7x7x7 Cube
13 minutes 23.67 secondsMichal Halczuk3:01 reduction.
You're slow.
23 minutes 47.66 secondsNorbert HejjaOH MY GOD. amazing solve.
centers: 1:55
edges: 3:22
3x3 part was 25 seconds. :( my hands are shaking in the end...
34 minutes 8.77 secondsMátyás Kuti:)
[Bűvész leszek, fát nevelek.]
44 minutes 16.29 secondsMichael GottliebPractice for my 7x7 WR attempt. I think I can do a bit faster, but not sub-4.20090308
54 minutes 27.73 secondsBreandan McElhill i've stopped practicing so i might as well post this now. My 7x7 is too loose:(20081026
64 minutes 24.42 secondsMilan BaticzCenters at 2:28, edges at 3:51.
Changed my pairing method.
Practise, practise, practise...
74 minutes 29.88 secondsOlivér PergeAwesome!!! Perfect solve! :) Centers in 2:20, edges around 3:55-4:05, 3x3x3 part had normal F2Ls and 6 moves P OLL with U permutation. :P Can't believe it right now, it was so amazing! 3rd sub5 ever and of course first sub4:30. :)

Video of a 4:54 solve: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE0MzajTmQ0.
84 minutes 42.71 secondsDerrick EideYES! YEES! YEEES! :D
so close to sub 4:40 cause my hands were SHAKING at the end I literally couldn't turn the cube and messed up V perm :p
I'm coming Michal, Dan, Michael, and Frank! :p
94 minutes 45.33 secondsBrendon Hemsleysub 2:40 Centers
reduced by 4:10
104 minutes 50.22 secondsYichao Wunothing20090308
114 minutes 50.53 secondsHsuan ChangNot bad, I'll get fast !!20081127
125 minutes 2.32 secondsClaes HedinSo close to sub5! Should have done it, but got nervous :/20090214
135 minutes 4.21 secondsJimmy CollSub 5 today or tomorrow =D20081109
145 minutes 13.77 secondsFrank MorrisI know I have broken the 5 minute barrier, but this is the fastest solve that anyone has witnessed. Done on the drive back to San Francisco from Caltech with Clancy Cochran. Since everyone else started posting, I figured I would do the same.20071023
155 minutes 20.16 secondsAndrzej Kastelikpretty fast centers and small mistake with OLL parity. sub5:20 should be easy. still could be better ;]20090510
165 minutes 22.88 secondsKamil Zielińskidwo days of training :P sub 5 "hold on i am comin..." :D20081007
175 minutes 31.90 secondsEmile CompionCentres were sub-3, but that's all I know.20090510
185 minutes 32.18 secondsJack MoseleyOne small pop. I should get sub 5:30 soon.20081014
195 minutes 48.61 secondsRyosuke Mondo6:45.59 6:29.83 6:23.89 6:37.91 (5:48.61) 6:51.58 6:23.85 6:16.85 6:25.22 6:37.61 (6:51.89) 6:00.77
ave. 6:29.35
It's just a practice for 7x7 BLD.
206 minutes 7.83 secondsLevi ReicheltAustralian Speedcubing Website20081121
216 minutes 08.41 secondsMatthew MillardReduction: 3:12 ctrs, 2:10 edges20090510
226 minutes 11.68 secondsJakub Cabajn/a20081012
236 minutes 15.15 secondsMilo DiPaolaI don't know how you can not like the shape of this cube its so awesome. Anyway centers were a little under 3 mins last 4 edges came together nicely and overall no blaring mistakes. How am I supposed to break in my 6x6 when 7x7 is so much fun?20080903
246 minutes 25.16 secondsGábor RókaYeah! I did it after a 8 minutes long bad solve.
I think i practice a bit more and i have the sub6.
