6x6x6 Cube
12 minutes 40.59 secondsMichael GottliebFirst sub-3 :O Fast reduction, few pauses, no pops, no parity...20090214
22 minutes 45.69 secondsDan CohenPretty good solve. No parities.20081103
32 minutes 46.92 secondsMichal HalczukAvg around 3:10 .I want better 6x6x6 cube.Sub 2:30 is possible -.^20081021
42 minutes 45.96 secondsDan CohenPretty good solve. No parities.20081103
52 minutes 53.99 secondsEthan Armbrustn/a20081231
63 minutes 7.91 secondsKamil Zieliñskithat was really good solve ) no parities at all )
modyficated 6x6 ftw! D
73 minutes 9.25 secondsOlivér PergeVery good centers and a PLL Martini. 20090201
83 minutes 17.69 secondsJakub CabajFast centers - sub 1:20
Nice pairs
No parity :P
Done at sql, my friend was watching :P
93 minutes 32.51 secondsClaes HedinCame out of nowhere a few weeks ago. But now have made a lot more times around this. Just need to get it below :P20090214
103 minutes 32.81 secondsFrank MorrisCome on Ron! :)20080327
113 minutes 43.27 secondsBrendon Hemsleyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j21G69SPalw

i think i got around 3 minutes for reduction
but my 3x3 skills are horrible and the outside layers are hard to turn
123 minutes 49.31 secondsJack MoseleyNo parity. First sub 4!20080723
133 minutes 53.40 minutesCameron AlmasiYES!!! finally one good solve with no double paritys20090510
143 minutes 57.13 secondsEmile CompionSub-4 on an unmodified V-CUBE 6! No parities, that helped.20090510
153 minutes 58.89 secondsJason BaumI was done with centers at 1:46 and edges at about 2:30, and I didn't encounter parity on the 3x3x3 part. This is my first sub 4!20081026
163 minutes 59.36 secondsLevi Reichelthttp://aus-speedcubing.110mb.com Sub 3!20081123
174 minutes 0.33 secondsMáté MüllerYay. almost sub4. anyone can get closer? )
Did it on my modificated 6x6x6 - it rulez. D
184 minutes 4.84 secondsGábor RókaIt was a good case. I did it with my method and I skipped 2 step. No parities.20081014
204 minutes 14.33 secondsRon van BruchemI am a happy owner of a white 6x6 V-Cube. Getting faster with each solve. Currently solved it around 40 times.20080331
214 minutes 39.04 secondsScott JacobusIt Was An Ok Solve.
Messed Up On Some Edges.
224 minutes 40.09 secondsJak SonesIm getting awesome.20080714
234 minutes 45.52 secondsSébastien AurouxReduction was quite perfect for me and was finished around 3:40 so finally the 3x3 part was really really bad. I had PLL-Parity at which I'm really slow on 6x6.
I'll finally beat that easyly I guess -)
244 minutes 51.63 secondsCameron Almasi:)20081029
254 minutes 53.67 secondsMike HugheyFirst sub-5!20090201
264 minutes 59.81 secondsGunnar KrigI can do much faster, but the cube pops too easily.20080723
275 minutes 10 secondsSiegfried Alexander Benthienit was actually not that good.
my newly modded v-cube 6 is very nice.
I had oll parity.
Getting sub 4 most be possible soon.
285 minutes 12.38 secondsMarco Iamontewith 4 pops... =(20081127
295 minutes 25.32 secondsNicholas Howhoa i beat my record by 49s o.O
centres last FTW!
305 minutes 37.02 secondsStefan PochmannFaster than Rama, yaeh!20080706
315 minutes 40.70 secondsAdrien Mokraran/a20080729
325 minutes 48.10 secondsClément GalletWith new V-6. Parity orient.20080702
335 minutes 49.97 secondsMatthew MillardWhat can I do to my cube to stop or reduce popping? Any help will be appreciated20080917
346 minutes 3.65 secondsFrançois CourtèsSub-6 missed only because of a lockup at the very end :-(20090106
356 minutes 10.80 secondsRama TemminkIt's fun to solve it but I think 7x7x7 will be my next goal.
