2x2x2 Cube: Blindfolded
16.06 secondsDerrick EideWOW!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!! I can't believe this! this solve was amazing! YESS! I finally beat Pak too! sorry Pak I'll guess you'll have to settle for 2nd place now. I've been wanting to get the record on here for sometime now and was finally getting close till pak set the standard of 8 seconds but I did it! In the solve I used a normal solve approach I saw the whole f2l in my Memo and I looked ahead for the Oll and realized that if I used the right OLL I could finish PLL too! YEAH! this has to be the limit for this puzzle Blindfolded.20070516
26.91 secondsYuxuan Wangn/a20090507
38.03 secondsSeongho ParkMy cube feels lonely.
Video is here(http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipView.do?clipid=2003043)
48.02 secondsBrian YuUsing a Freestyle/TuRBo/R2 combination that's really hard to describe here. It wasn't lucky. Done on a friend's 2x2.20090507
59.37 secondsMilán BaticzAfter practising this with Derrick :)
Practise practise practise.
615.11 secondsBen WhitmoreOther than the whip-it the other whip-it the other whip-it the 2x2 ( the magic and the pyraminx 2x2 BLD is the only puzzle that makes me seem fast. I actually did this solve about a month ago. Just forgot to upload it. I use my own method:
1. Orient bottom layer
2. Do an x2 cube rotation
3. Orient that bottom layer
4. Do another x2 cube rotation
5. Permute top layer
6. Do another x2 cube rotation
7. Permute that top layer
8. Do another x2 cube rotation (might seem pointless)
9. Line up layers.
715.92 secondsPhil ThomasAmazing! Using Ortega I think (variation of Guimond)! I saw a 4 move first layer U R U R'. Then the 8 move anti sune (y' R' U R U' R' U2 R) for oll preserved the top layer permutation. Then I permuted both layers (y2 U2 R2 U R2 y' U2 R2 U R2) That was aweseom20071120
817.25 secondsKyle Allairen/a20070109
919.06 secondsBalázs Bernátwith old Pochmann.20080318
1019.43 secondsTakuma AkutsuUsing 3x3x3 BLD system :)20071012
1119.94 secondsSzabolcs Balázsi(Pochmann) 2 corners were solved.20081112
1221.44 secondsPéter Trombitáswith an easy speedblind for Guimond method. average is about 35 seconds with old pochmann.20090507
1323.86 secondsMátyás KutiMemorization abut 10 seconds. 2 corners were solved. Using Pochmann.20070106
1424.34 secondsThom BarlowThis was a special case. Doing an L on the cube made it into two CMLL cases, Just just memorised what they'd be after the move, blindfolded and executed. My second fastest is 37.15 done with three-cycles. I'm averaging around 50. This record doesn't really mean much to me. ~ Kirjava20060225
1525 secondsLucas Garronn/a20070319
1625.25 secondsErik AkkersdijkDuring weekly bld contest on rubiks.has.it very easy, and done with pochmann!20061113
1728.54 secondsCraig BouchardIn my average.very easy.20060316
1728.54 secondsBordas SzabolcsI have doing this for 3 days:D20090201
1928.63 secondsAlexei GousevNot bad. Two sunes, one in each layer, and 5 corners misplaced. Could've been faster if I wasn't afraid to overspin on my 2x2, which is way too spinny for BLDing.20061221
2029.54 secondsTimothy SunI do my entire system, since I can't really figure out how to do Orientation->Permutation. Easy case, fourteen moves: 8 moves FL, FURU'R'F LL. I need to get a real 2x2x2, it's distracting with the edges and centers on a 3x3x3.20060329
2129.85 secondsWuqiong FanThis is classic Pochmann memo in about 6 seconds. Not lucky. I've gotten several lucky solves today with sub-5 memo and sub-20 total. Average maybe 40-50 seconds (15-20 memo). I suck at execution (learn R2 perhaps?).20080925
2230.81 secondsBob BurtonQuick memorization on this solve. Only 13 seconds to memorize. Visit my site.20060514
2331 secondsShotaro MakisumiI need an Eastsheen. 
