Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded number of cubes
127 cubesRowe Hessler:D:D:D:D i attempted this late last night and another time today. the first result was 18/27 /. I learned M2 for mutlibld and it is AWESOME. i used my crappy old memo method for this but i am trying to learn letter pairs so i can get as fast as tim. i memoed in about 4 hours and solved in bout 1 hour fifteen minutes (i suck). I'm getting a webcam tomorrow. and im going to attempt to do this a third time ON VIDEO D:D:D:D (and faster)20080608
New memo-method:)!...
Here is the video:
Part 1:
Part 2:
320 cubesRowe Hesslertook all day very careful with solving. im starting to get back into this. using my friend/story method. works quite well for me20080105
417 cubesRowe Hessleri hope this doesnt get broken for a while cuz i HATE memorizing.memorization took around an hour and a half.solving time around 40 minutes so it comes to approximately 2 hours 10 minutes.should i retire? :P20070705
516 cubesDennis StrehlauTraining for Belgien Open
Here is the VIDEO
Beat that Tim;).
Rowe i am coming;).
614 cubesAlex Cook7/7 attempt but I find that if I go slower I am more accurate. So I went pretty slow and memorized carefully. And I got it! -)20080723
614 cubesDennis StrehlauWOW!!
14 cubes is really cool, and now my memo-method is much better than before:).beat that TIM;)
813 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time : 1:48:35.53 / time solving : 26:39.09
This is 3rd attempte.
first: 9/13 second 10/13 and this.
I have done twice today. I'm completely exhausted.
But I did it!!
912 cubesTim HabermaasTotal time: 44:15 minutes about 27 minutes memorization.
912 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time : 1:44:36.89 / time solving : 27:17.90
I'm getting used to memorize and solve cubes.
912 cubesRowe Hesslersickest thing ive ever attempted in my life..i almost messed up on the seventh and eighth cube but i managed.did this yesterday in 1 hour and 20 minutes.i think i can get faster tho.this really gave me a headache :)20070615
1211 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time (including memorization): 1:54:32.49
Time memorizing : 1:19:12.30
Time solving : 35:20.19
I did it!!
1211 cubesDerrick EideTotal time (including memorization): 2:52:14.31
Time memorizing : around 2:11:45
Time solving : 40:69
1410 cubesDennis StrehlauYEEEEEEEEEEEESS!
after doing 6 cubes, i wanted to do 7, but i thought. that i could do 10 cubes i did it!
time memorizing was about one hour and 15 minutes and solving time about 22-25 minutes:)
1410 cubesOlivér Perge1:11:59.93 (53:00 for memo)
Wooow! I can't believe it! :D Memo was fast and quite safe to solve the cubes as fast as it possible.
That is my Christmas present for me! :)
De base fils!!
1410 cubesDavid OrserTime memorizing: 1 hour 11 min. Time solving: 1 hour 52 min. Total time: 3 hours, 3 min. Just wanted to do this once. I took my time memorizing, and solved as slowly and carefully as possible. The hardest part was performing the moves correctly, particularly on stiff cubes (I'd recommend using all lubed cubes). It helps to use as few different moves as possible, and to use the same color scheme on each cube.20030610
179 cubesMike HugheyTotal time (including memorization): 1:17:08.50
Memorization: 50:25
For an online competition. This one just seemed so easy! I wish they were all like that (but they're not).
179 cubesOlivér Perge1:34.14.70 (approx. 1:10 for memo)
Second try. First was 7/9 and 1:44 in time. First 3 cubes are extremely terrible so I had to solve them as slowly as possible. Memo was hard but I wanted to make sure.
Next goal: 10 cubes! :)
179 cubesDerrick EideOMG OMG OMG OMG!! I FINALLY DID IT!! after my last attempt which was SOO CLOSE of 8/9 cubes i was DETERMINED to get 9 cubes NEXT time. and I SOO DID IT!!
Total time inluding memorization was 2 hours 5 minutes.
