SpeedCubing.com News archive 2002+

December 31, 2002Richard Carr is now unofficially the first person ever to have solved a Rubik's 5x5x5 cube blindfolded. Simply superhuman.
December 18, 2002Masayuki Akimoto broke the Unofficial World Record for Rubik's 4x4x4 average. The new record is 1 minute 38.6 seconds.
December 17, 2002Jess Bonde solved 2,000 cubes in 22 hours and 16 minutes, setting a hard to beat new official cube marathon world record. Jess also set a new official world record of 16.92 seconds for 1 cube. During the marathon he set a best time of 14.79 seconds.
Check out a video report on Danish tv.
December 16, 2002Chris Hardwick solved a Rubik's cube blindfolded using his normal solving system. Amazing!
December 14, 2002Olly Hayden appeared on British Children BBC at 10:30am. He was on a section called "Strangely Talented", where he solved a few cubes, and won a place in next year's final.
December 4, 2002"Acid-washed jeans, leg warmers, Boy George; just a few of the trends and fads we left behind when the 80s came to an end. But one of those fads is back, it's the Rubik's Cube! The World Championships are set to be held in Toronto next year for the first time since 1982. Nostalgia or unfinished business? Tune in and find out." That is how they announced Dan Gosbee when he was on CBC (Canadian tv) this morning talking about speedcubing and the upcoming World Championship.
December 2, 2002In a very interesting article on Canada.com, Dan Gosbee told more about the upcoming world championship and his cube enthusiasm.
November 22, 2002Grant Tregay posted a dozen of videos of him solving several different puzzles. His times for the MegaMinx are impressive!
November 21, 2002Jess Bonde did a very cool interview on Danish tv. Unfortunately it is in Danish, but the images tell everything. Full download.
November 18, 2002Ross Palmer breaks his own Unofficial World Record by solving a Rubik's cube while idling on a unicycle in 33.01 seconds.
November 16, 2002Dave Orser is now unofficially the first person to solve 5 Rubik's 3x3x3 cubes blindfolded.
November 14, 2002Rubiks.com released a Rubik's Cube Solution Video, featuring Dan Knights. Recommended for both beginners and experts!
November 5, 2002Updated final layer algorithms (orientation and permutation) and algorithms for first two layers in the Algorithms section.
November 1, 2002There is a fight going on for the first position in the cube assembling category. The new record is 25.56 seconds by Frank Morris.
October 27, 2002Added a recent video to the Multimedia section.
October 25, 2002Added advanced tricks for the first two layers, a contribution by Dave Orser. Please send us your additions, or other contributions.
October 21, 2002Added a simple solution to Square1 that uses only 4 algorithms, and takes about 1 minute 30 seconds.
October 20, 2002Updated the rules for posting records, and removed two dangerous records that did not qualify for these new rules.
October 19, 2002Ton Dennenbroek is now co-host of this site. Check out his Puzzle Building corner.
October 19, 2002Redesigned the menu and some record pages. Please send your comments or suggestions.
October 17, 2002Richard Carr breaks the Unofficial World Record for solving a Rubik's cube blindfolded, with a new record of 6 minutes 35 seconds, including memorization.
October 16, 2002Added algorithms to solve final layer corners without flipping edges. Read description about what these algorithms can be used for.
October 14, 2002Jessica Fridrich posted her pictures of the 22nd Dutch Cube Day, including a very nice article. Check out her site.
October 12, 2002Speedcubist Zbigniew Zborowski proposes to form a group of 5 speedcubists and solve a Guinness acknowledged record of 10,000 cubes in 24 hours. That is 43 seconds per cube including rest! Which fast guys (sub 20 is necessary!) are interested in joining us?
October 9, 2002Added more pictures of the 22nd Dutch Cube Day. Added descriptions to all pictures.
October 9, 2002The Owen Hall residence hall of Purdue University in Indiana is cube crazy. Justin Vining, floor counselor, heated up floor SE4 and now many students are able to solve the cube, or are learning it. Great stuff Justin!
October 7, 2002The 22nd Dutch Cube Day on October 6, 2002 in Leiden, the Netherlands, was a big success. Read our report.
October 4, 2002Richard Carr breaks the Unofficial World Record for a computer 4x4x4 cube using the cube applet at http://www.oinkleburger.com. The new record is: 1 minute 09.08 seconds.
October 2, 2002Richard Carr solves 21 5x5x5 cubes in one hour using the cube applet at http://www.oinkleburger.com.
October 2, 2002Grant Tregay breaks the Unofficial World Record for Rubik's 2x2x2 average. The new record is 17.39 seconds.
October 2, 2002Dan Gosbee sets an Unofficial World Record by solving 1500 cubes in 24 hours in Detroit, Michigan today. He can do many more, but will save that for a Guinness recognized attempt.
September 25, 2002Jess Bonde creates a great cube timer using JavaScript. Try it at www.rubiks.dk.
September 23, 2002According to Rubiks.com, Joshua from USA, age 5, is the youngest person to have solved the cube.
September 21, 2002Wiktoria Zborowska from Poland, age 6, daughter of speedcubist Zbigniew Zborowski, is now unofficially the youngest person to have solved the cube. See also the statistical records. Her best time is 2 minutes 36.24 seconds.
September 20, 2002Ton Dennenbroek finally creates a site. Main subject is building Rubik like puzzles. Check it out!
August 30, 2002Dave Orser repeats Richard Carr's achievement to unofficially become the second person to solve 4 Rubik's 3x3x3 cubes blindfolded.
August 29, 2002Richard Carr is now unofficially the first person to solve 4 Rubik's 3x3x3 cubes blindfolded.
August 8, 2002Chris Hardwick temporarily retires from active speedcubing, because of serious wrist problems.
June 1, 2002We are redesigning the record pages. Please send us your suggestions.
May 1, 2002How to solve the two-generator group.
March 23, 2002See some examples of solving the cube!
February 3, 2002Chris Hardwick is now co-host of this site.
July 11, 2000This site http://www.speedcubing.com was created by Ron van Bruchem, The Netherlands.
This site was hosted by his colleague Henk Kuipers