Rubik's Cube: With Feet
133.13 secondsZalán Mihály:) You suck you slow ) I did in the Galanta open when I was practising ) X-cross ( 3 step ) and the F2L-s are easy. The Oll is sune and the perm is A D:D MUHAHAHAHAHA!!A francokat! 1:10-es NR az meg szar! [Location inspection solving!---->the secret is THE CARPET!] PPPP20090214
234.93 secondsAnssi Vanhalamuwhahahahaha!20071015
340.49 secondsRafael W CinotoU B F2 D2 B' D' U2 L2 B' L B' F' L' F D B2 L2 R' D U' B' R' B2 F2 L20090201
443.88 secondsYu NakajimaWow. It's a nice scramble.
547 secondsZalán Mihály
61 minute 6.01 secondsOliver WolffAfter about 14 days of practice, right before leaving for WC 200520051102
71 minute 8.15 secondsJoël van NoortErik inspired me.20081130
81 minute 15.27 secondsBack Tae-YoungF R2 F' U' R B2 R' B L F2 B L2 U' R2 D F' D B' R B' R2 L2 B2 L' B2
What a beautiful~* ((Sha~bang~* => just a speak in joke
91 minute 24.04 secondsDerrick EideG Perm FTW! :)20080820
101 minute 24.64 secondsErik AkkersdijkI'm coming Ansi! I want to average sub 1:30, with a little more training than usual (almost none) that is achievable.20060609
111 minute 34.39 secondsChris Szlatenyin/a20040526
121 minute 41.60 secondsMats Kollbrinkn/a20080325
131 minute 48.12 secondsJack MoseleyPracticing for NOS which has foot solving. This is after 2 or 3 days of practicing. I also had a 1:51 with 45 second PLL.20080802
142 minutes 3.74 secondsSyoji TakamatsuYeah!
My site
152 minutes 3.81 secondsLee June Kyoit's cold~ 
162 minutes 14.33 secondsKĺre KrigDuring Swedish Open 2005. No skipped steps, but very fluid movements.20050922
172 minutes 16 secondsAleksi SillanpääGetting better! Im gonna beat you Anssi >:D20071203
182 minutes 19.71 secondsGunnar KrigThis is only the begining.20051208
192 minutes 35.61 secondsCraig Bouchard3 who knows how long.and i got this time.20061106
202 minutes 38.11 secondsSeungHo ChoiNot lucky.20031128
212 minutes 38.69 secondsAaron McGhieAlright i beat macky at something.20061010
222 minutes 52.23 secondsOuyang Yunqin/a20080930
232 minutes 59.28 secondsArthur AdamsJust barely sub-3. Done with my cube that does not pop easily.20080724
243 minutes 2.28 secondsUmmon KarpeI finally got around to posting this. Barely behind Arthur. But I will get it back make no mistake!20080826
253 minutes 10 secondsMichael AtkinsonI've invented a finger trick with my feet. A toe trick, I guess. Maybe I'll try most moves in one minute next. 
263 minutes 22.06 secondsBernett OrlandoYes, It is good. Let me give it a try few more times.20070307
274 minutes 19 secondsYi RenRubik's Cube with FEET,so Crazy20090214
284 minutes 29.62 secondsMatt WalterI did as little moves as possible and had some hard algorithms. Non-lucky. There is lots of room for improvement.20050614
294 minutes 34.64 secondsJeffrey Zhang2 minutes and some faster!20071208
304 minutes 50 secodsPiotr KózkaMy second try at this. 20080403
314 minutes 59.19 secondsNoah HeveyIt ruins stickers.20070215
325 minutes 4 secondsPellepennan AspelinThe cube was lying on the floor. I have only done this once and will improve the time if necessary. 
335 minutes 5 secondsAndrew DuncanMy feet got sweaty and started sweating near the end. 
