4x4x4 Cube: One-handed
11 minute 28.21 secondsPiotr KózkaReduction was around 50 seconds. No parity.
My average time is 1:50.
21 minute 37.11 secondsLucas Garron:-) Video of a 1:50.2020080626
31 minute 50.46 secondsMilán BaticzWith PLL parity.
Practise, practise, practise.
41 minute 52.75 secondsEmerson HerrmannQuick :) minimal lockups! I don't like doing 3x3 OH on a 4x4 haha20090308
51 minute 56.42 secondsMarc van Beest2:34.64 (1:56.42) 2:47.12) 2:10.98 (2:54.47) 2:12.91 2:37.83 2:53.47 2:50.34 2:25.23 2:53.33 2:51.36
AVERAGE: 2 min 35.67 sec!! (WOW, previous average: 3 min 00.62 --> progression!)
AND a sub 2 min solve!! I had no pll with the 1:56.42 solve.
With the 3rd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 12th I had to flip an edge.
AND only sub 3 min solves!
Sub 150 sec average soon!
62 minutes 7.95 secondsManabu Choshi2:32.49 2:35.59 2:52.28 (2:07.95) 2:33.19 2:35.53 2:37.89 2:59.36 (3:35.25) 2:54.03 2:13.5 2:30.25
AVERAGE: 2 min 38.41 sec
pp np dp np np dp np dp dp op np np
pp=permutation parity,op=orientation parity
dp=double parity,np=no parity
72 minutes 11.87 secondsMichael GottliebEastsheen cube, reduction method. Although there was no parity, this solve would have been quite a bit faster if the PLL hadn't been V.20070716
82 minutes 18.37 secondsDerrick Eide11 O Parities in a row!! and Now this! haha what a night! :p20080426
92 minutes 25.30 secondsAndrew KangJust been working on 3x3, and 4x4 OH right now. Getting to a sub 2-minute!20060521
102 minutes 32.07 secondsBrian LoftusI have no idea how this happened. I have been doing these solves the past two days but average a little over three minutes. This had Orientation parity.20080426
112 minutes 38.67 secondsStefan PochmannWoke up at 5am and couldn't fall asleep again, so. after this excellent time I decided to do 11 more to get a full average.20041130
122 minutes 52.72 secondsRyosuke Mondo(3:49.97) 3:15.45 3:08.2 3:04.89 3:24.7 3:23.72 3:10.86 3:14.3 3:20.72 3:44.24 (2:52.72) 3:23.5320061210
133 minutes 3.79 secondsJohannes LaireI don't like this, Rubik's 4x4 is too big for OH.20061116
143 minutes 26.39 secondsErik AkkersdijkWith eastsheen, which is nicer for your hands. Both parities this time.20061211
153 minutes 30.34 secondsThomas WatiotienneIt's really hard to turn. But this time with pretty good! SO close to be sub 3min30!!20070430
163 minutes 41.22 secondsGunnar KrigThere´s a lot of room for improvement.20051003
173 minutes 46.09 secondsChris HardwickThis time was achieved with my right hand (encountered one of the parity errors as well). I tried it once with my left hand also and got 4:30.03. I think for this category you should use your strongest hand instead of your most dextrous hand. 
183 minutes 59.36 secondsFrançois CourtčsSub-4 :-) Done with an Eastsheen, my Meffert is a little too big for OH.20090308
194 minutes 2.11 secondsMoritz Karlmessed up the PLL parity. but anyway good.20081116
204 minutes 2.66 secondsGrant TregayThis wasn't a lucky case - I even encountered one of the two parity problems. I had a little trouble with my cube (EastSheen variety) catching - it's a little too loose. 
214 minutes 5.78 secondsAaron McGhieI encountered both parities, i could have so easily gotten sub 4 minutes.20061116
224 minutes 8.24 secondsBack Tae-Youngscramble is d f2 U D' B' D f2 R U r R L u2 L' U' d b R' r' f L2 U L' d2 r2 u' l2 b' r R' B r' D' R B' d' b' F2 b2 l // one handed 444 cubing to kill time. Huu~20060326
234 minutes 11 secondsKatsuyuki KonishiPLANET PUZZLE 
244 minutes 15.16 secondsCraig BouchardDidn't feel that fast.and I messed up at one point, and I had double parity.sweet!!20061106
254 minutes 21.49 secondsKĺre KrigGood thing I did not get the orientation parity. I might be able to do it onehanded, but the risk of failure is way high.20061030
264 minutes 41.16 secondsBob BurtonI was hoping for better, but oh well. I don't think I will try it again for a while. Visit my site.20070529
275 minutes 4.85 secondsMichael FungTimed with "The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1".20050502
285 minutes 44.40 secondsMatthew Millardfirst attempt.20080930
295 minutes 48.91 secondsKenneth GustavssonI haven't practice this so it went slow. I guess I can take it to 3-4 minutes only with little work.20081026
305 minutes 49.20 secondsAaron Zhaon/a20070529
316 minutes 18.99 secondsRoland KovácsOLL parity. It was my first try.20081015
326 minutes 52.99 secondsMichael Swanfirst time ever doing it20080701
337 minute 1 secondKrishanu Roy SankarI suddenly am thankful that I have more than just my index finger and my thumb. 3x3x3 two hands: i use forefinger and thumb. 4xx4x4 two hands: forefinger, middle finger, thumb. 3x3x3 one handed: same as 4x4x4 two hands, a little use of ring finger. 4x4x4 one hand: fingers, palm, knuckles when i can. Hard to control. 
347 minutes 17.75 secondsPeter BabcockWow! I don't think I can do that more than once a night. 
357 minutes 28 secondsChris GilsdorfYeah, I still suck. I've got to resticker my Rubiks 4x4x4 so I can try this on a Revenge (done on a friend's Eastsheen). 
368 minutes 57.81 secondsArthur AdamsI guess this did come down. This is tedious. :P20070101
379 minutes 30 secondsWill Klauslerfirst try20080816
389 minutes 50.72 secondsKian BarryThat was not fun. Double parity was especially brutal. First and last attempt.20081219
3912 minutes 36.20 secondsCraig BouchardFirst Go20051021
4012 minutes 51.80 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a trick. It was difficult and it took some time to do. My Eastsheen was a big help again and it moves very nicely so that it doesnt lock up much. I did this twice and the first time took 17 minutes. So i crushed it in that perpective but a long way off the leader.20060416
4116 minutes 11.55 secondsNathaniel ChristianI've got those magic fingers.(LIONS)20051112