10x10x10 computer cube
110 minutes 02.99 secondsMichal Halczuk6:19 centers.
Triple parity.
And my computer didn't sent it.
sub 9 is possible.
212 minutes 56.33 secondsMichael GottliebWatch it on hi-games: http://hi-games.net/cube-10x10x10/watch?u=44
I finally beat my old time on Iso today! Actually that was a 13:38 then I got 12:56. This solve had opposite centers swapped tons of parities and also PLL parity so I think this is not yet the limit.
315 minutes 42.27 secondsRavi Fernando1300 moves. When I finished I thought to myself that it "might even be sub-18." I was right.
See puzzlingaddiction.com.
417 minutes 40.21 secondsRichard CarrSee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
527 minutes 26.00 secondsChris GilsdorfYou're gonna die, clown! 
628 minutes 10.29 secondsGrant TregaySee www.puzzlingaddiction.com 
731 minutes 54.82 secondsKonsta JukkaReplay I hate centers.20090507
834 minutes 18.45 secondsDan CohenFirst try on a 10. Using centers last on ISO.20080113
936 minutes 41.57 secondsFumiki Koseki1698 move. (Gabbasoft)20070217
1037 minutes 15.75 secondsLasse Korbanka3rd and best solve D
1539 moves.
mp. not a really good solve /
could be better. )
1139 minutes 29 secondsChris HardwickThis time was only ok. There were many opportunities for improvement throughout this solving. I will definitely try to break this record at some point. I improved this record by 3 minutes 52 seconds from my last record. 
1239 minutes 43.49 secondsJohannes Laire1442 moves using Gabbasoft. There's still lots of room for improvement, this was only my second attempt (first one was over 80 minutes.)20070108
1343 minutes 0.20 secondsKre Krig1448 turns20070414
1443 minutes 40.1 secondsRahul KadukarThis was my first try at the 10 x 10 x 10 and the time is almost 10 minutes faster than my 9 x 9 x 9.20090214
1544 minutes 42 secondsChris DaviesGreat improvement on my only other two times of 1hour 17 and 1 hour 2 minutes, despite getting both parities.20070604
1644 minutes 46.25 secondsMarc van BeestUsing Gabbasoft. 1796 moves, including both parities.
First try with this.
1745 minutes 15.39 secondsBryan O'Connorsecond solve that i beat by about 20 minutes but that was a while ago, i could've done better but im used to using it with my hands. I'm 12 years old =]20080403
1847 minutes 11.87 secondsSteven BeringerI did the 20x20x20 yesterday, figured I'd step down a bit. Gabbasoft, 1364 moves, no parities. First try on the 10x.20080116
1956 minutes 32.44 secondsAymeric NguyenI like Ryan Heise applet :) Check this out!20080228
2056 minutes 33.96 secondsJeremy Moody1300 moves exactly.20070309
2156 minutes 35 secondsWai-Lok Lon/a20080727
221 hour 1 minute 28.46 secondsNicolas Owen3299 moves on gabbasoft. I used a center's last method.20070824
231 hour 6 minutes 34.39 secondsAlex Kumaki2572 moves20080206
241 hour 21 minutes 5.71 secondsSteven Johnson2145 moves on gabbasoft20080514
251 hour 22 minutes 12.56 secondsNick Walk2119 moves20081127
261 hour 26 minutesOkko Pyssysalo:-)20081119
271 hour 44 minutes 9.41 secondsPatrick JamesonUsed Gabbasoft
2499 moves
281 hour 49 minutes 54.49 secondsNicholas Hocenters last. 2749 moves!20071212
291 hour 56 minutes 32.15 secondsJon Santosfirst time solvin it. it was madd fun. did 2285 moves20080109
302 hours 0.55 secondsTee Guang Ying2236 moves20081121
312 hours 7 minutes 21.90 secondsZebadiah W. ZiegenbeinThis is my 10x10x10 solve time and it took me 2436 moves and i like the even number of cubes better i think that they are easier than the odd number. maybe that is why my 9x9x9 time is longer than this.20060319
322 hours 14 minutes 26 secondsOlivr NagyI make some print screens while solving for my homepage, so it was a little bit faster.
332 hours 17 minutes 17.35 secondsJeffrey ZhangThis is my first time solving the 10x10x10! (With orientation parity)
I'm not so fluent in the method yet, and I need to learn to control the cube better.
12.8 years old.