Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded, shortest solving time for a successful blindfolded solve (unlimited memorization time)
111.98 secondsPhil ThomasA great solve. Video is here
212.53 secondsClément GalletVideo here. Easy F2L.20070828
316.43 secondsLucas GarronVideo Reconstruction
Memorized the night before and done in the morning before leaving on the Disneyland trip.
I've even done sub-12's and memorized in under ten minutes, but they all ended up as DNFs.
My Speed BLD Guide
416.59 secondsJack MoseleyAfter 22 minutes to memorize. It could have been better but I had an F permutation, which I am pretty slow at.20071012
551.07 secondsJohnathan BrouilletI spent about an hour trying and trying again to get a good solve. About 40 percent of them where unsucessful, then i hit the 51.07 and was jumping up and down with joy, running around the house. It was definatley a good feeling, but i doubt it will happen again.20070908
61 minute 33 secondsKrum Radevn/a20090507
78 minutes 45 secondsAndrea Santambrogion/a20090510