4x4x4 Cube: Blindfolded
13 minutes 26.39 secondsVille SeppänenPretty good. Memo about 1:30.20090507
25 minutes 40 secondsRowe Hesslerive had lucky sub 5 solves. now i just have to get one in competition :P. Watch out Chris!20080310
37 minutes 38.38 secondsAlex CookIt's on Cubemania too!20080723
47 minutes 45.31 secondsMike HugheyMemorization time: 3:15.
For an online competition.
Yes! Finally sub-8!
58 minutes 13 secondsTim HabermaasMemo was about 3:10. I hope this motivates the really fast guys to post their times.20071230
68 minutes 29.36 secondsMátyás KutiNothing hard in it.
Check out my 8:41.41 video
710 minutes 28.23 secondsManabu ChoshirBU rFD swap algorithm
r' U2 r2 B2 r' U2 r2 U2 B2 r' U2 B2 r2 B2
(Ll) U2 r2 U2 (Rr)' U2 r' U2 r F2 r F2 l'U2 l U2
810 minutes 42.08 secondsDaniel LundwallInsane, PB by 4 mins. :D
Not lucky in any way, I just went full speed.
913 minutes 2 secondsHenrik Buus AagaardWow I just beat my record by 3 min. I memorized in 7 min high.
I use fixed buffer target for centers. r2 for edges and Pochmann corners (with two extra algs.)
I feel like I can do faster. Execution can get faster and memo can always get faster and trained.
1013 minutes 25 secondsMats BergstenSolved on a bus commuting to work 14.4 200920090507
1113 minutes 35 secondsLucas GarronOn film; I've had a lot of faster, really close DNF's (including one kinda-close [2 wrong setups] sub-10).
Pure visual memo, r2 for edges, commutators for centers.
1213 minutes 37.29 secondsDerrick EideYES!
Memo: 6 Minutes
Execution: 7 Minutes
1314 minutes 59.74 secondsJason BaumI've had a lot of DNFs in the mid to low 20s recently, then out of nowhere I got a sub 15! I memorized in about 6:30, which is ridiculous because I've never even had sub 10 memo before. I still have a lot of room for improvement though!20080124
1415 minutes 4.70 secondsDror VombergForgot to post it.20051223
1518 minutesBrian YuYAY! First 4x4 BLD solve20090507
1618 minutes 20.30 secondsJosh BergFIRST EVER 4X4 BLINDSOLVE!! i got another one but it was a bit lucky so i didnt post that one. 9 minute memo lots of room for improvemeint20080519
1718 minutes 59.99 secondsShaden SmithHad a timer issue (spacebar turned off my screensaver, not timer) and due to this I'm just calling it 18:59.59. It took me several seconds to notice it, so I'm only giving my self to be sub-19. The timer showed 19:01.10.
My first successful solve!
1819 minutesDennis StrehlauI DID IT!!
wow, before i took off the blindfold, i was like: okay, this wont be solve, like the ones before, lets see how many mistakes i did:P
i couldnt believe it, cause the other times before, i was also absolutely sure that i did it correct, but this time, YEEEEES!
THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS TO DANIEL LUNDWALL!!He took like 1 hour or even more to explain me centers for U face, THAAAAANKS MAN!
3rd TRY EVER!!
1919 minutes 0.66 secondsDaniel Beyern/a20070307
2024 minutes 10.46 secondsOuyang YunqiWhen I was memorizing the centers, suddenly I felt dizzy. When I tried to stand up, I found it was so difficult.About half a minute later,all goes common. I didn't realize what happened then. When I went to class after the solve, I heard of that a strong earthquake happened in my hometown. The feeling before was caused by it, the earthquake happened thousands of kilometres away!!Luckily, my family were safe.

The memorization spent about half the time.
2124 minutes 12.95 secondsClément GalletWoh !! Second time I solve this cube blindfolded. I start practicing the 4x4x4 blindfold only a week ago.
I'm using my own method for the centers which allows a fast memorisation (I usually take 2-3 min to memorise them) but which takes more time to solve (for now).The memorisation took 9:11. Keep practicing (with the 5x5x5 blindfold maybe) for the Euro 2006 :).