Memo was around 1:35
Thanks To GREAT HELP and Inspiration From Ryosuke Mondo!! :) :)
I DID IT!! :)
208 cubesTim HabermaasTotal time (including memorization): 26:42 minutes. About 15 minutes of memorization.
Dennis, i'm catching up :).
208 cubesAlex CookTotal Time: 44:33.06 Memorization Time: 32:40 My first try at 8 cubes. About 10 minutes slower than my 7/7 attempt but I find that if I go slower I am more accurate. So I went pretty slow and memorized carefully. And I got it! -)20080529
208 cubesRowe HesslerTotal time : 45 minutes
out of 3 tedious attempts.i finally nailed it :) .the first tru i got 4/8 and second time 7/8, but this time i went 100% in a time of 45 minutes..i hope i can pull this off at the US open :D
208 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time : 59:50.71 Time memorizing: 41:43.78 Time solving : 18:06.9320070607
208 cubesMike HugheyTotal time (including memorization): 1:15:01.84
Memorization: 50:44
For an online competition. Some trouble spots with the memorization made it slow but I finally got it right! Yeah!
208 cubesOlivér Perge1:32.53.93 (1:16 for memo)
Second try. Memo and execution were slow but I'm happy now. :)
267 cubesAlex CookTotal time: 34:51.90 Memo time: 23:23 After many close attempts I finally got it.20080529
267 cubesOlivér Perge1:02.56.50 (47:48 for memo)
After 3 attempts (6/7, 4/7, 5/7) finally I did it. The time is bad for me but I don't care, I just wanted to make it as sure as I could.
267 cubesMike HugheyTotal time (including memorization): 1:03:33.50
Memorization: 43:00
For an online competition. I discovered that checking over memorization a couple of times gives both secure memorization and quicker solves. And I see now that Derrick and Ryosuke have the same memorization-to-execution ratio.
267 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time (including memorization): 1:10:11.78 Time memorizing : 48:09.37 Time solving : 22:02.4120060915
267 cubesDennis Strehlauagain 7 cubes as training for Belgien-Open.
but this time on video:) :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
316 cubesTim HabermaasTotal time: 32:34.96 minutes, memorization took about 20 minutes. That was my first attempt and actually the time includes a 7th cube, a 2x2x2 :). I was really pissed off after my 5 cubes attempt (which took me 24 minutes) yesterday, which was off by only 2 disoriented corners.
Pictures from before and after the attempt.
316 cubesOlivér Perge36:43.53 (27:03 for memo)
After a 4/6 and a 3/6 attempt I tried to solved carefully and it worked! :) Broke my "old" 6 cubes multi record with 20 minutes! :D Memorization is getting better and better. :P
316 cubesMike HugheyTotal time (including memorization): 51:51.78
Memorization: 24:30
For an online competition. Sixth cube was a keychain cube.
316 cubesDerrick EideTime Memorizing: 50 minutes
Time Solving: 13 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 3 minutes.
This could have been a LOT better but one of the cubes was REALLY bad so i had to go SLOOWW and i forgot the last part of my memo so i had to pause awhile to work things out. BUT I DID IT!! and there is just NO greater feeling in the world than this! i cant WAIT to try more!
Thanks to Ryosuke Mondo for the TOTAL inspiration! :D :D
316 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time (including memorization): 1:17:39.56
Time memorizing : 57:59.69
Time solving : 19:39.87
316 cubesRuben Geelsn/a20080912
375 cubesOlivér Perge23:56.04 (16:17 for memo)20071210
375 cubesMilán BaticzTotal time: 28:04.59. Memo: 20:00.00.
Memo of the first 3 cubes was around 5:45 but I had 2 more cubes and 5 cubes were really hard to memorize.
Practise practise practise.
375 cubesAlex CookTotal time: 31:40
I did this in the car on a trip to New York City. Now I need to do this in a competition. ;-)
375 cubesMike HugheyTotal time(including memorization): 40:12.97
Memorization: 20:30
For an online competition. First try at 5!
375 cubesDavid OrserTotal time (including memorization): 41:24
17 min. for memorizing, 24:24 for solving.
