Square-1: Blindfolded
113 minutes 43.32 secondsLucas GarronI took about 9:45 to memorize (to make it fair, I used Stefan's scramble). Basically, once square I use only a two-corner cycler, and a two-edge switcher; they're the only algorithms I trust while I'm blindfolded. Did this right after a 7:31.65, starting square. I plan to eventually devise a full method for memorizing from any shape, and learn every type of two-cycle, with a few three-cycles.20060822
216 minutes 32.59 secondsAndrew NelsonDid the same scramble as Stefan and Lucas (fairness, etc) Figured 4 moves to solve cubeshape except for 2, which I fixed with a J perm. Traced all edges through that, figured out a nice freestyle solution.
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327 minutes 15.05 secondsEvan RalstonScramble: (4,5)(0,6)(0,3)(3,3)(0,3)(3,1)(-1,5)(0,1)(0,1)(4,0)(6,4)(2,2)(6,2) (0,4)(-2,0)(0,4)(2,0)

About 21 minutes of memorization. I used 2-corner switch, 2-edge switch and 3-edge cycle as they are the only algorithms that I am 100% confidant of while blindfolded. I am still working on faster memorization time.
441 minutes 31.15 secondsStefan PochmannIncludes 17-18 minutes analysis/memorization. I've been thinking about this a while ago and now that I saw the rubiks.has.it thread I just gave it a try. Went to Jaap's page and used the first scramble, turned out to be a fairly nice one:
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