Rubik's Cube: Blindfolded, shortest time for memorizing for a successful solve
17.99 secondsVille Seppänenyeah something sub8.20090507
28.5 secondsBrian YuYES! I've been practicing so long to beat Ville's record, and it's SO hard to beat. I used Journey method, which is really hard to get sub-10 on, but I finally, finally did it!!! Non-lucky, and total solve time was about 58 seconds.20090507
311 secondsRowe Hessleri knew the memo waas fast so i peeked at the timer before putting on the goal is a sub 10 20070918
414.84 secondsLin Tse-KanA sub15s :)20090507
518 secondsAlex CookMy first sub 20 memo. Should have been a PB, but bad execution made it a 1:11.20080626
624 secondsMilán BaticzTotal time was 1:22.
Practise, practise, practise.
725 secondsJosh Bergim rushing the memo a bit now, but still getting it successful. my permutation is crap so this time was a 1:3620080523
826 secondsOlivér PergeOne edge placed correctly. Avg around 35-45 sec.20071106
926.86 secondsDennis Strehlaufinally, another best time.20070610
1027 secondsDavid OrserThe idea with this is just to memorize the cube as fast as possible and still complete the solve.20040227
1135 secondsLucas Garron
My BLD solves suffer severely from slow memo. I still use visual.
1236 secondsTyson MaoI will focus on this record soon rather than achive fast memorization times as a result of chance.20050721
1343 secondsWuqiong FanI usually take about 80 seconds to memorize the cube.
The solving time for this one was 2:19.21.
Only 3 edges were solved.
1450 secondsArif JulianTotal result was 2:20.54. Not my PB. Since my execution is quite slow I prefer to train a fast memo time. My goal is sub 40 second memo or less so I can get sub 2.20090201
1554 secondsJoël van NoortThe memorisation time of my fastest blindfold solve so far. After memorisation, I took a quick look at the timer, and it was as 53.xx and running. The most important factor for my BLD solving times right now is the memorization time. My site20060314
1554 secondsDennis Strehlauand of course a succesful solve.20070516
171 minute 9 secondsErik AkkersdijkThis was a fast memo for me, I don't have a real system.20070529
181 minute 15 secondsMike DavisI've only been blind solving for like 3 weeks or a month so I am happy with 75 second memo. : )
See video here: 3:18.02
192 minutes 1 secondsWill Klauslermy combined time was 5:4020090201
202 minutes 20 secondsBob BurtonSolve time was 4:31.68. Visit my site.20060518
216 minutes 1 secondAndrew RuestowVideo on Youtube.20061231