my technique as I went along. Just aligning the first two faces took as long as the