Rubik's Cube: Solving two at the same time, one in each hand
153.82 secondsLucas GarronTaking all these spare UWRs before Erik notices just so I can say I held them. -P I also had a 49.78 with PLL skip in the right hand but a horrible F-perm on the left cube (mistwisting cost me 3-4 seconds at least).20080626
254.61 secondsMátyás KutiThat was my 2nd try. Check out the video20061223
359.05 secondsBrian LoftusI only have one good OH cube. The key is to be sub-20 with your good hand :-)20080814
459.96 secondsRavi FernandoEight easy pairs, with multislotting on both cubes; identical OLLs, and no mistakes or hesitation on PLLs. PB by about eight seconds... :)20090201
51 minute 5.71 secondsErik AkkersdijkSub-1 is possible indeed. Actualy times of 45 sec should be possible. After all it is just 2 solves but then you have to possibility to start witht he other one early ;) Trick is to be fast with both hands.20070316
61 minute 9.15 secondsPhil Thomasabout 22 LH and 47 RH, first try20081219
71 minute 11.64 secondsPedro SantosYay! I nice time, I least makes me 3rd in the UWR :)
I did this 7 times.the whole average was 1:22, the best avg of 5 was 1:21
81 minute 13.46 secondsMichael GottliebA friend came over with a good OH cube, so I used that with my right hand, which normally is very slow.20090201
91 minute 14.18 secondsGilles van den PeereboomI wih I had another good cube for OH.
sub 1 minute is definitely possible.
101 minute 18.65 secondsSam Boylesnot bad.20080412
111 minute 21 secondsKen Francoise PanganibanOne of my very first tries. Sub 1 minute is possible, all I need is enough time and a good cube for OH.20080213
121 minute 29.34 secondsWuqiong FanSuch a silly category. I average 35 LH and 50 RH.20081127
131 minute 33 secondsChris HardwickI've actually gotten this time twice and neither time had a lucky cube. This is a whole lot of fun and I'd like to see what my limits for this are. 
141 minute 44 secondsAndrea Santambrogio
151 minute 47.50 secondsRon Herbert DunphyPart of a 2min 9 sec average. 20060108
161 minute 58.11 secondsJilvin TempletonThis is truly a feat of hand eye coordination. You have to focus on 2 cubes at one time. Both have to be excellently lubricated, me and my friend lubricated then both until they where as lubricated as possible.
Its not too bad if you've got good hand eye coordination. I messed up alot and was alot slower with my left hand. It took me 3 days to learn how to handle the cube with one hand.
Hey, I averaged about 56 seconds per cube! THATS A SUB MINUTE AVERAGE FOR 2 CUBES! Lol even tho I cheated and did simoltaneously. Ill try and get a vid on youtube.
172 minutes 0.98 secondsDaniel ChanNearly Sub 2-min. I just started this two days after San Diego 2007 when I got my third DIY cube. I started off with times in the high 3 minute area then it started getting lower. I didn't expect to get this time considering I never tried this before. Yay :)20070530
182 minutes 1.23 secondsDevin Corr-Robinettthis was with a stopwatch on my wrist i really wanted sub 2 :[
anyways i don't see what all this multitasking is about i just do the crosses at the same time and then solve each individually but i guess to get any faster than 1 min 30 seconds ish you have to multitask
192 minutes 8 secondsTony SnyderThis one is a lot of fun and it totally freaks people out. Both cubes are thoroughly mixed and they are mixed differently from each other. 
202 minutes 12.21 secondsChristopher YiI am still not used to one handed cubing and my cubes are very slippery. I did this because my friends thought that I couldn't think of both of them at the same time.They were wrong :)20060326
212 minutes 22.80 secondsBob BurtonThis is difficult. I still have to work especially on doing LL algs in both hands at the same time.20050919
222 minutes 24.11 secondsAndy PittsThe good cube is in my left hand and the cube in my right hand sucks20080118
232 minutes 30 secondsMike AtkinsonThis was very hard. You need to look ahead a lot so you can do one while looking at the other. 