375 cubesStefan PochmannTotal time (including memorization): 42:58.20
includes 30 minutes memorization.
[I want a flying pony]
375 cubesMats Bergsten45:14. Weekly Forum comp 2009-1520090507
375 cubesPiotr KózkaTotal time: 48:06.9920071106
375 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time (including memorization): 48:21.61
Time memorizing : 34:45.70
Time solving : 13:35.91
I tried four times.
375 cubesTomás MansillaTotal time (including memorization): 53:04.25 (39 min memorization)
I think Sub-41:24 is possible, i just need to improve memo time. This was my first try.
375 cubesDerrick EideTotal time was 58 minutes.
I did this a LONG time ago, i guess i just forgot to post it lol. the video is here>
375 cubesDennis Strehlaulet's see how many cubes i can so.on saturday, my paket with 11 3x3, 1 2x2, 1 4x4 and a 5x5 cube arrived.all studio cubes from
now i am going to solve 6.
tried 5 cubes blindfolded two times and did it two times:)
494 cubesDaniel LundwallTime was 13:38. Hehe, so close. ;)20080701
494 cubesOlivér Perge16:33.72 (8:30 for memo)
Execution was slow because I stopped two times thinking of forgotten edges.
494 cubesArif JulianI'm the new kid, learn multi BLD. Memo is 12 minutes, execution is 7 minutes. Total time 19 minutes. Youtube video :
494 cubesTim HabermaasTotal time: 20:41.50 min. Memorization: 13 min. I did a multi-bld solve every morning for warm-up, but had only unsuccessful attempts until today :).20070925
494 cubesBertalan BodorFinally I did it; total time 22:05.8 , memo time ~14:30.20080502
494 cubesAlex CookTotal time: 26:09
Memorization: 18:xx
Yay! This is my first success for four cubes and my fourth attempt at it. (2/4 2/4 3/4 4/4)
494 cubesMike HugheyTotal time (including memorization): 26:59.40
Memorization: 18:30
For an online competition. Still slow, but a good bit faster than the last time I did 4 cubes.
494 cubesLucas GarronTotal time: 35:20.97 (approx. 15 minutes to memorize, 8 to review, 12 to solve); I was going to try 5 cubes, but I couldn't find a fifth one. I was so disappointed at messing up the last 2 undo moves of the setup of the last alg of the last solve of 3 BLD cubes this morning. I'll try 4x4x4 again. Videos of the entire attempt and
the solving portion.
494 cubesDennis Strehlaudid it in 17:30min.
about 20 minutes of memorizing.
494 cubesPéter Trombitástotal time: 38:28.00
memo time: ~30 min
second try ever. previous was 55 minutes and 1/4.
Scrambles:(U=white F=green)
1 U2 R2 B2 D' R2 F2 U R2 U B R' F2 D' L' B U B' F' R' F' R2 (21f)
2 B2 D R2 B2 L2 F2 D2 R2 D L2 B D B' R' U2 L B U' L' F (20f)
3 D R2 U' L2 D F2 D2 B2 D B2 R B R U2 F' D' R B U' B F' (21f)
4 U2 L2 D' U' B2 F2 R2 D F2 L2 B' D U2 R D' U' F' R2 B F2 R (21f)
all normal scrambles. LoL it was incredibly fast and much more easier than I thought. I just can say WOW. probably I will try 5 but I'm sure I'll try 4 in comp. .:)
494 cubesEmile CompionTotal time was 58:02.38
Memorized in approximately 42 minutes.
494 cubesStefan PochmannAchieved as a world record attempt on the "modell-hobby-spiel 2005" toy fair in Leipzig (Germany) on Oct 1, 2005. Total time was about 1 hour 7 minutes including about 47 minutes of memorization. Audience were maybe 50-100 people but probably not the same people the whole time. Ralf Laue (previous record holder ) was there to organize/judge.20051001
494 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time (including memorization): 1:11.78 Time memorizing : 48:09.37 Time solving : 22:02.4120060903
494 cubesRichard CarrDetails see my pages. 
