Rubik's Clock: Blindfolded
12 minutes 1.29 secondsStefan PochmannI'll soon upload my method to
23 minutes 1 secondsThom BarlowUsing stefan's method. Eventually I hope to break his record :S Wish me luck.20050908
33 minutes 46 secondsThomas BischofHad to try this. Only have succeeded twice, and I forgot to time the first one. Really not that difficult, although I need to work on solving quickly, since I spent about 30 seconds memorizing and over three minutes solving.20040814
44 minutes 26.15 secondsBob BurtonThis is only my 3rd attempt. I failed my first attempt because my clock was horrible. After lubing it, I noticed that this is indeed possible because I was able to tell how many hours I was turning. Visit my site.20060526
57 minutes 26.86 secondsAndrew FleckensteinFirst attempt using Stefan's method. I got 2 DNF's afterwards :( How the heck do you lube a clock?20080712