242 minutes 39.23 secondsThomas WatiotienneI know I can do better. But after a few attempt I didn't see something. And one of my cube is really really bad.20070220
252 minutes 42.80 secondsMicael HellbergI'll try to get better! 
262 minutes 50.70 secondsCharlie ConleyWow I finally beat 3 min. SWEET!!20080813
272 minutes 51.78 secondsAnthony BenisI only have 1 really good speedcube and my other ones are sluggish, but times were an automatic improvement from my last attempts a while ago.20070401
282 minutes 53.30 secondsAlan TanXPP I'd gotten this a while ago but forgot to post it up... o.O But I do remember easy but full steps20080909
292 minutes 55 secondsDoug LiI call this EXTREAM MULTI-TASKING! You have to finish at about the same time and not bump cubes together for leverage, as usually no use of the body or table either. 30s preinspection-time is reasonable here. 
302 minutes 58.42 secondsRachel FongJust started doing this after I learned some PLLs with my nondominant's tough. My best normal OH is like 80 seconds though, so it'll probably be hard to get faster.20080429
313 minutes 1.99 secondsTyson MaoFirst try. silliest category, ever.20051126
323 minutes 2.55 secondsJohn ShephardI used 2 very good cubes for OH solving. It's hard to be thinking about both of them at the same time.20070713
333 minutes 8.89 secondsAndrew Roleywoohoo! I moved up one rank! (sarcasm) I wish I had a better second cube, but hey, some people don't even have one good one, so I can't complain too much. Improving this time strangely hasn't really improved my OH time.20070608
343 minutes 14.19 secondsChris GilsdorfI was surprised I got this fast on this attempt--it seemed much slower. I think I still had some room for improvement, but not much. My goal is to get within twice my one-handed cubing record. (P. S. note the resemblance to Pi in my time!) 
353 minutes 19.78 secondsTakuma ShirahaseMy site20070701
363 minutes 23.83 secondsBrian Nicole UyPhilippine Cubers Association
I like this category, it is so cool!!
373 minutes 27 secondsAndrea Santambrogioi'm not good with my left hand actually P20081003
383 minutes 57.94 secondsSyoji TakamatsuI can move only one hand.
It is very difficult that I do it at the same time.
394 minutes 1 secondDylan FryeI didn't really know this existed I just heard someone talking about it and thought I'd try. This was I think my 4th try :)20080411
404 minutes 11.31 secondsKenneth GustavssonBest of five tries. I seldomly do moves at both cubes at the same time. But it happens. In a moment I had a parallel Sune going, same moves om both cubes - that felt great =)
414 minutes 12 secondsHanson SoI was very surprised with this time. No lucky cases. I'm just amazed. 
424 minutes 13.94 secondsAnthony BenisI tried this after I got into one handed cubing, I see room for improvement once my one handed times creep down.
The video is at my website
434 minutes 35 secondsShelley Changwow. this is hard 
445 minutesJoe Woestendiekn/a20080320
455 minutes 1.68 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was the only time that i have tried this my fastest one handed time was 2:01.37 so i think that a little over twice is not bad. it is harder than people may think.20060328
465 minutes 37 secondsDavid ParksThis is very difficult because not only does it use your off hand but it uses them both at the same time. 
475 minutes 52.42 secondsAndrew NelsonWhoah, I didn't even know this was a category. That's completely awesome. I can get this better, I know I can.20060320
486 minutes 17.78 secondsBrent MorganI can still go faster, it's just a matter of time until I improve. (3-3-03) 
496 minutes 36.56 secondsRyan JewI timed myself doing this for the 2nd time. i beat my old record by almost a minute.20080519
509 minutes 55.94 secondsJustin Priskinteresting.20080505
5112 minutes 28 secondsJosh OremA chicken in every pot and a cube in every hand.
Owen Hall SE rules the School.
5220 minutes 3 secondsDavid S. BrownTorture, especially with a stiff cube. Being a right handed person, I used my loose cube in my left hand. I had a relatively new cube for right hand.