345 minutes 40.15 secondsCharlie ConleyIt is a lot easier on shorter carpet. I halved my record!!!!20070708
355 minutes 52.82 secondsMika MuranushiMy feet hurt(^^;)20080106
365 minutes 55.35 secondsKyoko WatanabeTATAMI room is the best place !! (^0^) 
375 minutes 55.40 secondsAnders LarssonDone during the SveKub Annual Meeting Competition.20050327
386 minutes 23.15 secondsRay WangI got an easy(er) PLL.20071021
396 minutes 27.63 secondsRyan MahMy cube kept locking up so I couldn't go that faster. This is cool 
406 minutes 53 secondsAndrea Santambrogiogood job! :D20080903
417 minutes 1.72 secondsJon ChoiFirst try. Really bad amnesia on the U perm. Very hard to do, don't think I will be doing this again for a while.20070908
427 minutes 2.34 secondsJay Woonon-lucky solve. practiced a lot with my feet by opening doors with it and etc.20071112
437 minutes 12 secondsShotaro Makisumioh, that hurts. 
447 minutes 47 secondsMicael HellbergI used the technic where you pull the faces with your feet using my bed as ground. Not in the air that I mean! 
457 minutes 56.62 secondsBrad SampsonFirst try ever!20080116
468 minutes 43 secondsTony SnyderI used to do this much much faster but I don't remember the times, so this will have to do for now (this is my first attempt with feet for 10 years). 
478 minutes 47 secondsJosh OremDo you know what I can do with this foot?
Owen Hall SE Rules the School
489 minutes 16.77 secondsOlivér NagyIt is more difficult than I thought. I think with a little practice I can solve it around 5 minutes, but under?.20060226
499 minutes 22.87 secondsHamish Watthaha what a joke, unbelievably frustrating20051030
509 minutes 58.04 secondsDavid BergmanThis was absolutely ridiculous.20050712
5110 minutesClint Regeonme and my sister have been able to do some things with are feet for a very long time.20070614
5210 minutes 16 secondsBlake O'HareA lot harder than it sounds. Cube lubrication is the key. 
5310 minutes 44.50 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was the first time i did this and i think it went pretty well. By the end i was getting a hang of it so if i did it again i could be faster. It only had a 2 look LL so it helped because it normally takes 3 to 4. I did it sitting down and the cube was on carpet. Just a few times it locked up which caused some time delay. This was a good time and i might try again.20060416
5411 minutes 15.16 secondsKenneth GustavssonFirst try, the ned was much faster than the beginning.20070211
5511 minutes 33.5 secondsOgdread WearyPARADOXICALLY PODIACAL!! 
5611 minutes 46.98 secondsAaron Zhaowow.20070509
5712 minutes 30 secondsThomas ArnouxI can do better. 
5812 minutes 50 secondsLance HirschThis was probably fifteen years ago when I did this and I don't remember the exact time. 
5913 minutes 33.50 secondsBryan LoganI need to buy a new cube and designate this one as a foot-only. 
6014 minutes secondsConnor GrievesMessed up on pll :(20080523
6114 minutes 1.34 secondsBrian LoftusThis is my first timed foot solve. It took about 4 minutes longer than expected. yay for Jesus tho.20070430
6215 minutesJason RobertsonI am not very good at this but I can do it with my feet in about 15 minutes average, it's a good thing to have your cube lubed (oiled)! 
6315 minutes 33.10 secondsJoe Moore1st solve with foot, yes 1 foot b/c the other ones prosthetic.20070504
6415 minutes 41 secondsSachin ShirwalkarOhho my first time ever! tried a sune and antisune as a warmup and knew immediately that this was going to take an eternity. Took about 3 mins to assemble the cross itself. but I sped up in the end. Got almost lost while permuting the LL edges, but finally recovered from it. This is outrageous. I dont think i'll try it again for a very long time. my site.20050929
6515 minutes 46.72 secondsMichael RiggsThis was my first time ever, and I think I did o.k for how hard and tiring this really is!20081127
6616 minutes 50 secondsLucas GarronHappy to have done it. Would've been easier without the threat of people barging in, thus requiring me to time this in sections. Could've easily been sub-10min.20061110
6717 minutesMiguel OrtizOwen Hall at Purdue vs. the world.hey we are not doing too bad.and still going. 
6817 minutes 39 secondsKevin FunkThis is my first ever try doing my Rubik's cube with my feet. Not bad.20090510
6919 minutes 46 secondsIsaac Firesmithtricky for the first five minutes but then gets easier. stop every once and a while to fast forwars through commercials on my tivo20070222
7021 minutes 6 secondsBrent MorganNow this was plane out rediculous. I don't think I'll find myself practicing this again. 
7122 minutesCody Schaeferi am only 14 two hahahahah i rule20070430
7230 minutesJames CallahanSolved with feet while sitting.198303