3x3x3 computer cube
18.59 secondsHarris ChanThis was out of nowhere.I was only doing solves after solves.a pretty interesting F2L.hesitated on the LL though
(the F2L was kinda fast.so I had was like, "Whoa it's OLL") otherwise it might have been 0.5 seconds faster.
28.63 secondsAnthony BenisI used the Ryan Heise Cube Sim. This solve had a pretty easy OLL with a lucky PLL. Yeah yeah it is lucky but lets see you get a lucky sub-9 on the sim. ;)
I have picture evidence as I can't post the record without it getting deleted by Ryan for being lucky (which would remove my current 8.74 forever also.). See the picture here. It shows "Solved in 08.63 Seconds." with the following average times:
16.08 15.36 13.19 26.84 14.75 27.23 12.42 18.46 17.44 8.63 = 17.04 seconds avg.
I had just started warming up actually so I was still pretty inconsistant. My single solves are getting closer to harris'!
39.03 secondsTaylor Dawsonthis was done on ryan heise's rubiks cube simulator I did this a little bit before I had surgery done on my wrist I did it about a month ago havn't been able to get a time like this for a while but I'm still healing so hopefully I'll be faster once its completly back to normal. this is also non lucky to my fastest lucky is 8.47
video: http://www.ryanheise.com/cube/record.cgi?db=single&name=Taylor%20Dawson
49.15 secondsMichael GottliebA totally legit (but fast!) solve on the Ryan Heise sim. No xcross and I did OLL and PLL. Even better it was on single player! :)
I recently also got 13.844 on IsoCubeSim (49 moves). Just a second slower than my PB on a real cube :P
59.67 secondsErik AkkersdijkTimes before that one: 12.16, 35.xx, 20, and now 9. not very consistent. Was not lucky just a good solve. Too bad you can't submit a solve done in Multypl20070315
69.84 secondsAndy TsaoFirst sub-1020061205
710.20 secondsPhil ThomasSo close to top 10 and sub-10! I had one lucky sub-10 in the multiplayer mode20080729
810.30 secondsDrew J. Smithn/a20090106
910.72 secondsJohannes LaireNot lucky. It didn't feel that fast.20061023
910.72 secondsJack MoseleyThis was on multiplayer, so I don't have a replay of it. All I remember about it was that it was a J perm. This is exactly the same as my real cube record!20071216
1112.84 secondsRonn Samsonn/a20080928
1213.06 secondsWuqiong FanComputer failed to submit the solve. ( but I did get a screenshot. I can't remember well but no skips and easy 2LLL perhaps the 6moves then J perm.
Also got a 12.31 PLL skip with 2x2x1 block skip.
1313.17 secondsKonsta JukkaReplay20081219
1413.80 secondsTrevor DavilaVideo
1513.97 secondsAlex Seidleri average 17/18ish
watch is on youtube
1614.19 secondsJoël van NoortUsing Ryan Heise's cube simulator. Best average is 18.54. I practiced, and I am getting more and more used to it :).20061215
1715.06 secondsRhodri Mativodone with ryan heise's cube simulator. it really is an amazing simulator. 20061029
1815.24 secondsRobert SchlichtNot bad.
{Orsh Larsh Speesh Cedo}
1915.61 secondsJoshua Woelmerhttp://www.ryanheise.com/cube/record.cgi?db=single&name=Joshua+Woelmer
done on heise's app which is amazing
2016.66 secondsDerrick Eideyipee!20060728
2118.52 secondsEmile Compionclick here for the replay of my current PB.20080111
2218.87 secondsPiotr KózkaGabbasoft
52 moves
2319.09 secondsJefferson JamesRyan Heise Simulator20071208
2419.66 secondsJai Gambhirmeh, pretty good, but i can do better20070407
2520.39 secondsErik JohnsonDone with Ryans cube simulator. It's actually below my average for a real cube. That takes a lot of practice.20060901
2621.91 secondsRon van BruchemSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com
Best lucky case is 18.47 seconds.
I did 35 seconds on Teazle 2. But that game has a very bad interface.
2722.07 secondsRichard CarrSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
2822.63 secondsJeffrey Zhanghttp://hi-games.net/cube-3x3x3/watch?u=103
Nonlucky, but could have been sub-20 if I went a bit faster.
2923.27 secondsZachary Kartzov-RoyCheck it out at www.ryanheise.com/cube, I'm listed under da_Z.20070430
3024.02 secondsJustin TangThis was done on Ryan Heise's simulator.. It looks like this solve beats my regular Rubik's cube solve of 29.78 which is pretty good.. Maybe because I'm a faster typer..
The cross was actually kind of slow, but the other f2l and the LL was not bad. I'm actually quite surprised that I got this time.. I used jntp (username) instead of my actual name.