494 cubesAndy Pittsmy first attempt
everytime I get 100% I move up to the next level so next i will try 5 cubes
643 cubesTim HabermaasTotal time: 7 minutes 1.85 seconds (including about 3:10 memo)
Beat that, Dennis! :)
643 cubesDennis StrehlauTotal time: 8:39.68
i know that i did 10 cubes^^ but my brand new stack mat timer arrived so i took the time to the FIRST time in multi-bld i only watched to the clock the other times but i never put myself under the pressure of time.
so i did that know and i didn't know that i am good with this pressure but i did the three cubes in 8:39.68min!
i am catching up in speed-multi-bld TIM;) (as i call that discipline from now on);)
643 cubesMarcus StuhrTotal time: 8 minutes 46 seconds. video
Taken last year. I apologize for the messy room. that side was not mine I assure you :P I look like a refugee or something in this clip. Anyhow, this particular relay was really hard because the third cube had a different color scheme, making for tricky memory.
643 cubesDavid OrserTotal time (including memorization): 14 minutes 37 seconds
Glad to break 15 min.
643 cubesMike HugheyTotal time (including memorization): 15:07.71
Memorization: 9:44
For an online competition. I've gotten a good bit faster since the last time I tried just 3.
643 cubesDerrick EideTotal Time: 17 minutes.
This was my 2nd attempt that day. I learned what i have been doing wrong with BLD this WHOLE TIME. So now that i finally figured out what is wrong my BLD accuracy should be improving. *gasp* so expect 4 cubes VERY soon.
643 cubesBertalan BodorTotal time: 18:33.0 about 10 min for memorization. I had three 2/3 attempts and then I did it!:DD It's more difficult than I thought.20080105
643 cubesKai JiptnerThe whole attempt took 19:47.44. I did three cubes before ever triing two :) Succeeding on multiblind is a really good feeling. I hope I can become as good as Tim someday. ;)20071108
643 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time : 21:11.60
Time memorizing: 14:43.32
Time solving : 06:28.28
Just a exercise.
643 cubesAlex CookTotal time: 22:04.99

I was very careful memorizing so I wouldn't make a mistake. This was so awesome and fun. :D
643 cubesStefan Pochmann24 minutes 58.57 seconds, including about 16 minutes memorization.
[I want a flying pony]
643 cubesMats Luthman27:23.28
L' B F L R2 B F L2 D' B' L' F D2 L' R2 F2 D2 U R' B2 D B2 U2 R' U2
U' L2 R D' B' D U R' D' U2 B2 D2 U B U2 R2 F L2 F L B' D2 L' R2 D
D' L R' F' L F2 U' F L2 R' F2 L2 B' L R2 F2 D' L R F' L2 F U' R B'
Memorization c:a 18 minutes
643 cubesPiotr KózkaTotal time: 29:18.27
I don't have more cubes.
643 cubesKyal ShepardMemorisation time was about 15 minutes and solving time 25 minutes. I would like to do 5 cubes but need to find 2 more. 20070810
643 cubesEmile CompionMemorization: 32:50.xx
Execution: 12:41.xx
Total: 45:31.65
Video of solving phase is here. Inspired by Mondo encouraged by Eide!
643 cubesEtienne JonesTotal time: 53 minutes. My first attempt. This was very difficult - all my cubes have different colour schemes and one was a mini 3x3x3, which made it harder. I'll have be buy more cubes soon. 