2431.85 secondsAndy TsaoDone about 10 minutes after I decided to start taking this seriously.20061029
2532.98 secondsJoël van NoortI am practicing the 2x2 BLD. I learned quite a few patterns for CO.20070125
2633.49 secondsKai JiptnerI like doing the 2x2 Blindfolded. I'm not sure why ;)
Here is the video:
2735.51 secondsJoseph LiaoEasy memorization! 
2836 secondsAlex KumakiAbout 15 second memorization.20080503
2937.15 secondsJohannes LaireOnly tried 3 times. Too easy and boring.20060902
3037.66 secondsRoland Kovácsn/a20081007
3139.96 secondsSinpei ArakiI should learn more 2x2x2 Rubiks@BLD20061127
3241.23 secondsBertrand Bordagezzzzzzzzz. The mini cube is too easy. I just memorize the algorithms I must do. No numbers or other memorization tips. Numbers are not easy to remember. It just need to remember 7 cubes positions in a difficult case. I solved a mini cube for the first time the same day. I'm gonna do the Rubik's cube. That's more serious.20041010
3342.60 secondsToshihiro Oonon/a20070114
3442.68 secondsJacob PowellAmazing fast Memo and somehow lucky but not, 4 corners misoriented, 2 switch then 3-cycle, and the solve! Using the 3-cycle method learned from Makisumi's site. Fun.20080626
3544.25 secondsJefferson JamesDid this a while ago.20080126
3644.69 secondsCaleb LauI probably could have gone faster. I was using Pochmann's original method (not M2, R2). See my site: GottaCube.com20070608
3745 secondsConnor WymanOH YEAH!! Beat Orlando! Im Happy! -) Wish I Had a video though -(20080626
3845.31 secondsRon van BruchemBoooooooring. ;-) 
3945.59 secondsMats Luthmann/a20080731
4048 secondsChris HardwickDone on an Eastsheen. I also got a lucky 34 second time. Starting to figure this out. 
4149.27 secondsAndrew Smithwow, i just shattered my old record! this is the sort of challenging part of the 2 x 220070505
4251.58 secondsGunnar KrigI did a few solves. This is my 2nd sub-60. Tomorrow I'll practice some 3x3BLD.20070828
4352.86 secondsEmile CompionB2 L F2 R B R D F' D B2 L' B L F' L D2 F2 R2 D B U2 F2 D B L2
First sub-60. While racing Derrick Eide over MSN. He got a 22.21 on the same scramble XD. I TOLD you I would do it Derrick!!
4456 secondsBryan ChengTook a bunch of tries. 
451 minuteBernett OrlandoI did this only after learning 3*3*3 and 4*4*4. As I was not owning a 2*2*2 cube back then, I used only 4*4*4 cube as 2*2*2 cube and solved it!!. Now I own a 2*2*2 cube. It is too easy.20050125
461 minute 3.24 secondsAlex SeidlerEasy! I used pochmann with visual memorizing.20080307
471 minute 15 secondsStefan PochmannVery good flow, I didn't have to stop for thinking as much as usual. 
481 minute 17.65 secondsSam Cappleman-LynesThis is a great time for me (I avg. 2 mins.). Sune on top and bottom layers then an easy permutation memo (why are some easier then others?)20071201
491 minute 18.49 secondsRama TemminkGetting A LOT better at the memorisation, but I must concentrate more to get faster maybe a sub 1 minute solve next time?20070117
501 minute 25 secondsYi Rengood20090214
511 minute 25.13 secondsBenoît Fontaine1 minute memorization20051030
521 minute 30.27 secondsBrad SampsonFirst time doing a Eastsheen 2x2 Blindfolded.20080322
531 minute 41 secondsBrent MorganThis is awesome. My site.20040314
541 minute 41.08 secondsMatt Wallisan/a20051024
551 minute 51.95 secondsKenneth GustavssonI just learned to do this, had a couple of 5-10 minutes solves earlier. But now I also learned all the patterns for permutation changes during OLL. That did cut about half of the times =)20051110
561 minute 57.21 secondsMatt BychowskiDone in my truck in a parking lot one evening. My memory is horrible, so this is probably approaching my fastest time.20061221
572 minutes 0.37 secondsAustin Reedwow20080428
582 minutes 3 secondsCameron WebleyIt took 2 tries for this, if I rush the memorization, I make some mistakes. 
