4x4x4 Cube: With Feet
13 minutes 46.10 secondsZalán MihályI'm crazy. Lucky because I hadn't got OLL parity. Easy center and 2 edge skip ) ^^. Fast 3x3 part. PLL parity only. I did with my you mefferts 4x4 cube. Thanks for Maria Mathias Róka Fodor. ) [Location!Inspection!Solving-----> The secret is THE CARPET!!]20090308
24 minutes 47.35 secondsJohnathan BrouilletLucky lucky lucky lucky lucky. No parity.. I have a SUPER loose rubik's 4x4 thats been lubricated at least 6 times and NEVER pops.20071113
35 minutes 54.78 secondsErik AkkersdijkFirst try at this. Sub-5 is possible indeed though i won't try it unless someone posts a faster time than this ;)
Too bad the megaminx with feet is not a category, I once tried it :D
47 minutes 54.73 secondsOliver WolffMy second attempt, the first I messed up while fixing orientation parity. Sub 5 should be possible.20051025
510 minutes 35.50 secondsKĺre KrigNo parity, but I messed up in pll and had to redo LL.20060319
615 minutes 11.08 secondsSyoji TakamatsuI used 4x4x4 of Rubik's. This record was the second challenge. Because I played a game to see a bottom, a shoulder was tired very much.20060311
717 minutes 32 secondsGunnar KrigI saw that the record was 1h 51m and thougth that a time below 30 minutes should be possible. And it was!! :-)20051007
818 minutes 37.35 secondsMichael GottliebIt was my first time trying anything with my feet. This solve had PLL parity but thankfully no OLL parity. I'll improve!20070519
921 minutes 1.28 secondsCraig BouchardFirst Go, I'll do it again sometime.It really wasn't a hard solve, just many lockups and I need to get used to it.20051016
101 hour 51 minutes 1 secondRyan MahThis is very time-consuming. I could have cut of 30 min of my time, but i kept getting distracted and lose my place while fixing the centers. My whole body aches. I finished at 1:30 AM. 
112 hours 40 minutesLance HirschAs with my 3x3x3 barefoot solve, this was a long time ago and I don't remember the exact time. I have no desire to repeat it.