Rubik's Cube: Speed blindfolded
17 minutes 26.78 secondsTyler VondVideo here-
Scramble- D L2 B2 L2 R2 F2 R2 U2 R2 D' U' R' B F L' D R2
Cross- Fi R U Ri F2 (Y) Ui Ri F R Y Ri U2 F2
1- (Yi) U2 R Ui Ri Ui (Y) Li U L
2- U2 Li Ui L U (Y) U R Ui (Y) Li U L
3- Li Ui L U (Yi) Li U L
4- (Y) U2 Li U2 L U (Yi) R U Ri U2 (Y) U Li Ui L U (Yi) R Ui Ri U
1- F U R Ui Ri Fi
2- R U2 Ri Ui R Ui Ri U2
Pll- R2 U R U Ri Ui Ri Ui R U Ri.
28 minutes 34.01 secondsPhil ThomasFinally! I've been trying for a while to break lucas's record. I finally got a good sramble. it was a one move cross with a pair so i looked for an x-cross that preserved the pair and found it.
x-cross: RURU2BUB'
oh yeah!
38 minutes 59.18 secondsLucas Garron43 moves HTM - Execution (very careful): 21.20 - Reconstruction
I just had to beat Phil :-) I've had two very close attempts recently (like a 9:45 off by 3 LL corners), so I'm very happy this went fine. (I also had an 11.88 execution on a lucky speed BLD two days ago :-)
It's bordering on lucky, but I think it mattered a lot more that I was being careful during both memo and execution. Unfortunately, this was the first good speed BLD I didn't film; I didn't want to set up the camera "just in case it worked."
Scramble: D' B D2 B R D U F' D L2 R' B2 R D F' D' L U F2 R F' L2 B2 F R2
{Extended Cross} x2 R2 D' F R' U R' B2' U2 B'
{BL Slot} B U B U B U' B' U' B' U'
{FL Slot} U' R U' R' L' U L
{FR Slot / CLS} R U R' U2 R U R'
{PLL} U' l' U R' D2 R U' R' D2 R2
My speed BLD guide
419 minutes 4 secondsAlex SeidlerDid it this morning, i timed the memorization and execution without starting the time over, so i dont know how fast either step was. still.. no way i beat Lucas! this should be an event, i'm quite good at memorizing the moves :]20070704
522 minutes 16.59 secondsJack Moseley22 minutes to memorize, 16.59 to solve. This is my second successful solve, the first was about an hour and a half to memorize. This is really fun, I think I will keep practicing it!20071012
628 minutes 43.69 secondsPatrick JamesonThis is really fun D. 4th attempt at this. First was success(45 minutes) 2nd and 3rd were DNFs. I had slow exe on this one. Almost forgot 3rd f2l pair.
Memo: 28:17.78
Exe: 25.91
Scramble: B2 D2 B2 U' F B' R2 F2 B2 U' R' D2 F' U F' B L2 B2 D' B R2 B' D' F' B'
Cross: z2 y' B' L' F' R' F' U B2
1st pair: U' R U' R2 U R
2nd: y R' U2 R U2 R' U R y'
3rd: U2 L' R U' R' L
4th: d R U' R' U R U R' y
OLL: U' r' U2 R U R' U r U
PLL: U' R2 u' R U' R U R' u R2 y R U' R' U
737 minutes 30 secondsCraig BouchardI finally did it guys!!! Finally. 4th Attempt.
I have it on video, will post it tomorrow sometime.I'm a little bit on Cloud 9 right now.
Memo time: 37/38 minutes
Solve time: 18.45 seconds
Ok, so, yah, hyper, me, now, calming down.
This was surprisingly easy solve. Just opened Jnet and used the first scramble that was there. I smiled when I saw it :D Tim Reynolds was talking with me right before I started. Why is it that you can never remember the good solves, but you can remember everything about the bad solves? anyways.
Scramble: U' F' U' B' L' B2 D2 B' D' L' B D2 U2 B U' D2 R F2 R2 F' D' B2 L2 R2 F2
Yellow on U and Green on F
Cross: F' L D' L' D2
Pair 1: R2 U R2 U' R2
Pair 2: U' R' U' R U L U' L'
Pair 3: U y' R U' R' U' y L' U L
Pair 4: y R U R'
OLL (2 look): U2 F R U R' U' F' y r U R' U' M U R U' R'
PLL: y U R2 u R' U R' U' R u' R2 y' R' U R
Total Moves: 29 for F2L (only reason it was so short was the cross + pair 1 and pair 4) and 29 for LL (horrible, I know, counting the M as
1 move.) so 58 move solve.
58/18.45 = 3.14 moves per second.Not overly bad.considering I
messed up a bit ;)
I don't go top speed when doing this, don't wanna pop or anything
else.Man, on the 28th I'm attempting 4x4x4 Speed Blindfold.(die)
Anyways, if you wanna contact me, you know how. I'm not sure what
else I can say.
The Video
81 hour 3 minutes 14 secondsTim ReynoldsI finally succeeded on my fourth attempt! Did this on the plane home from Nationals. It took me less than 20 minutes to find a solution for F2L, but then I made so many mistakes trying to figure out the OLL. I spent 37.74 seconds solving because I almost forgot my cross after I put the blindfold on.
Scramble (yellow=U, red=F): D2 F2 L B' U B2 D L D R' L2 D2 B U2 R F R' F U' L2 F D' R2 U' F2 (Extended Cross) y2 L D' R' U' R' F' L R' F2 R (Back Left) U L U L' (Back Right) L' U' L R' U' R (Front Left) U2 L2 U2 L U L' U L2 (OLL) y2 F' L' U' L U F y F R U R' U' F' (PLL) y2 U2 R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R' U'
91 hour 30 minutesJohn GodwinI used my regular system for this: Fridrich
The goal was to solve the cube blindfolded as fast as possible, Regardless of memorization time. (The memorization took about
1.5 hours)
Here is the Video
101 hour 54 minutes 24 secondsChris HardwickI took almost an hour and a half off my attempt from a year and a half ago. I did this for the Sunday blindfolded contest. Here was the scramble from the contest: B' F' D' F' B L' U2 F L2 B' R L F2 U' D' B' U B L2 D2 L' U2 B' R2 F and here was my solution
*First and only look* ; (Double extended cross that I found by visual inspection) L' R D2 L' F' U D' L B' ; (FL pair) U B' U' B F U F' ; (BL pair) U' L U L' U B' U' B ; (OLL) U2 R' U2 R2 B' R' B R' U2 R ; (PLL) B2 R' U' R B2 L' D L' D' L2