Rubik's Cube: While idling on a unicycle
113.68 secondsAlex Seidler
214.80 secondsErik JohnsonWOW. I never thought I would beat Macky's time. I had an amazing first 2 layers. Then the last layer was a sune and J permutation. 20070505
315 secondsShotaro MakisumiIt's all about the F2L.20031123
419.86 secondsRoss PalmerIt felt just as good as a normal good time. I didn't lose balance, and I didn't lose focus. It was just like a good solve, the unicycle didn't even seem there! I was surprised that I looked ahead! 
532 secondsMike Atkinson I can't idle well enough yet, so I had to do it while riding. I can almost do it while riding one footed too. 
635.46 secondsJan MachalskiEvery day is better xD20080625
738 secondsEmile CompionFirst timed attempt. I can't idle yet, so I just rode around in circles till it was solved. This is much slower than normal, my actual (sitting in a chair in front of my computer) average is around 23 seconds. Hopefully I can get my unicycle times down to my normal range of times; I'm hoping for an eventual sub-20. I also solved a 4x4 on the unicycle on the same day I timed this solve, and almost finished a 5x5.20070718
851 secondsChris ShewellI can't idle well enough so I rod up and down my driveway and solved it. 20070529
95 minute 47.54 secondsAndrew HodgesCan't idle yet but while riding. first solve on unicycle.20060411