643 cubesJason BaumI memorized everything in about 36 minutes and solved them in about 17. Total time: 53:40.49. I took everything slowly and carefully. I was worried I might mess something up on the third cube because I had a lot of long/awkward set up moves for my corner cycles, but I was able to pull it off. I don't think I'll go for any higher than this.20050819
643 cubesBernett OrlandoMEMORISATION:
cube -1 :- 8 min 35 sec
cube -2 :- 9 min 15 sec
cube -3 :- 9 min 45 sec
cube -1 :- 10 min 40 sec
cube -2 :- 8 min 15 sec
cube -3 :- 7 min 20 sec
Total time taken for solving 3 cubes = 27 MIN 35 SEC + 26 MIN 15 SEC = 53 MIN 50 SEC
643 cubesRalf LaueDetails see 
643 cubesGeir Ugelstadsee Mensa site English Text 
643 cubesTimothy ReynoldsDone on bus home from ARML using Stefan's method. 2 attempts: first one was just under an hour, but I did the LAST corner of the LAST cube wrong. Second (successful) attempt was 39 minutes 59.40 seconds, including an interruption during memorization when someone asked me to solve their square-one. All 3 cubes had bad parity, and someone took a flash picture during the attempt which distracted me. Fortunately it all worked out, and I was extremely shocked to see that I had succeeded.20060604
643 cubesPéter TrombitásYEEEEESSSS!!!!! I made a 2/3 and two 1/3 solves before this. Finally did it!! Time was 37 minutes 56 sec. Trying to get better times, but I'm very slow with the execution(one cube of the three is my OH cube, and it pops many times). memo wasnt so hard, just the corners a lot. And there were orientation in the solve at all cubes. next time four:) I'll try it at Galanta Open - and do it, I hope.20090106
862 cubesMilán BaticzTotal time: 3:21.70 seconds.
Memo time: 1:27 seconds.
Practise, practise, practise.
862 cubesAndy TsaoThe time was 4:02.47. I was so close to sub-2 average per cube.20071226
862 cubesTim HabermaasToatal time: 4:29.19 min, memorization: 2:19 min
Speedsolving 2 cubes blindfolded is a lot of fun. sub-4 should be possible on a perfect day :).
862 cubesOlivér Perge4:55.14 (2:08 for memo)20071201
862 cubesDavid OrserTotal time (including memorization): 5 minutes 24 seconds20050812
862 cubesDerrick EideTotal Time: 7:04.19
Just did this for training. Sub 10! :D
862 cubesKai Jiptner7:11.06
1. F2 R2 D' U B F2 D B F L' F L R' B F D' L R2 D U2 R D2 U R U'
2. F2 L2 R D B' F2 L U2 L' F2 U F' D2 L' R' B' R2 B' F' R F2 R B F2 D
Could have been below 7. I had a huge delay when recalling CP on the second cube.
862 cubesChris KruegerTotal time (including memorization): 7 minutes 59.29 seconds
D' L F2 D2 L2 B' F2 D' U L' F' D' L2 B' L' D' U2 F2 U F2 D2 R2 D2 R' F2
L R' D B F2 L2 R F' L2 R' U' R' D' B D B2 L' U2 R F2 D2 U2 R B F
Memorization in 3:30
862 cubesHenrik Buus Aagaard7:40.81 minutes
3rd time today under 8 min the 2 first times was DNFs
862 cubesTyson MaoTotal time (including memorization): 8 minutes 2.66 seconds
1. B2 R2 U R2 D2 F L D' L D R' U2 D2 F R' D' U2 B2 D R' F R2 B D R
2. B' R2 F B R2 D2 F2 L U R L U L' D2 L2 U2 B2 F2 D2 R' D R' F' B L
Total Time: 8 minutes 2.66 seconds. Recalling the second cube was tough. I'll practice a bit and then move on to three.
862 cubesCasey PernsteinerTotal time (including memorization): 8 minutes 9.94 seconds.
I was trying to memorize as quickly as possible. I think memorization took about three and a half minutes.
862 cubesAlex CookTotal time: 8:19.47

I will start doing larger attempts once I finish my letter pair system.
862 cubesMike HugheyTotal time: 9:06.27
Memorization: 4:22
For an online competition; I didn't have time to try a big number, so I decided to try to do just 2 on a stackmat. I made it!
862 cubesOuyang Yunqitotal time:9:06.5120080531
862 cubesSikan LiTotal time: 9:45.05. 2/2 First attempt!! memorization was around 4:58. I blanked out for awhile on the 2nd cube, and then eliminated cycles that I remembered and then found my memory, haha, that was great.20080107
862 cubesShotaro MakisumiTotal time: 12 minutes 20 seconds
1: CO: 22022022 EO: 111100100010 EP: (1,?x5,3)(8,9,10) CP: (1,3)(2,7)(5,8,6)
862 cubesRyosuke MondoTotal time : 13:26.10
Time memorizing: 07:59.42
Time solving : 05:26.68
Just a exercise.
