4x4x4 computer cube
136.69 secondsPhil ThomasNice! 10-13-13 splits. Still need to catch up to Rob, Andy, and Michael20081121
241.44 secondsErik Akkersdijkhttp://hi-games.net/cube-4x4x4/watch?u=121
Sub-40 is so possible!
344.06 secondsMichael Gottlieb128 moves at 2.90 moves/sec on IsoCubeSim. No parities, nice easy solve.20080112
449.94 secondsAndy TsaoOn Ryan's cube simulator. I also had a 48.14, but that was a PLL skip.20080119
550.06 secondsJack MoseleyIt should have been sub 50, but I made a small mistake during PLL. I also had about 3 other solves after this that could have been sub 50 but with parity or bad PLLs.20080124
651.39 secondsWuqiong Fanhttp://hi-games.net/cube-4x4x4/watch?u=151
bad centers, but awesome edges. I'm still about 30s slower on real cube. :( Meffert's 4x4 sucks.
754.47 secondsBrendon Hemsleyhttp://hi-games.net/cube-4x4x4/watch?u=82220090507
81 minute 3.11 secondsKonsta JukkaReplay20081213
91 minute 4.67 secondsDan Cohendone with Ryan's sim. Using z rotations for edges. No parities.20080119
101 minute 4.82 secondsRichard CarrSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
111 minute 8.73 secondsPiotr KózkaGabbasoft.20080427
121 minute 12.97 secondsJohannes LaireUsing reduction on Ryan's simulator.20080130
131 minute 18.72 secondsRon van BruchemSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
141 minute 29.99 secondsGrant TregaySee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
152 minutes 1.78 secondsMilán BaticzPractise, practise, practise.20080118
162 minutes 5 secondsGunnar KrigIt was a quite slow solve actually.20070913
172 minutes 9.69 secondsEmile CompionGabbaSoft 4x4x4 - 146 moves
Slightly lower than normal move-count, I guess I didn't mess up as often as usual :P. I didn't realize this was such a good time, perhaps the faster guys aren't posting their times.
182 minutes 14.31 secondsChris GilsdorfI need to get faster on this one. 
192 minutes 17.44 secondsSam Cappleman-LynesI was getting about 3 minutes and this just popped up. 157 moves on GabbaSoft with K4 method. 13 years old.20071024
202 minutes 18.65 secondsTommy GustavssonA good solve for me with no problems.20060812
212 minutes 40.77 secondsAnthony BenisI did 161 moves on Gabbasoft. I still need to get used to the program, I sometimes pull the wrong side by accident and lose some time.20070724
222 minutes 59.52 secondsJefferson JamesMy first sub 3 solve.20080126
233 minutes 8.08 secondsMichal Halczukn/a20060915
243 minutes 9.70 secondsColin SchnackerJust turned 14 :) 20071014
253 minutes 27.50 secondsKĺre Krig154 turns20070414
263 minutes 38.78 secondsCraig WattsHad some sticking trouble20080625
273 minutes 53 secondsTroy Manzittidouble parity ughh. this is just to keep me occupied while i wait for my 4x4 and 5x5 eastsheen cubes to come 
283 minutes 56.00 secondsJoshua WoelmerFinally broke the 4min mark for any 4x4 cube. Not bad- no parities always help.20070425
294 minutes 9 secondsJoël HeymbeeckNot bad. 1 minute 30 faster than previous attempt :)20060416
304 minutes 13.58 secondsCraig BouchardUgh.computers suck.25th PB for the day.20060317
314 minutes 25.33 secondsAlex Kumakin/a20080224
324 minutes 27.93 secondsJames WattGabbasoft 227 moves20061218
334 minutes 39.62 secondsHarris ChanBah, pretty okay considering I don't even own a 4x4.yet.lol20070607
344 minutes 55.53 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis went together much like i would wish a cube to do and it i had hardly no time wasted while i looked for some pieces. The moves was 261 moves.20060415
355 minutes 36 secondsOeyvind BlaauwGabbasoft Demo, not lucky20070808
365 minutes 41.86 secondsJeffrey ZhangWoo!
I just started solving big cubes. This one had orientation parity. GabbaSoft 245 moves.
375 minutes 43.35 secondsSteve WithingtonI did this using a beginner technique. The solve went well apart from some wasted time spotting matching edges. I doubt I'll be able to go much faster than this using my current method.20070907
385 minutes 53.57 secondsPatrick Jamesonn/a20070226
396 minutes 23.27 secondsDavid EdwardsFirst Computer 4x4x4 solve on gabbasoft20080504
406 minutes 50 secondsSupakrit PaoliwatI Solve It With Gabbasoft 20080727
416 minutes 56.66 secondsRob KastnerGabbasoft Cube Demo. I just started solving the 4x4x4 Cube and Cubing in General. No parity helps :-).20060417
427 minutes 0.10 secondsJonathan OstranderAmazing after one day of solving 4x4x4.
Used GabbaSoft 270 moves.
437 minutes 36 secondsAndy FerloGabbaSoft, both parities, 290 moves- not bad though20070410
447 minutes 43 secondsJacob WildesI know. It sucks. the 4x4x4 is just not my puzzle.20061221
458 minutes 19.47 secondsCaio Lafetá8 mins 19 seconds to solve 4x4x4. i'm not very good at it.20070919
469 minutes 3 secondsPatrick VickersMy 3rd solve ever20081127
479 minutes 49.67 secondsPaul CastańedaTrujillo - Peru. I began to solving the cube since 1 month ago. I think that's OK20071124
489 minutes 57.51 secondsTom Harmanmuch faster if i actaully had a cube - program very user unfriendly.20080224
4910 minutes 45.33 secondsNicholas Leungn/a20080304
5011 minutes 26.52 secondsBruno Azevedon/a20050916
5112 minutes 12.49 secondsAili AsikainenFirst ever 4x4x4 solve20070602