Rubik's Cube: Assembling into solved state
112.34 secondsTassilo HufnagelI was doing this for 3 days and it´s really cool. I hope some more people try this.
Thanks to David Woner for the Idea how to solve.
The Video: assembling in 12.34 sec
212.82 secondsDavid Woneryay sub 13! i actually set the UWR at 14.12 but broke it 10-12 more times because i wanted a sub-13. i use a unique method of my own design. the video of the solve and a guide is here. only my second day doing this. and ron im sorry for posting the same event 2 days in a row.20080731
314.20 secondsStefan PochmannWhen I start the 21 pieces are of course "lined" up properly but they do not touch each other (they even don't when I insert them, i.e. I don't press together two pieces and insert them at once even though I think this could be faster) and I don't hold anything in my hands. Don't do this with your best speedcube ;-) 
418.41 secondsDerrick EideDamn you stefan..20070424
519.01 secondsCharles BouchartAfter seeing Stefan Pochmann's video, I tried it too ! It's really fun ! I combined stefan's method, with "F2L" method ! but, whithout "F2L", I also did 22.54sec ! just tried it like 5 times ! Stefan is really fast !! My site 
621.38 secondsTon DennenbroekI made some mistakes, so I could go a bit faster. I just got home after the WC2003 and I could not get to sleep. 
721.72 secondsMichael SwanJust beat it the solve after. I just posted a few minutes ago20081031
823.13 secondsMason Hoffmann/a20070314
925.26 secondsFrank MorrisI was bored, so I figured I would try to better my record. It took maybe 10 tries. 
1027.31 secondsOlivér NagyI can do it better! to put in the first two is the most difficult to me, the others are easy.20060226
1129.17 secondsErik Johnsonvery easy. I got this on my 5th try or so.20060712
1229.48 secondsAndrew RoleyI'm not sure if I'm doing it ilegally, but none of the pieces are touching when I put them in. 14 seconds is crazy!20070530
1329.58 secondsJeffrey ZhangYay sub-30! Stupid edges20071228
1432 secondsChris HardwickLike Stefan I start with the pieces "lined" up and I do not place multiple pieces at a time. After seeing Stefan's time I was inspired to give this a shot. I did this in the library while studying with some friends. I think I can break 30 seconds with practice, though I don't know how dedicated to this category I will be in the future. 
1532.29 secondsJake HaslemannI was bored during math class, so I destroyed my cube and rebuilt it without the teacher noticing.20070510
1633.24 secondsTyler WilkinsonAlot of Fun. Lined up all pieces in corresponding groups of three. None were touching of course.20070401
1733.30 secondsMatthew MillardI was bored20081009
1834 secondsJim Herronn/a20050821
1934.07 secondsBob BurtonI've only tried this a couple times. Visit my site.20060601
2036.77 secondsHadley SheffieldGot this time on my 3rd attempt at it. Lined them up to do it.
Kinda fun but not something I will do on a regular basis.
2137.70 secondsRyan Mah2 at a time. 
2237.76 secondsBordage BertrandIt was the first time I did it, so I can do more better.20040620
2337.96 secondsAaron ZhaoThis is hard.20070529
2439.13 secondsGarrett DickersonFirst try, so I can probably do better.20061215
2543.74 secondsDamien GuillotinYeah! Who's da man?! Cool site 
2646 secondsAlex PowellThere is room for improvement in this, but I think my system is very efficient. A looser cube would work better also. 
2746.45 secondsDan Sealmy first time. stacked F2L, lined up the rest20060116
2846.7 secondsHeath LittonI'm wondering how Ton got 26 seconds !!! lol 
2946.80 secondsRichard PattersonI use the F2L method for assembly too. 
3053 secondsNikhil Mande2nd attempt.20081213
3154.24 secondsRyan JewI put it together the way i solve it: layer by layer. (corners first on last layer.)20080414
3256 secondsJoseph LiaoI am not a cheater, lol. 
3357.49 secondsGrant TregayI had tried this before, but this time I lined the pieces up on my desk first (instead of leaving them in a heap), and that took almost a minute off my time. I could see taking off another 5-10 seconds this way, but that's about it. 
3457.95 secondsGreg BrownThat was my first time. It was easy too.20071015
3558.36 secondsPeter BabcockI just had to try it. Maybe I'll get better, who knows. 
3659.95 secondsAlex Pattersonwoohoo i beat i minute.20051112
371 minute 0.34 secondsDavid Gugl2nd try^^20071231
381 minute 1 secondColin SchnackerCould probably make sub minute but im lazy.20070306
391 minute 3.96 secondsThomas ClementFirst try. So-so. Will try to better it.20060219
401 minute 4.14 secondsBradley Davisn/a20070506
411 minute 5 secondsWuqiong Fanso silly, first time.20071231
421 minute 8.95 secondsRay WangWell this time I lined up all the pieces and put them in cool-looking positions.
So then I got about 1:15 off my time (I think)
431 minute 10 secondsNate Sloatn/a20070918
441 minute 22 secondsEthan Armbrustn/a20081002
451 minute 26.52 secondsRamis WadoodFirst try. Could do better20080206
461 minute 45.34 secondsPatrick DevaneMy 5th try.20081127
471 minute 50.45 secondsBlake BakerMe and my friend had a battle.. I won. He's a noob20070503
481 minute 53.60 secondsMatt Glanfieldawsome. flipped a couple of pieces though20070416
491 minute 54 secondsWill SteeleThis is my third timed try.
when i saw there was a record for i i though i gotta try
501 minute 59 secondsJacob WildesArggh. Dropped the last piece. Took ten secs to find it. Still not good. Oh well. This is not a record I really care about.20061221
512 minutes 33.23 secondsTyler YarnelliIt's kinda hard20080430