256 minutes 29.71 minutesCameron Almasin/a20090510
266 minutes 30 secondsErik AkkersdijkSub-6 soon20080719
276 minutes 35.72 secondsJosh Bergfinally figured out a definate way of solving with a very nice way to solve the last two centers20080719
286 minutes 51.09 secondsOuyang YunqiIn a competition with a friend, I was amazed by it.
video here
296 minutes 53.93 secondsRon van BruchemI am a happy owner of a white 7x7 V-Cube. Awesome puzzle, great quality. Getting faster with each solve. Currently solved it around 15 times.20080323
306 minutes 54.77 secondsSébastien AurouxFinally sub 7 :-)

But I know I can do much better.
316 minutes 57.89 secondsJoshua MichalikFirst sub-7 solve.20090510
326 minutes 58.13 secondsMarco Iamontev-7 is so exciting... =)20081127
336 minutes 59.23 secondsZalán MihályWOOHO! Sub 7!20081112
347 minutes 16.97 secondsAllan B. Ortegamy fastest solve that caught on video. i had several solve sub7. but i don't know why i loose my look ahead and get tense so easily even though no one is watching except my camera. oh well it is still great solve. you can watch it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sz04PAbtOM20081102
357 minutes 23.05 secondsBradley VroomanTo watch the video check it out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wLm1OGLCa0 I had 2 pops in this solve (ouch) but I was lucky through all parts... getting better, still haven't learned CFOP.20090510
367 minutes 30.97 secondsScott JacobusIt Could Be Faster :D20090214
377 minutes 38.87 secondsWillie SiauSub 8min D
I just saw Stefan Pochmann's REMARKABLE solve.
He solved it around 6mins. He turned slowly YET FASTER THEN MINE!
Inspiration 3
387 minutes 41.16 secondsStephanie Chowlazy pancakes love puppiez!20090308
397 minutes 44.99 secondsNicholas Hoyea! centres last ftw :D20081026
407 minutes 45.81 secondsJosh RotholzSweet. I wasn't really trying to break my record. It's 12:47 am right now so I just wanted to do a solve before I went to bed. I stopped the timer and lo and behold a new pb.20080804
417 minutes 46.69 secondsPéter Trombitáshuhhh. very easy centers normal edges. AV around 8:30:)20090214
427 minutes 50.20 secondsPhilippe VirouleauAvg about 8'20 sub8 avg soon!
thanks francocube.
437 minutes 52.75 secondsStefan PochmannStill not lubed, but I practiced some more and invented a new method for edges.20080724
448 minutes 15.02 secondsSiegfried Alexander Benthienthis is average but i did not stop this cube really the last time
i hope to get sub 8 next time
458 minutes 20 secondsAlex KumakiA good solve for me. Fast centers, fast edges, and fine 3x3x3.20081127
468 minutes 31.94 secondsFrançois CourtčsI'm starting to like V7 now :-)20090308
478 minutes 33.22 secondsBalázs Bernátaround 5th try on my friends vcube completely around 10th try. both reduction parts were fluent->fast. 3x3 part was normal. I can't wait for my own )20080706
488 minutes 41.68 secondsBryan O'Connorim only 13 and i got this v-cube when it first came out, i really want the v-cube 6 now though, my time for this puzzle must have went down 5 minutes! =)20090308
498 minutes 45 secondsMat WetherbeeLucky solve. Irritates me that my 6x6x6 time is so much slower than my best 7x7x7 time.20090510
508 minutes 47.44 secondsGunnar KrigSub-8 should be quite easy to reach.20080723
518 minutes 48.86 secondsMoritz Karlmy second sub10 solve and it was sub9!!!!
i never expected something like that
528 minutes 55.99 secondsAlex CookI think I've gotten a faster solve but I don't remember. This is the fastest one that I could remember. I forgot the milliseconds so I made it .99. 7x7 is fun! -)20080731
539 minutes 17.93 secondsJorge SanchezIt was an average solve for me20081213
549 minutes 25.25 secondsRoope Raponice20081026
559 minutes 46.52 secondsRobert HomayoonYou can watch a video of my solve at My Video Solve
My YouTube Channel:
Rob's YouTube Channel
569 minutes 51.60 secondsYu Da Hyun6 Year Old Solves 7x7x7 Cube 9:51.60
579 minutes 57.66 secondsTobias DaneelsWoohoo, first sub 10 solve.