366 minutes 10.98 secondsHadley SheffieldEPIC WIN EPIC WIN!!!
Previous record was 7:02!
376 minutes 28.81 secondsMohsin Azmatwoot
same day as 5x5 record!
386 minutes 30.31 secondsAlex Baileyimproving :)20081021
396 minutes 34.71 secondsTon DennenbroekIf it was not for the pops -have 2 per solve- and parities , it was for sure sub 6 min20081127
406 minutes 48.51 secondsKenneth GustavssonPopofobia slows me down a bit but I will reach 6 minutes or even better I'm sure =)20080731
416 minutes 52.49 secondsRobert HomayoonMy first sub-7 solve on the V-cube 6. The video of me speedsolving the cube is on my channel which can be located at Rob's YouTube Channel20081026
427 minutes 6.76 secondsBrad DavisUsing reduction, with LBL 3x3 portion and 4 layer last look.20080723
437 minutes 17.65 secondsNick CrawfordI never practice this thing.20090308
447 minutes 19.02 secondsConnor GrievesI suck :/20080915
457 minutes 41 secondsAlex EllisNo parity. First sub 4!20080808
467 minutes 53.86 secondsClancy Cochransaw that 7x7 was up and 6x6 wasn't, figured i could be ahead of frank until he noticed :) i've had better times, but couldn't remember them exactly, this was my first attempt today, gobs of parities.
477 minutes 57 secondsBen WhitmoreFirst sub 8? No... first sub 9:45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beat my previous record by 1:51!
488 minutes 14.25 secondsAndrew Smithwow another amazing pr, this one is by around 1:09.20090510
499 minutes 2.01 secondsTommy Gustavssonn/a20081127
509 minutes 26.31 secondsMoritz Karli had oll parity but anyway my best time20080806
519 minutes 27.17 secondsThomas ClementWoo, woo. Prepare for faster solves.20080925
529 minutes 42.10 secondsMarkus PirzerFirst sub 10 solve20090308
539 minutes 53.62 secondsJohn Cloningern/a20080801
549 minutes 56.18 secondsMichael MontgomerySUB 10 MIN.!! I hope to beat it soon.20090201
5510 minutesPer Kristen FredlundNot giving exact time as im sure i can do much better pretty soon. My very first 6x6x6 timed solve. The cube is stiff and locks a lot. Much time wasted with this. My new v-cube 5x5x5 is much nicer .20080806
5610 minutes 20.36 secondsJanilo Ocampon/a20081021
5711 minutes 2.87 secondsGriffin KinleyMy best non-lucky solve20090214
5811 minutes 27 secondsChris DeAngelisn/a20081109
5911 minutes 36 secondsMat WetherbeeI am really bad at this one.20090510
6011 minutes 42 secondsOkko Pyssysalon/a20081119
6111 minutes 57 secondsWill Klauslerthis isn't my cube, it's a friend's and this is my second solve20090308
6213 minutes 16 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20081007
6313 minutes 31 secondsAlfie Dentonly my 5th or so solve. need to get faster with the centers20090308
6415 minutes 28.94 secondsSimon ChaninI'm starting to get better and faster. Maybe sub 10 one day.20080925
6523 minutes 43.21 secondsHakop GoorjiGained 3 minutes by tightening the screws so that the pieces pop up less in my V-Cube.20081119
6631 minutes 21.98 secondsJeremy SalterJust recently purchased the new V-cubes =), and have much improving to do. I am still using the same old method I used on the 4x4 and 5x5, which takes way to long (opposite sides, edges, then moving middle pieces).
I'm unique just like everyone else!
673 hoursMichael BlakemanMy first solve! This time sucks, but it was my only solve on a well scrambled 6x6 before mine pretty much desintigrated. It's too bad I'll never get to see how fast I could have become.20090201