United States Rubik's Games Championships 2004

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Announcing the 2004 United States Rubik's Games Championships

Pasadena, California
July 10, 2004
California Institute of Technology, Baxter Hall

For more information on the contest, including rules, see Tyson Mao's website about the competition.


May 7, 2004The entry fee will be $5 and will be paid at the door when you check-in on July 10.
May 1, 2004There will be an entry fee for the competition to be paid at the door. The amount is still to be decided, however it will not be more than a few dollars.
May 1, 2004We need judges and scramblers for the competition! If interested please let us know!
May 1, 2004The official website is up!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the organizer Tyson Mao