592 minutes 6.68 secondsEvan Gatesmy first time, 11:38 pm
pretty easy orientation and permutation, but i did it none the less, im so happy :-D
602 minutes 10 secondsAllen WinslowThis was the first time I timed myself with a 2x2 blindsolve but I don't think that I will get to try again for a long time because I just broke my 2x2! Ugh!20080601
612 minutes 38.20 secondsAlan TanWell. I'm not really good at this. It took me 20 attempts to get ONE solve. AND ON CAMERA TOO THOUGH =D So my first solve. So proud =D
I used the beginner's method (I think it's called that?) where you use a buffer zone/undisturbance zone (creds to seerusgod and grintoth on YouTube).
Speaking of YouTube. This vid'll go online =D So check out youtube.com/RayjinBlitz if you'd like to see =] I'm not that fast though so yea.
One more thing I think this is considered a lucky solve I'm not sure.
622 minutes 49.57 secondsCarl-Johan KjellanderUsing the standard Richard Carr method. 52371648 22112100 so 3 orientations and 3 permutations. Now to learn the 3x3x3 blindfolded.20050712
632 minutes 55.20 secondsMichael GottliebFirst try; three-cycle method. Permutation was (13546)(28) and orientation was ---++0+0.20070519
643 minutesShao Hang KaoBlindfold is fun!20050910
653 minutes 28 secondsMichael AtkinsonI can do it just about every time now! Don't know how I'll be able to memorize enough numbers for the 3x3x3, though.. 
663 minutes 45.87 secondsMichael FungTimed with "The ultimate Rubik's cube® timer version 2.1". Scramble: F'RU'LD2LB2UR'D2L2BR'BU2R2BR'F2D'LB'UF'R220050715
673 minutes 46.21 secondsMarco Nardinmy first try.20090201
686 minutes 52.16 secondsBen KingThis is my first sucessful attempt at a blindfold solve. I had three previous attempts on the 2x2x2. The first one I had one algorithm wrong so it wasn't even close. Second I was off by one swap. Third, I don't know what I did wrong here. Previous three I did while the rest of my family was away. They came home before I started this one. I ended up watching tv through a good portion of the analysis phase. I used my own (and probably quite inefficient) method for this solve. I orient all the pieces so that on two opposite faces consist of only two opposite colors i.e. only blue and white. I write out cycles for the corners. Then I do single swaps to get them all into place. This solve may be a little bit lucky, but lucky is hard to judge when each step is a single swap. At first, the corner cycle was a beast, but I figured out that 1 swap and a D2 drastically simplified the rest of the solve. probably could have done this in 4-5 minutes if I was alone. I'm probably going to beat this again real soon, so read it while you can.20050610
6912 minutes 11 secondsNathaniel DayI took notes. I know that it would not count in a competition, but I still say that I did it. Slowly but surely.20050508
70n.a.Blake O'HareI did this while waiting for my dinner at a restaurant. The people in the next table were looking at me funny. 
70n.a.Bruno Jarnohttp://wrubik.free.fr 
70n.a.Masayuki AkimotoI thought it is very tough. But I did it in several trials after I established the method. 
70n.a.Grant TregayI had already essentially done this when I did my 3x3x3 in two looks (corners then edges), but I just got a couple 2x2x2 cubes, so I did one. Next I'm going to try two 2x2x2's together, and hopefully after that I can do a 3x3x3 blindfolded. 
70n.a.Adam BakerFirst one to start blind cubing @ OWEN HALL. Working on edges of 3x3x3 now. I'll be there soon. Special thanks to Richard Carr for his help. 
70n.a.Yuri PertsovskiIt wasn't easy. Done on a Rubik's Cube.