862 cubesMats Luthman14 minutes 19.23 seconds
D' L2 B D U' L B' D2 U' R2 B2 D U2 L F D' L' D2 B2 F2 D´ U2 L' F L
B F' L2 R' D' F' L' R' U2 R2 U L2 B L B F D' U' F2 U' F2 D B D2 L2
862 cubesTatsuya OokuboTotal time: 14 minutes 30.88 seconds20061223
862 cubesAntoine Simon-Chautempstotal mémo+resolve : 15 minutes20070307
862 cubesTobias DaneelsTotal time: 18 minutes and 36 seconds
Great, first time I trie this, and succesfull to.
I did a second multiple bld to, and it was 20 minutes something.
A competition is what I need. :)
862 cubesJohannes NeumannTime: 19:20.30 - about 12 min to memorize
This was my first attempt solving 2 cubes blindfolded at once. A few times I had to think very hard to remember what to do next. Maybe ill give it some tries to achieve better times or step on to 3 cubes
862 cubesRafael W Cinoto1: R2 B U B U2 R2 F L F L B2 F' R2 L2 B2 L B' U' F2 R' D2 L' R F R2
2: R' F' R U' D L D' U L2 R B2 D F D2 L B F' D2 F' U B' R2 U2 L' B
About 12 minutes of memorization
862 cubesErik AkkersdijkTotal time: 21:12.80. Time was first try. Memorized purely visual which is a pain to do! It was extremely hard for me cause I memorized the corners of the first cube wrong so I had to change something in my path :S
I realy need to get some kind of memo like PAO.
Done with pochmann's but the future solves will be with M2 :)
862 cubesPeter GreenwoodDone during school with my friend's horrible cube. Time was 22:43, but it would have been less had i started earlier before the bell rang. I still did it! I am so excited! See my site [Team Epsilon]20060321
862 cubesEmile CompionMemorization: 18:59.xx
Execution: 6:48.xx
Total: 25:48.78
I'm so happy! Derrick made me do it ;)
862 cubesEnrique Floreswow 68 lolzzerzz . total time 19 minutes sumthin20080328
862 cubesRavi FernandoTotal time: 30 minutes 30.71 seconds. This was a few hours after my second successful blindfold solve. 17:18 to memorize; 13:12 to solve. My site. [Team Epsilon]20060116
862 cubesChris HardwickTotal time (including memorization): 38 minutes 46 seconds
I memorized and solved as slowly and carefully as I could. I can't wait to try 3 :)
862 cubesCameron WebleyThis was my second attempt at this, somehow I failed the first one. I slowed down this time, double checked my memorization, and solved the cubes slowly. By the end, I was completely confident that I had solved both of the cubes. 
862 cubesKĺre Krig27 min memorization and 13min solving. 
862 cubesThomas RouaultVery happy to have done it.20040612
862 cubesDror VombergI'll be back. 
862 cubesRichard CarrPerformed at 30,000 feet altitude. In an airplane of course. See my blindfold solving page. 
862 cubesThom BarlowCorners: (18) (34576) + (284763), Bruno and T orient + T orient + 3 twisted clockwise
Edges memorised visually
Glad I can finally join the guys here. Good preperation for the megaminx. ~Kirjava
862 cubesLucas GarronWith one cycle left in the second cube, I realized that I had forgotten to orient, so I had to backtrack almost everything. But at least I made it; I'll try three next weekend.20061030
862 cubesJoël van NoortI know it's not much, but I'll try 3 soon :). I am learning a system to memorize the cubes in a more secure way. I hope this will improve on my accuracy. My website.20070303
862 cubesMilo DiPaolafirst try on 2, going straight to 3.20080206
862 cubesAlex KumakiBill McGaugh method, second try. Three cubes next!20080326