5x5x5 computer cube
154.88 secondsMichal HalczukSub 49 is possible.
Try to beat this.
259.06 secondsMichael GottliebThe first sub-1 ever, on any type of 5x5, real or simulated!

31 minute 11.36 secondsPhil Thomasbeat Erik! 24-32-15 splits. Could've had better centers! Now I need to catch up to Rob, Michael, and Michal!20080925
41 minute 19.92 secondsErik AkkersdijkWatch it: http://hi-games.net/cube-5x5x5/watch?u=121
3x3 part was slow.
51 minute 24.09 secondsBrendon Hemsleyhttp://hi-games.net/cube-5x5x5/watch?u=82220090507
61 minute 45.84 secondsJack MoseleySurprisingly, this is my first sub 2!20080126
71 minute 55.93 secondsDan CohenDone with Ryan's sim. First and only sub-2 as of yet. youtube20080119
81 minute 56.71 secondsRichard CarrSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
92 minutes 12.91 secondsKonsta JukkaReplay 20081206
102 minutes 17.01 secondsPiotr KózkaGabbasoft20070622
112 minutes 26.54 secondsRon van BruchemSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
122 minutes 27.52 secondsWuqiong Fanhttp://hi-games.net/cube-5x5x5/watch?u=151
I prefer 4x4, I don't solve this a lot.
132 minutes 32.39 secondsGrant TregaySee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
142 minutes 59.49 secondsMilán Baticzn/a20060418
153 minutes 24.77 secondsAnssi VanhalaTukit ei kasva puissa.20061016
163 minutes 35.55 secondsEric Hatchthis was my first 5x5x5 solve in a while. ive been working on 3x3x3 blindfold and decided to take a break. the greatest thing is that this is my first sub 4 minute20060211
173 minutes 57.61 secondsRama TemminkWhoo hoo!!
Inspired by Ron van Bruchem and Frédérick Badie.
Hope to Squeeze some tips from you guys at the Belgium Open 2007 ;)
184 minutes 14.90 secondsChris GilsdorfSteve the dancing cheese man made me do it. 
194 minutes 25.58 secondsChris HardwickSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
204 minutes 26.12 secondsDerrick EideBetter Method.
Better Time.
215 minutes 11.78 secondsBrian Nicole UyGABBASOFT
Too busy to cube now as in I cube only once a week.
Philippine Cubers Association
225 minutes 26.13 secondsTrevor DavilaGabbasoft. 246 moves.
My Cubestation Profile
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235 minutes 28.50 secondsKĺre Krig282 turns20070414
245 minutes 28.60 secondsAlex Kumakiand i'm still getting better.
34-41-16 splits
centers can be faster. crazy edges though
255 minutes 43.20 secondsRahul KadukarHere is the screenshot after the solve. Done on Rubix
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266 minutes 8.24 secondsJoshua Woelmer295 moves- tredges getting better20070611
277 minutes 8 secondsJoël Heymbeeckbah.20060629
287 minutes 52 secondsTroy Manzittinew with the computer cube stuff and ive never physically solved a 5x5x520080104
298 minutes 8 secondsPatrick Vickersn/a20090201
308 minutes 27.15 secondsHarris ChanI should be asleep.20070607
319 minutes 45 secondsDennis Strehlaunot a good solve, but i am not using a speedcubing method.20070515
329 minutes 57.61 secondsJeffrey Zhangn/a20070518
3312 minutes 4.47 secondsDavid EdwardsFirst computer 5x5x5 sole on gabbasoft20080504
3414 minutes 5.55 secondsSteve WithingtonLosing time on the algoritms for the final dredges. Have a goal of sub 10 minutes. Been solving a couple of weeks now20070907
3514 minutes 43 secondsRoyce Saton/a20080224
3614 minutes 50.29 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis was a very fast solve for a computer 5x5x5 for me. I did this a long time ago so i don't remember much about it but my time shows how good i did. crushed the 41 minuter.
Took 479 moves.
3719 minutes 12.09 secondsTom Macadam507 moves.
Pretty good for a first attempt. Done with Gabbasoft.
3819 minutes 36.87 secondsOkko PyssysaloWoohooo!20080406
3919 minutes 39.05 secondsNicholas LeungFirst time i didn't get it so it took so long.. But this is good.20080311
4021 minutes 32.13 secondsTill BlahaGabbaSoft, 469 moves and I'm 11 years old.20090507
4130 minutes 24.75 secondsAleksi SillanpääMy first solve o/20071201