Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded on a Computer cube
134.89 secondsVille SeppänenIt's in ryanheise.com20090201
245.92 secondsChi ChuI got the test last week.
Some luckcase. One corner and One edge are correct.
31 minute 37.97 secondsAndy TsaoAlso had a 1:33.11 but the submit button wasn't working back then.20061225
42 minutes 6.64 secondsTrevor DavilaDang. I was hoping for sub-2. I did it here.20070612
52 minutes 35.79 secondsLucas GarronJust had to beat Craig. Done on Ryan Heise's blindfolded cube simulator. Myblindfolded corner orientation system.20061223
62 minutes 49.73 secondsCraig BouchardTook me a few tries, breaking the old record by 0.1 seconds.20061223
78 minutes 37.81 secondsKonsta JukkaReplay First try was 12 min 1 sec. Have to work my memorisation much faster. I learned Pochmann's method almost a week ago (and using it of course). I think Ryan's simulator is a bit easier to memorisation because you don't actually have to move the cube at all.20090201
88 minutes 43.33 secondsEmile CompionI went EXTREMELY slowly. Heise's BLD simulator is very cool :)20080326