Rubik's Cube: On a rollercoaster
118.67 secondsEmerson Herrmanni actually dont remember the name of the roller coaster, i had to time myself on my ipod =D this was so hard20080625
219.66 secondsPhil Thomason the racer at King's Island going backwards. its a lot harder than it sounds.20070717
320 secondsLucas GarronDone during the '07 Northgate High School Disneyland trip (Go Orchestra!). This was on the Matterhorn. I think I also got a 16-17 second solve on Thunder Mountain, but I may have timed that incorrectly.
I did a few of these; most annoying is the difficulty in execution while being banged around.
426.67 secondsAndrew RoleyYES!!!! I can't believe I did it on a coaster this fast! On the ground, it would have been my new PB. At least I didn't cheat like some and start on the incline. Done at Silverwood Theme Park, Hayden Lake, Idaho, on the premier roller coaster 'Tremors' (top speed: 65 mph)20070625
530 secondsTristan BuckleyThe video can be found here. This was done on the Talon at Dorney Park. It's a great ride and it happens to have a cdride DVD system built in so when I got off the ride I bought the DVD. I used a skycube tied to my wrist to be sure it wouldn't fly out of my grasp and kill anybody. That would stink.20080729
635.45 secondsAndrew NelsonDone on Ghostrider at Knott's Berry Farm. I started once we pulled out of the station, and there's a little bit of downhill before they crank you up the big hill. It's 40 seconds between leaving the station and the top of the hill. I was hoping I could get a little bit faster than average solve, and I did. 20060810
736.16 secondsSon Chang HwanThe video.20060517
837.63 secondsEric LiouThunder Mountain at Disney World
Actually it isnt really hard on Thunder Mountain But it felt impossible to do it on Splash Mountain.while falling that is.
938.10 secondsJason BaumDone on the Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, PA. The coaster is 220 feet high and its top speed is 85 miles per hour. I started solving after the first drop. This is much harder than it looks. I can probably get a much faster time on a less intense coaster.20070522
1039 secondsRobin Kwanttroy @ toverland in the Netherlands
friend of mine recorded the time on his ipod
i couldn't give it a second go because they later told me it wasn't allowed in that ride
1143 secondsSam BabcockSolved it on the vortex roller coster calgary ab canada. It is acualy kind of hard to do.This is a youtube video i uploded on.
1243.37 secondsArthur AdamsShaky shaky OLL failure.20080826
1345 secondsAaron ZhaoI probably did it faster but I didn't have a timer. There was a tunnel so I had to stop for a while. Its not that hard except that the wind is pressing against you and your hands don't go that fast. Done on Adventure Express at Paramounts Kings Island for the Centerville Youth Orchestra Music at the Parks competition. 1st yeah ^_^!!20070507
1445.59 secondsBlake O'HareThunder Mountain at Disney World
1545.70 secondsJohn ShephardI was nervous on the shockwave. I made a wrist band that connected in case i let go. The loop kinda messed me up a little lol.20070616
1652 secondsAndrew WebberThunder Mountain at Disney World
This was really fun. I'm not sure if this is completely accurate because the Emily didn't really know how to use my timer. I'm kind of disappointed because I thought I was going to break the record. That sucks! (PS Gilsdorf)
1652 secondsTim AndersonTeacups at Six Flags New Jersey20070506
1859 secondsNathan JellisThis was no ordinary rollercoaster. it distracted me a lot more than I expected. video 20070609
191 minuteNathan VickeyThunder Mountain at Disney World 
201 minute 2 secondsRyan BradstreetBlue Streak at Cedar Point
harder than you'd think. actually popped a piece going over the second hill. found it in my lap, put it back in, and solved the cube in time to put my hands up for the finish. what a rush! ---KAMSC RCC---
211 minute 24 secondsRobert HutchisonBlue Streak at Cedar Point
Well that was the first time I tried solving a rubik's cube on a roller coaster. Wish I had more time to try it more than once because I could have done much better. It was fun though!! Kamsc RCC
221 minute 45 secondsAndrew WebberBlue Streak at Cedar Point 
231 minute 56.02 secondsHanson SoDelirium at Paramount's Great America
Its easier than you think. And its harder than you think. You won't easily drop it, and if you just stare at the cube you won't notice that it might just fall out of your hands. The wind and the gravity causes your hands to become slower so its harder than you think. I have a video which solving it on the ride but it doesn't exactly show me. The video is different than my time because its the first time I solved it on Delerium. My website It will be uploaded soon.
241 minute 58.73 secondsRay WangI was on Mount MatterHorn at DisneyLand for the Castillero Middle School '07 DisneyLand Trip. (Yay! Chamber Orchestra Got 1st!)20070506