Pyraminx: Blindfolded
133.85 secondsCharlie CooperVideo (see description for details):
235.14 secondsJude WrightMemo was roughly 12 seconds and execution was about 23.
Scramble was r u' L' U B' R L B R B' R' L B' L' B' U' B L R U' B U' R' U' L B R'
343.40 secondsKenneth GustavssonHybrid method solve edge permutation using speed turns then orient centres and edges using normal BLD. It was easy EP and that also solved CO = a bit lucky. I will beat this memo was slow >:)
Scramble: l' r' u R' U' B R U' B L B L R' L R U B' U B R' L B R U' L'
456.51 secondsJohn GodwinFinally Sub-1 minute!!
A video of a previous solve (slower) can be found here:
blindfold pyraminx solve
51 minute 28.17 secondsJoseph Liaodone using Jesse Blonde's timer, I guess this isn't too bad for a 3rd try. 
61 minute 57 secondsSam Cappleman-LynesThis was a very easy one. One move to fix centres, then 2 base edges to place and a clockwise cycle of the last edges. I memorise how to orient the centres and tips using 0, 1 or 2. I do up first, then right, then left and finally the back. 0 represents no twist, 1 a clockwise twist and 2 an anticlockwise twist.20061201
72 minutes 12 secondsStefan PochmannActually behind the back. Includes memorization. Done in the train while we were standing for 140 minutes between cities because of train failure (only 6 more minutes to go to the second city which was my goal ;-). 
82 minutes 16 secondsShotaro MakisumiThis wasn't too bad. Anyways, I don't have a Skewb. 
92 minutes 24 secondsWuqiong FanMemo was 58 seconds. I used visual memo and method was like TuRBo. I'm not so familiar with the way my algorithms cycle the pieces. 4tips+4corners+6edges=14 pieces to solve.20081231
103 minutes 0.44 secondsGunnar KrigThis is the first puzzle I have ever solved blindfolded. It is such a nice feeling every time you succeed.