3125.04 secondsGrant TregaySee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
3225.78 secondsMike DeGraffgoood solve. used gabbasoft.. pretty fast f2l.20080227
3326.00 secondsPeck Ern-Minn/a20080915
3426.09 secondsTommy GustavssonThis is my best time with no luck. Best lucky case was 21.62.20060812
3526.79 secondsLucas GarronHeise's simulator. Smooth; no accidental moves, but not yet perfect.20061101
3628 secondsHirtz Berebern/a20061008
3729.95 secondsRavi FernandoWow. I cut my record straight from 40.875 to 29.954 without luck. See www.puzzlingaddiction.com20050509
3830.42 secondsOscar Roth AndersenIt was a nice solve :-)20080817
3931.01 secondsTyler AasRyan Heise's Virtual Rubik's Cube20090201
4032.70 secondsAndrew Smithnice, a quick solve, easy OLL, and PLL = )20070417
4135.40 secondsKenneth Wong1 F2L piece already inserted after making the cross, Sune and 3-edge.20071014
4236.00 secondsAaron Crispn/a20090507
4337.68 secondsJacob WildesJust one of those days when you're on a roll. Totally unlucky. Did one in sub-20 but I skipped about 4 steps.20061031
4438.97 secondsTyler WilkinsonRyan's Cube Sim.20070417
4540.47 secondsMichael JungRyan's simulator20070518
4643.11 secondsNoah EhrichUsed ryan heise cube simulator.once your get the hang of it, you get get really fast!20071209
4746.90 secondsRoland KovácsI played with computer cube only 3 hours20080601
4847.56 secondsMichal HalczukIt is my first sub 50 secs. on computer non lucky .51 moves.I LOVE BEATING BOUCHARD20061003
4948.57 secondsMichael SwanDone on gabbasoft, 57 moves.20071202
5049.17 secondsMark LucasRyan Heise's simulator
Could've been faster if I hadn't spent so much time checking that I was making the right moves.
5153 secondsPellepennan AspelinThis is the very best time to solve the Cube in the internetgame "Teazle". Can anyone beat this? 
5253.87 secondsBaiheng ChenGabbaSoft Cube Demo
66 moves
5354 secondsLuke MinerI made it under a minute finally. I am only 14.20050320
5456.75 secondsAlex KumakiUnder a minute. I don't like computer cubes, but it's something to do.20080502
5559.53 secondsGeorge YiuOnly been cubing for 1 month and 9 days, around 38 avg for real cube, so this was pretty awesome.
5659.72 secondsBrad SampsonFirst Sub minute.
Ryan Heise is my hero!
571 minute 2 secondsYi Renso difficult20090214
581 minute 3.62 secondsPaul Castańedaeasy oll and pll - Trujillo-Peru20071201
591 minute 3.99 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardI beat Kare!20061129
601 minute 4.30 secondsKĺre Krign/a20050809
611 minute 5 secondsJoël HeymbeeckUsing Gabbasoft, most of the time lost looking for pieces during F2L.20060125
621 minute 8.62 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis again and agian was greatly amazing and it went together very nicly but the only problem was it took me 92 moves, if i would have like 70 moves as such as my previous post i could have been under a minute. Darn it. O well it still is my best time even though it took 92 moves.20060415
631 minute 12.38 secondsJames WattGabbasoft 78 moves20061218
641 minute 15.85 secondsCraig BouchardComputer cubes are evil.24th PB for the day.20060317
651 minute 17.0 secondsChris GilsdorfGee, only three times my real cube record!! 
661 minute 20 secondsThomas WatiotienneUsing the Rubik's Game CD. I think I can do better than 4 times my real time record.20060507
671 minute 21.09 secondsCristiano AlbaThanks to the divine providence! 
681 minute 22.25 secondsJesse RussellI use the on-screen keyboard found on most newer Microsoft computers, so I think my time is good considering I have to click each key.
691 minute 22.28 secondsAndy FerloGabbasoft 91 moves20070430
701 minute 22.43 secondsTaylor LemmGabbaSoft Cube Demo HoochCube.com20061220
711 minute 31.81 secondsRay WangI got this one right after I made a different new record.
I almost forgot the last PLL algorithm so I guessed and got it right. (Does that count as lucky?)
721 minute 36.49 secondsRyan BatesGabbasoft Cube Demo20060418
731 minute 40 secondsOeyvind BlaauwGabbaSoft Cube Demo
741 minute 43 secondsKevin Liuhmm i made a 1:24 b4 but since i deleted it theres no proof of it T_T anyways heres the 1:43-35 in 105 moves, not lucky20070209
751 minute 45.04 secondsRyan MahYou told me, Mr. Krig to beat you.. and I did ;) 
761 minute 48 secondsTyler DicouMy old record was 2:11 but it got posted as 22:11!
So I set a new one. :-)
771 minute 59 secondsSydney LiuIt's hard to move the pieces with the mouse.20070919
781 minute 59.54 secondsGunnar KrigTry to beat this time. It's a funny puzzle.