Timed at cubemania.org
5810 minutes 13.56 secondsClément GalletThanks to Ron, I had the opportunity to play with it 3-4 times.20080326
5910 minutes 22.42 secondsFelix Pratley CrightonWoohoo! A new PB, beating my previous record of 13 minutes 12.08 which is a huge leap :D, i've had the cube for like 2 weeks now so i'm only getting better :). i used the new edge pairing technique i learnt and also petrus to finish20090510
6010 minutes 30.99 secondsMackenzie Blakemy fastest time not very good though20080826
6110 minutes 35.46 secondsDoug LiFirst few days after recieving my V-Cube. I really need to change it to my own color-scheme. Also the black is throwing me off.20090201
6211 minutes 03.98 secondsChris Brownleei've only have this puzzle for a week and a half... hoping to break 10 minutes soon
6311 minutes 16.53 secondsMartijn BakkerI want sub 10 :) and i need to improve on centers.20081116
6411 minutes 35.07 secondsNick CrawfordI'm hoping for sub-10 soon. I've been working on 3x3 and 5x5 lately.20090308
6511 minutes 45.28 secondsClancy Cochranwanted to get that 2nd spot before posting, done after solving 7x7 for 2 days (maybe 6-8 solves), should be able to stackmat it soon. to lucas: its lubed now, sorry you didn't get a chance to try it after the silicon. also, its funny my name is in so many posts for this record category.
6611 minute 47.38 secondsPatrick GornyMy sixth solve of a v-cube 7. Could be better.20081116
6711 minutes 52 secondsBrad DavisI will break sub 10.20080723
6811 minutes 53.78 secondsJak Sonesn/a20080714
6912 minutes 3.78 secondsMason SaucierStarting to get faster... i think...20090510
7012 minutes 15.63 secondsJesse Ricciardidid this while staying in conversation!20090308
7112 minutes 23.89 secondsJameel Ahmad Shehadehi got my new v-cube check my review

video is here :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QWZ2w8DrR8
7212 minutes 25.37 secondsRobert SchlichtFirst timed solve. Obviously this is going to get a lot better.
{Orsh Larsh Speesh Cedo}
7312 minutes 28 secondsHadley SheffieldI was going to wait until I hit sub-10 to post my record but it looks like I might not get there for a while (20080725
7412 minutes 42 secondsRichard MeyerI was lucky enough to hang out with Frank and Clancy and test out these new cubes. I have no clue what the best method to solve them is, but i used k4 more or less. I couldn't solve the last two centers so i'd just get them as solved as possible then fix them with commutators at the very last step. Great Cubes!20080414
7512 minutes 57.33 secondsRadu FaciuAn improvement from 19+ min. Still slow. Trying to get sub 10.

Official Romanian Speedcubing Site
7613 minutes 26.99 secondsMáté MüllerI dont remember exactly. Did it on my friend's V7. I haven't got any V7 so I can't practise, but quite a good solve for me.20080925
7713 minutes 31 secondsMat WetherbeeThis is my favorite cube.20090201
7813 minutes 56.70 secondsJohan Hillerströmphew, getting better and better :)20080706
7914 minutes 5 secondsKerlin Dossdid it in front of a crowd of people. thrilling20090201
8014 minutes 41.79 secondsGriffin KinleyMy best non-lucky solve20090214
8114 minutes 50 secondsAlex Ellisn/a20080808
8214 minutes 54.41 secondsTomás RojasFinally sub 15 min.20090201
8315 minutes 20 secondsMarkus PirzerI've improved my method a little bit20090308
8415 minutes 40.50 secondsMichael MontgomeryV-cubes are Great!!20081007
8515 minutes 58.35 secondsThomas ClementThis will be broken soon. Very soon.20080925
8616 minutes 7.32 secondsJohn Cloningern/a20080801
8716 minutes 35 secondsMatt Petersoni used cubetimer with a 3 second inspection, first 7x7x7 solve.20090510
8816 minutes 36.75 secondsTommy Gustavssonn/a20081127
8917 minutes 1 secondŘyvind BlaauwFirst solve at V-cube, getting better )20081021
9018 minutes 34 secondsLucas GarronVideo
18 minutes, 34 seconds, on a stiff Olympicube. Thanks to Clancy C. for lending me a 7x7x7 for twenty minutes!
