Rubik's Cube: With chopsticks, no hands
148.31 secondsJustin AdsuaraIt was 38 moves. I preserved one pair during cross and there was another one connected. After that 3rd pair with cancellation then 3 move CLS 7 move (8 moves including AUF) CLS and cancellation with j-perm20071225
21 minute 21.93 secondsStefan HuberAfter I saw that Justin had beaten my record, I trained a bit and wanted to get closer to him. Now I've taken my record back with a very good solve! Multislotting on the last F2L pair and a good LL. Video is here.Justins turn again.20070919
31 minute 30.99 secondsMichael SwanI have a cube just for this. I tried this a few months ago but I got serious yesterday and I ended getting this time.20080812
42 minutes 36.19 secondsHiroyuki TakeI'm late.It is JSCC 2007 New Year Contest.
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53 minutes 2.49 secondsSyoji TakamatsuJSCC 2007 New Year Contest.
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63 minutes 4 secondsWuqiong FanI will beat you Justin.20080104
73 minutes 44.73 secondsJeremy MoodyI continuously fliped the cube; pushing it with one, triping it with the other so the side requiring turning was on top or bottom.20070206
83 minutes 53.77 secondsMatt WalterI only touched the cube with my chopsticks including preinspection. I could have broken 3 min 45 sec but I messed up an algorithm. Good luck Stefan ; )20050622
94 minutes 29.59 secondsStefan PochmannI used a lubed Meffert's assembly cube. Nice to be twice as fast as Macky in a 3x3 category ;-)20040715
104 minutes 34.53 secondsJay WooWell my chopstick experience for 13 years finally pays back. I used an iron chopstick.20071112
115 minutes 58 secondsPatrick Stinsonwoot, finally got the record back :) some rules for chopstick solving--your hands cannot turn the cube or anchor it down, the chopstick must do that. other than grazing the cube accidentally, your hands shouldnt touch the cube. 2 separate chopsticks are used to turn the cube. 
127 minutes 49.95 secondsBrian Nicole UyMy fingers got so painful.
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139 minutes 27 secondsShotaro MakisumiThis is very tiring.20031104
1411 minutes 16 secondsLee June KyoThe pain shoots up my back~ I used wood-chopsticks(brand:nongsim) some happy^^ 
1513 minutes 20 secondsHanson SoI used the layer by layer method. I position one chopstick behind the cube over 2/3 cublets and using the other chopstick in my right hand I push 1/3 of the cublet and it turns a side that way. That's how I tried solving it.