Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube: While wake-boarding
126.67 secondsTyler KroffHarder than I thought... After about 15 seconds the rope started to cut off circulation to my left arm, so my moves were slower. Probably could have solved it faster, but I just wanted to beat the record.20070610
242.24 secondsJensen GrahamSo me and Tyler Kroff went on a house boat trip and he let me solve it ten minutes before he did so i could at least say i held the record. Done at Bullars Bar.20070610
353 secondsGregory DykeI saw the waterskiing record and thought "I can do this". I decided to put the handle in the crook of my arm to make two hands available. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, my arm really started to hurt, so I was glad I got a reasonably quick time. Balance was not too difficult, except the rope length was trimmed for wakeboard tricks so the water wasn't very flat. My corner pieces are full of water. Thanks to Laurent, Nils and Guillaume, respectively pilot, timekeeper and signalsman. 
454 secondsCharlie Krasnowput my arm in loop20051219