2224 minutes 54 secondsChevy Lihttp://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=9p_36B5-qH0 Video here, great achievement for myself :)20080306
2326 minutes 19 secondsBernett OrlandoAfter working hard with 5*5*5 BLD solving, 4*4*4 becomes easier and fluent. MEMORISING :- 14 MIN 12 SEC
2426 minutes 41.28 secondsJack MoseleyThis was my first successful solve, and fourth attempt. Memorization was about 15:30 minutes and solving about 11 minutes.20080724
2527 minutes 4.74 secondsMats Luthmanwww.speedsolving.com weekly competition 29-2008, no 3:
U B Fw2 F U2 Rw' Uw2 R' Uw' Fw2 D2 B' R F2 U B L2 Rw' R B2 L2 Rw R B2 Rw R' D' Uw' B2 Fw2 Rw B' R' B2 D Uw Rw' F' U F
2627 minutes 12 secondsTeruki MiyazakiThis is second time I solved 4x4x4 blindfolded.
I'm using my own method for memorising and solving CeP and EP.
Memorising: 16 min. 19 sec.
Solving: 10 min. 53 sec.
Scramble: F2 L r B2 f2 F R D L' R2 D L2 D' u' U' F D' r u L r2 R' F' r2 D2 f2 L2 r2 R2 B f2 F2 L' r D2 R' B' U L2 r
CeP: (4451)(4226)(3514)(1123)(6553)(2366)
EP: (197'BB'2'C432C'8'6A'A9'6'7)(3'1'85'54')
CP: (1872)(3645)
CO: (0122)(2221)
2729 minutes 30 secondsRichard CarrThis is really hard and requires a lot of concentration.
See my blindfold solving page.
2833 minutes 29.76 secondsKyle Allaire9th attempt.I re-checked everything about 5 times and solved very slowly.DNF on a 4x4x4 is like breaking your neck.You never really get over it. 20070215
2935 minutes 9.00 secondsPéter Trombitáshuhh. this was my first succesfull 4x4 bf I think about for the 20th try. 11 centers and one corner permuted(the corner had wrong orientation). 4 shortcuts at the edges(I solve it with r2 and sometimes with easy commutators) so it was really hard to memorize for me. I'm still very very happy. I couldn't imagine it 3 months ago I started the tries as a joke. Than I had a DNF with two centers swapped. This time I decided to start practicing. I'm trying to get better times:)20090507
3036 minutes 56.73 secondsRyosuke MondoTotal time :36:56.72
Time memo :24:55.30
time solving :12.01.43
Wow this is my first attempt! 5x5x5 is next.
3140 minutesSébastien AurouxThis was my second try after the DNF on my first 4x4 BLD try at all during the Dutch Masters. I'm really glad right now -)20080915
3240 minutes 52.66 secondsTim Reynolds5x5 is next!20060905
3344 minutes 7.57 secondsMimmi LeckiusScramble: R' f2 d2 l2 u2 L2 R2 B2 U' r' F U' d L' d f' l2 D2 U' r2 L U R b F2 U2 r2 U f F2 R' f' F' L R' D L2 u' f B20061113
3450 minutes 10 secondsShotaro MakisumiCeP: (ACDFEBBEABDFF)(BFC)(CE)
CP: (1832674)
CO: 01020201
My first try at this. Easy corners, but the centers and edges were insanely hard to memorize due to the Eastsheen Color Scheme, which I'm not used to. I can go faster.
351 hour 3 minutesJoseph Böhmyes, I got it20080330
361 hour 7 minutes 9 secondsJohn LouisMEMORISATION TIME :- 32 MIN 25 SEC
37n/aThom BarlowScramble: r' f' u2 r F R2 F B2 D2 d l2 b2 d' R l' F l u' L' b f' R2 l' L D2 B R2 r b d' r u b2 L f b D l r2 f2
Solving time: 20 mins
My first time at attempting this and it was a success! Didn't time memorisation because I took a long time making sure I remembered everything perfectly. Used standard corners method, Stefan's 4x4x4 edges method and applied his method to the centres. Special thanks to Chris for inspiration and Stefan, I wouldn't have done this without them.
I am definitely going to do this again, maybe after the supercube :) ~ Kirjava