Skewb: Blindfolded
11 minute 35.72 secondsKŚre Krig3-cycle of corners, this is the most likely case, so not lucky at all. One alg to twist two corners, and then another to twist three more. Not lucky bot not the worst possible. Finally centers was just a 3-cycle, and this is the part I'm not sure about. 
24 minutes 30 secondsStefan PochmannBehind the back. Includes memorization. Did this in the train (seems to be a good place, I had most of my BLD top moments in trains ;-) I'll try an average soon, combine it with 2x2 and pyraminx and then I hope I'm ready for 33 ;-) 
313 minutes 22.68 secondsIstvŠn Koczan/a20080731