Thank you!

Thank you very much to all sponsors and organisers for making Euro 2012 possible.
Thank you to everyone who helped in organising, judging, scrambling, score taking, preparations, building up, cleaning et cetera.
Thank you to all competitors and guests who created this wonderful atmosphere where people from all over the world have fun together.

We hope to see you again in two years at Euro 2014.

Have fun,


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1 World record, 5 European records and 101 National records

World records: Marcell Endrey 3×3 blindfolded 26.36 (single).
European records: Michał Pleskowicz 2×2 Cube 2.22 (average), Bence Barát 7×7 Cube 3:08.43 (single) 3:18.54 (average), Henrik Buus Aagaard 3×3 with feet 39.02 (average), Simon Crawford Square-1 11.76 (average).

1:Jakob Kogler, Austria, 333bf Single
2:Jakob Kogler, Austria, 333mbf Single
3:Michael Röhrer, Austria, 666 Single
4:Michael Röhrer, Austria, 555 Average
5:Michael Röhrer, Austria, 666 Average
6:Ustin Vashchenko, Belarus, mmagic Single
7:Ustin Vashchenko, Belarus, mmagic Average
8:Zoé de Moffarts, Belgium, minx Single
9:Zoé de Moffarts, Belgium, minx Average
10:Dennis Rosero, Colombia, sq1 Average
11:Aili Asikainen, Finland, pyram Single
12:Niko Paavilainen, Finland, 555 Single
13:Niko Paavilainen, Finland, 555 Single
14:Niko Paavilainen, Finland, minx Single
15:Niko Paavilainen, Finland, 666 Single
16:Niko Paavilainen, Finland, 555 Average
17:Niko Paavilainen, Finland, 666 Average
18:Abdelhak Kaddour, France, 555 Single
19:Abdelhak Kaddour, France, 555 Average
20:Jules Desjardin, France, pyram Average
21:Jules Desjardin, France, pyram Average
22:Victor Cullot, France, 333bf Single
23:Bence Barát, Hungary, 555 Single
24:Bence Barát, Hungary, 666 Single
25:Bence Barát, Hungary, 666 Average
26:Marcell Endrey, Hungary, 333mbf Single
27:Milán Baticz, Hungary, 555 Average
28:Milán Baticz, Hungary, 333oh Average
29:Hilmar Magnusson, Iceland, 333 Single
30:Hilmar Magnusson, Iceland, 222 Average
31:Andrea Natale, Italy, 777 Single
32:Andrea Natale, Italy, 777 Average
33:Giovanni Contardi, Italy, 555 Single
34:Massimiliano Iovane, Italy, 555 Average
35:Matteo Colombo, Italy, 555bf Single
36:Erik Akkersdijk, Netherlands, 333ft Single
37:Erik Akkersdijk, Netherlands, 333ft Average
38:Maarten Smit, Netherlands, clock Single
39:Maarten Smit, Netherlands, clock Average
40:Mats Valk, Netherlands, 333oh Average
41:Mats Valk, Netherlands, 666 Average
42:Hong Tan Lam, Norway, 555 Single
43:Hong Tan Lam, Norway, 555 Single
44:Hong Tan Lam, Norway, 666 Single
45:Hong Tan Lam, Norway, 555 Average
46:Hong Tan Lam, Norway, 666 Average
47:Rebaz Alipour, Norway, magic Single
48:Rebaz Alipour, Norway, magic Single
49:Rebaz Alipour, Norway, magic Average
50:Jakub Kipa, Poland, 333ft Average
51:Kamil Fiedoruk, Poland, mmagic Single
52:Kamil Fiedoruk, Poland, mmagic Average
53:Marcin Zalewski, Poland, 444bf Single
54:Michał Halczuk, Poland, 444 Single
55:Michał Halczuk, Poland, 444 Average
56:Michał Halczuk, Poland, 777 Average
57:Piotr Kózka, Poland, 444 Single
58:Anton Rostovikov, Russia, 333bf Single
59:Dmitry Kryuzban, Russia, clock Single
60:Dmitry Kryuzban, Russia, magic Average
61:Dmitry Kryuzban, Russia, mmagic Average
62:Oleg Gritsenko, Russia, 333mbf Single
63:Sergey Ryabko, Russia, 333 Average
64:Judita Ölveczká, Slovakia, 222 Single
65:Judita Ölveczká, Slovakia, 333 Average
66:Jure Gregorc, Slovenia, 222 Single
67:Jure Gregorc, Slovenia, 333oh Average
68:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 555 Single
69:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 333ft Single
70:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 666 Single
71:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 444 Average
72:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 555 Average
73:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 555 Average
74:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, minx Average
75:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, minx Average
76:Matic Omulec, Slovenia, 666 Average
77:Carlos Méndez García-Barroso, Spain, 555 Single
78:Carlos Méndez García-Barroso, Spain, minx Single
79:Carlos Méndez García-Barroso, Spain, 444 Average
80:Carlos Méndez García-Barroso, Spain, 555 Average
81:Carlos Méndez García-Barroso, Spain, minx Average
82:Javier Cabezuelo Sánchez, Spain, 333fm Single
83:Jacob Lange, Sweden, mmagic Single
84:Simon Westlund, Sweden, 555 Single
85:Igor Bilchenko (Ігор Більченко), Ukraine, magic Single
86:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 444 Single
87:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 555 Single
88:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 333oh Single
89:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 666 Single
90:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 777 Single
91:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 444 Average
92:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 444 Average
93:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 666 Average
94:Ivan Vynnyk (Іван Винник), Ukraine, 777 Average
95:Roman Ostapenko (Роман Остапенко), Ukraine, sq1 Single
96:Roman Ostapenko (Роман Остапенко), Ukraine, sq1 Average
97:Breandan Vallance, United Kingdom, 555 Average
98:Robert Yau, United Kingdom, 444 Single
99:Robert Yau, United Kingdom, 333oh Single
100:Robert Yau, United Kingdom, 444 Average
101:Simon Crawford, United Kingdom, sq1 Single

