2x2x2x2 computer cube (4D)
140.31 secondsAndrew NelsonI was so happy to have the world record, I sat here for a few hours until I could beat his time. Congrats, but I'm gunning for you. Solved Green in 13 seconds, red in 8, green in 14, permute blue in 5.20060323
244 secondsTimothy SunA fortunate case, but not lucky. (I hate saying non-lucky) Done with the N-teract-4. Solve blue (7sec), solve pink (15sec), solve red (13sec), permute green (9sec) = 44sec20060320
331 minutes 47 secondsMatthew FryettI will probally be able to get the time down much more. I spent the first 10 minutes pondering about how the cube changed when you move it in the Ana/Kata. If anyone else wants to try, just remmember, a Hypercube/Teseract is made of 8 3D cubes and rotating one cube in the 3rd dimesion will affect 5 other 3D cubes. Thats pretty much all the advice I can give without writing a 3 page essay on how a WXZ cube affects a YXZ cube etc. I used this applet but there is a 3D rendered one out there. 
448 minutesNorbert HantosQuite slow but simple method, used only two algorithms. Permutated 3-cycle, then oriented twice, two by two. The result was 662 moves - slow but succesfull! (With macros.)
Magic Cube 4D
51 hour 45 minutesNathan JellisThat was quite a toughy. I made up notation so I could write stuff down, like algs that I made up. I didn't get any help whatsoever, except a pencil and paper, so I could remember how to undo my corner-turning alg, which is the kind that you have to do in pairs. The first layer, which is really a cube and one side of six other cubes, I do just by intuition, no algs at all. That part is hard. Then I turn it inside out and permute the last layer, then orient the last layer. This is the program I used; I find it to be the most intuitive one out there.20050724