Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded One-handed
11 minute 16 secondsRowe Hesslerpoop20080310
21 minute 24.02 secondsLin-Tse KanL2 U' L' B F' R B' F D2 R2 D2 L R F' R D' U2 L D2 R2 U B L' R' B'
It's really easy.
by both hands I can do atleast sub50 with this scramble )
31 minute 37.21 secondsYu NakajimaVideo
42 minutes 43.60 secondsMátyás Kuti2nd try for this. Memorisation about 40-45 seconds. I think it was a very fast one-handed solve.20061201
52 minutes 56.99 secondsJason BaumI actually did this one while driving. (If people can talk on their cell phones while they drive why can't I cube?) It's not as dangerous as it sounds. I just glanced down occassionally to memorize it and when I was ready I put the cube in my lap so that the steering wheel was hiding it and looked up at the road. I just used the timer on my CD player to time it so I made the end .99. This is a great way to kill time on long trips. )20080701
63 minutes 1.40 secondsTakuma Akutsuvideo is here or here20071012
73 minutes 5.18 secondsMike HugheyMemorization was 871 (134)(278) HKCAJODSFITM.
I just added new lube to my old type A and I can't believe how much faster this is now! Almost sub-3!
83 minutes 17.56 secondsPhil ThomasB' F' R' F' L2 F2 L B2 D' R B2 U L' R2 U' R2 D' R U2 L' D2 U R B' R
First try and it sucked
93 minutes 21.43 secondsBertalan BodorIt's very funny:D.20080128
103 minutes 29.81 secondsDerrick EideI FINALY got this! D20081016
113 minutes 46.99 secondsAlex CookI use M2 so this is kinda hard for me. I know I can definitely improve though. I don't remember the exact time so I made it .99.20080403
124 minutes 54.00 secondsJohannes LaireI could do sub-4 with easier cases. This was a bit harder than average, I think. Memorization took 2:05.20060826
134 minutes 54.41 seconds Xuan Peimemorize take about 70 secs
Name of your website
145 minutes 39.01 secondsRyosuke MondoIt's difficult.20061210
156 minutes 51.38 secondsOlivier GaucherTimed with JNet Cube. I took about 1:40 to memorize the cube. One corner and one edge was on the correct place. I started to practice blindfold one-handed a few days ago and realized that it was not very hard when you are use to do blindfold solve. [Absolut Team Member]20051201
167 minutes 12 secondsBernett OrlandoNext is 2 blindsolve simultaneously in both hands!!20050620
179 minutes 2.06 secondsEmile CompionI'll try this again later :D
I went very slowly to avoid dropping the cube, or messing up my algorithms.
1844 minutes 33 secondsStefan PochmannVeeery slow, I know. But that's the first time I used my system for the 3x3.20040308
19n.a.Richard CarrSee my blindfold solving page.