40x40x40 computer cube
18 hours 10 minutes 59 secondsJoe AllenSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com20060429
223 hours 35 minutesChris Moyer-GriceTimes: 5:30-white face 4:30-blue face 4:30-orange face 3:15-red face 4:00-yellow/green faces 1:30-edges 0:20-3x3 cube. (These are approximations- I didn't record the specifics.) This was more of a personal goal than anything else. Earlier last semester I had attempted this same record, but my computer disagreed with me and one night the cord on my laptop just decided to fall out, and I lost 12 hours of work. I have a new system board now, and the cord is much more secure so I decided to try again. This time I succeeded, obviously. This was an exercise in perseverance and concentration more than anything else- the task of aligning 9,128 cubies can get quite repetitive at times, but I'm glad it's finally over :). This is not listed in the net cube applet, because I could make the cube bigger with the regular applet on my computer. I do wish I could see how many twists that took though :) 
383 hours 17 minutes 55.68 secondsPeter GreenwoodWell, I'm very happy! It took many days of straight solving, but I did it! I will try to add a page about this. This is only the beginning. :)
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