Advanced tricks for F2L

A contribution by Dave Orser

In the table below you can find some advanced tricks for solving corner/edge pairs of F2L.
Each lower case letter means that you have to move two layers at the same time. So a small u would mean that you need to move the upper two layers clockwise, and a small r' would mean that you need to move the right two layers counterclockwise.
Moves of two layers sometimes enable a very elegant and easy solution to the tougher cases of F2L.

SituationSolved pairSolutionSituationSolved pairSolution
FRUr UR'U'R2 r'U'R' (9) FRR' u' R'uR (5)
FRR2 u R2 u' R2 (6) FRR2u RUR'U'u' R'UR' (10)
FRU'r U'R' UR Ur' (8) FRr' U2R2 UR2 Ur (7)
FRu'RU2R'u RUR' (8) FRRU2R2 u' R'uR (7)
FRRu R'UR u'R' (7) FLMU' R'FR UM' (7)
FL w/BR openR2u'R'uR2 (5) BLR2 u R2 u' R2 (6)
BR w/FR openR2U'RUR2 (5) BRR'U2 u'RUR'U2 uR (9)
BR w/FR openu'UR' U'R u (6) BRR2u' R'U'RU u RU'R (10)
BR w/FR openR2URU'R2 (5)