Dutch Open Rubik's Cube 2008


Saturday October 18 and Sunday October 19, 2008


Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Kruisstraat 74
5612 CJ Eindhoven


Online registration form

Saturday competition

9:30 - 16:45 (Venue open around 9:00am)

Sunday competition

Dutch Cube Day 2008
10:00 - 16:45 (Venue open around 9:30am)

Latest news

  • October 14, 2008 Update of the time schedule and event formats.
  • September 27, 2008 Update of the time schedule and event formats.
  • September 26, 2008 New event: Rubik's Cube Fewest Moves.
  • August 31, 2008 Registration is now open!


The Dutch Open Rubik's Cube 2008 is organised by Speedcubing.com (Ron van Bruchem, Ton Dennenbroek) and Pim Geels. The venue is provided by Dutch Cubists Club (NKC).
The competition on Sunday will be held during Dutch Cube Day 2008, a big international gathering of puzzle fans, which includes a puzzle market and some lectures.
The competition on Saturday will be held in the same room, but without any other festivities.

During the championship the official WCA regulations will be applied.
Results of the championship will be added to the official WCA World Rankings.
Before the competition starts all competitors can practice on the official timing equipment: the Stackmat timer.
All puzzle brands may be used during the competition, as long as the puzzles comply to the WCA regulations.

All competitors must be available for scrambling and judging. The scrambling and judging will be done in groups per event.

News updates on Dutch Open 2008 will follow in separate e-mails to registered competitors.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact organiser Ron van Bruchem.


Dutch Cube Day 2008 and Dutch Open 2008 are only open to registered competitors and guests. So all competitors and guests must be registered!
We have a maximum of 60 competitors, so make sure you register early.
Up to two guests per competitor is reasonable.
Please use the online registration form for registration.
Registration closes on October 4, 2008 AND when we reach 60 competitors.

Entrance fee for Saturday is 10 euro per person (competitors/guests). The entrance fee includes lunch and drinks.
Entrance fee for Sunday is 15 euro per person (competitors/guests), NKC members pay 10 euro. The entrance fee includes lunch and drinks.
All fees are paid in cash during on-site registration.


Saturday: 2x2x2, Square-1, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Clock, Fewest Moves, Magic, Master Magic, 3x3x3 One-handed, 6x6x6 (Unofficial).
Sunday: 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 3x3x3 Blindfolded, 7x7x7 (Unofficial).
We are focusing on having a good competition, but also having spare time to be able to walk around, talk and buy/sell/trade puzzles.

Provisional time schedule


EventRoundTime limit
Format#CompetitorsStart time
On-site registration    09:00
Rubik's Magicfinal0:30average of 5 09:30
Rubik's Master Magicfinal0:30average of 5 09:30
6x6x6 Cubefinal6best of 22410:00
Rubik's Clockfinal1mean of 3 11:00
2x2x2 Cubefinal1average of 5 11:30
Lunch    12:15
Rubik's Cube
fewest moves
final60best of 1 12:15
Rubik's Cube
final2average of 5 13:15
Pyraminxfinal3average of 5 14:20
Megaminxcombined final5best of 1
mean of 3

Square-1combined final3best of 1
mean of 3



EventRoundTime limit
Format#CompetitorsStart time
On-site registration    09:30
4x4x4 Cubecombined final4best of 2
average of 5

Rubik's Cubefirst round2average of 5 11:10
Lunch    12:30
7x7x7 Cubefinal10best of 12012:50
Rubik's Cubesecond round2average of 53213:30
5x5x5 Cubecombined final6best of 2
average of 5

Rubik's Cube
final10best of 2 15:30
Rubik's Cubefinal2average 5816:20
Winner's Ceremony    17:00


There will be some small prizes to be divided among the category winners.
All top 3 finishers receive a signed certificate.


The following competitors are currently registered for Dutch Open 2008.
1Gilles van den PeereboomBelgium1  11 1   1    3
2Jimmy CollBelgium11111           
3Lars VandenberghBelgium1111 1 11111111 
4Olivier PolspoelBelgium111  1111111 1  
5Tobias DaneelsBelgium11111           
6Clément GalletFrance111111111111111 
7François CourtčsFrance111 111   11111 
8Jean-Louis MathieuFrance111   1111    1 
9Laëtitia LemoineFrance111111111111111 
10Stéphane EscaichFrance1              1
11Thibaut KirchnerFrance1111111  11111  
12Dennis StrehlauGermany1111111111 1111 
13Monika ZimmermannGermany111             
14Robin BlöhmGermany111 111   1111  
15Sébastien AurouxGermany11111111  1 111 
16Dániel VargaHungary1111111111111111
17Gábor SchmízHungary1111 11      11 
18Olivér NagyHungary11   1111       
19Sarolta PánczélHungary                
20Maria OeyIndonesia1               
21Alexander OomsNetherlands1111 1 1111  11 
22Anja ProvoostNetherlands     1    1  1  
23Arjan BosseNetherlands111             
24Arnaud van GalenNetherlands111111111111111 
25Conny SchuytNetherlands11              
26Daniël HopNetherlands1   1           
27Douwe WermerNetherlands     11111 11   
28Erik AkkersdijkNetherlands111111111111111 
29Frank ProvoostNetherlands     1 1111111  
30Frank van der VoortNetherlands1               
31Guus Razoux SchultzNetherlands          1     
32Hakan DenizNetherlands1111 11  111  1 
33Hanneke RijksNetherlands1          1 1  
34Hans van der ZijdenNetherlands111 1           
35Jaap ScherphuisNetherlands1      11       
36Jacco KrijnenNetherlands111111111111  1 
37Joël van NoortNetherlands1111111   1 1   
38Koen HeltzelNetherlands1111            
39Koen WermerNetherlands     11111  1   
40Loes van der ZandenNetherlands1               
41Mats ValkNetherlands111111111111111 
42Michel HopNetherlands1   1           
43Peter JansenNetherlands1              1
44Rama TemminkNetherlands1 1   1         
45Roel JongenNetherlands1               
46Ron van BruchemNetherlands1111 111 1111111
47Sven BakkerNetherlands1 1             
48Tom van der ZandenNetherlands11   111 11  1  
49Ton DennenbroekNetherlands111 1111      1 
50Agniezka KozielPoland1               
51David Calvo VivasSpain11 1111   1   1 
52Sven GowalSwitzerland111  1111 11 1  
53Charlie CooperUnited Kingdom111111111111 11 
55Ross PalmerUSA1              1
56Taylor HowellUSA1        1     1
57Anika van OrtenGermany111  111 1   1  
TOTAL 105135332323313025192225211724209


We recommend you to stay at the Eindhoven Holiday Inn hotel on Saturday night. This hotel is next to Eindhoven train station and close to the venue.
This hotel has an advance purchase rate of 62 euros per double room per night, not including breakfast. Additional persons at 22 euros per night.
Check out the hotel website for information and bookings.
If you want to share a room with someone else, then please send an e-mail to Ron.

Another option is the Stay Okay youth hostel in Valkenswaard. This youth hostel is 12 km from the venue. The venue is close to the Eindhoven train station and reachable by bus from the youth hostel.
Prices around 25 euros per person per night, including breakfast.
Check out the youth hostel website.