9118 minutes 40 secondsDavid HollmanDone while waiting for the premier of The Dark Knight to begin.thanks to V-Cubes for making such a great product.20080719
9219 minutes 22.31 secondsVia Gradictbought this cube week ago, i use same methods like on 4x4x4 and 5x5x520080727
9319 minutes 33 secondsBernett OrlandoIt was excellent to solve. The V cube is fantastic. But I am unable to hold it with my tender hands and small fingers. Still, I defeated my dad who took more than half an hour !20090510
9419 minutes 58.61 secondsRadu Faciui'm slow.i know )20080727
9520 minutesScott SuttonMet with Frank Morris and the Idaho Cubers and got the amazing opportunity to solve this new puzzle. Very excited about this great product!20071106
9520 minutesEthan ArmbrustThank you Kyle for letting me borrow your V-cube.20081002
9720 minutes 35.58 secondsMason Newsteadthis was my second timed solve. just got it two days ago. dropped my time by 13 minutes!20081021
9821 minutes 25.13 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20081031
9921 minutes 29.48 secondsTim ChongYeah, I solved it that was amazing!20080915
10022 minutes 6.71 secondsSimon ChaninThis is the first time timing myself and the last two centers went unexpectedly quickly. I love big cubes.20080925
10122 minutes 38 secondsAlex Shepardmuch better than my previous record20090106
10224 minutes 15 secondsDominick Condoleon/a20081116
10324 minutes 32 secondsJustin OllilaNormally takes about 35 min. I think this was just a freak accident!!20090201
10424 minutes 51.12 secondsRandy MurphyIt's been a year of cubing after a 20 year break and I'm solving a 7x7x7. go figure. It's going to be a while before I can reach the heavyweight cubers but I'll have lots of fun trying.
Show yourself 11x11x11 beast I fear you not! )
10526 minutes 29.83 secondsRyan ProphetVery slow solve still learning some speed tricks for the 7x7x7. Hope to improve this time dramatically just posting so I can track my progress.20080704
10626 minutes 31 secondsAlex VersterV-Cube just arrived. Room for improvement.20080717
10727 minutes 3.79 secondsZachary McWilliamsI love the 7x7x720090201
10828 minutes 32 secondsAlbin ThorningThis was my second solve, just used my watch to check how long it might take. I pretty much solve it through brute-force, for example solving the edges "twice". It's a start :)20080704
10938 minutes 37 secondsWim Lambrechtsonly 3 third solve20090510
11043 minutes 24 secondsJake SchnetzerFirst solve20090510
11151 minutes 36.92 secondsMichael BlakemanFirst timed solve. Centers took 40 minutes (I need to get alot better at those)20090201
11257 minutesJason GrochmalCorners first method, ouch my hands are tired. Time consuming beast but I love it.20090201
1131 hour 2 minutes 3 secondsPeter DouthwrightJust my second time solving it. Used my prefered method for big cubes. Top layer, edges, then finish with centers.20081104
1141 hour 16 minutes 55.97 secondsHakop GoorjiFirst record under 1 1/2 hour.20081116
1151 hour 19 minutes 23 secondsJeremy SalterJust recently purchased the new V-cubes =) and have much improving to do. I am still using the same old method I used on the 4x4 and 5x5 which takes way to long (opposite sides edges then moving middle pieces).
I'm unique just like everyone else!
11624 hoursMitchell StraubYay! my 1st 7x7x7 solve!
i will get better although that was only my 1st solve
117n/aPhilip Bergh SveenPhilip is 7 years old.20080809