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Scrambles of Euro 2012

The scrambles of Euro 2012 are posted here.

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Sergey Ryabko wins European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2012

Sergey Ryabko (Russia) won the European Rubik’s Cube Championship 2012 with an average time of 8.89 seconds. Mats Valk (Netherlands) finished second in 9.21 seconds, Michal Pleskowicz (Poland) finished third in 9.24 seconds.

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Live results of Euro 2012

Live results will be available during Euro 2012 via

See many galleries!

Mosaic: click here

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Have breakfast in a bar just outside Avantgarde Hostel!

From 7:30 till 8:30 bar “Abradable” will be opened to serve you breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Please don’t be late, and have in mind that they have only 36 chairs

  • gyros, tortilla, fries
  • traditional breakfast like eggs, frankfurters, bread
  • soups, salads

Just cross the road on the right from the hostel!

bon appétit

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Scrambling activities now available

The scrambling activities are now available online:

If there are any problems with the scrambling activities, please contact

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Groups per competitor now available

The groups per competitor are now available online:

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Final update to qualification limits

Today we made the final update to the qualification limits:

  • 4×4 Cube: 1 minute 30 seconds (average)
  • 5×5 Cube: 2 minutes 30 seconds (average)
  • Rubik’s Cube One-handed: 40 seconds (average)

Now more competitors qualified for these events.

If you are still on the waiting list for an event, that means you will probably not be able compete in that event.

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300 competitors registered!

Today our 300th competitor registered: Remigiusz Durka.
Female competitors: 25.
Oldest competitor: 55 years.
Youngest competitor: 10 years.
Average age: 21 years.
Median age: 20 years.
Countries: 30.
Registered events per competitor: 8.19.
Qualified events per competitor: 6.26.
Registered guests: 150.
Registration fee paid: 275.

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