Dutch Open Championship 2006


October 14 and 15, 2006 (Saturday and Sunday)


Delft, The Netherlands


Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Pieter Calandweg
2628 CN Delft, Netherlands


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09:30 - 17:00 (Venue open around 09:00am.)

Latest news

  • October 12: Updated version of provisional time schedule.
  • October 8: Registration is now closed. We have 42 registered competitors from 10 countries.
  • September 26: First version of provisional time schedule.
  • August 24: Added hotel recommendations to this page.
  • July 16: Registration is now open!


The Dutch Open 2006 will be organised by Speedcubing.com together with World Cube Association and volunteers.
During the championship the official WCA regulations will be applied.

The championship will be held during Dutch Cube Day 2006 (Sunday) and the day before (Saturday).
Dutch Cube Day 2006 is a big international gathering of puzzle fans, which includes a puzzle market and some lectures. Pictures of previous editions can be found via the Events page.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact organiser Ron van Bruchem.


Venue is room PSOR (Staff and Student Recreation Room) in the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Pieter Calandweg, 2628 CN Delft, Netherlands.
Check out building 23 on this map.
The venue is reachable by car (free parking next to building), by train and bus (Train station Delft, then Bus 121 to Zoetermeer, Stop Stieltjesweg) and by train and walk (Train station Delft Zuid, 1.6 km walk).


This year we will use Sunday for the main events (and speed blindfolded) and Saturday for the other events.
It is possible to only compete on Saturday or on Sunday. It is possible to register late on Saturday, but you may miss events that have already been held.

Provisional time schedule
Saturday October 14, 2006
EventRoundTime limit
Format#CompetitorsStart time
Registration    09:00
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube
speed blindfolded
final120best of 1?any time
between 9:30 and 14:30
Rubik's Clockfinal1best of 1
mean of 3
times under 0:20
Rubik's Magicfinal1average of 5?10:30
Rubik's MasterMagicfinal1average of 5?10:30
Megaminxcombined final6best of 1
mean of 3
times under 3:30
Pyraminxcombined final1best of 2
average of 5
times under 0:25
Lunch break    12:30
Square-1combined final4best of 1
mean of 3
times under 2:00
Rubik's 2x2x2 Cubecombined final1best of 2
average of 5
times under 0:12
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube
combined final3best of 2
average of 5
times under 1:00
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube
team solve / nation cup
Informal meeting
in a bar/restaurant
Sunday October 15, 2006
EventRoundTime limit
Format#CompetitorsStart time
Registration    09:00
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube
multiple cubes blindfolded
final90best of 14any time
between 9:30 and 14:30
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cubefirst round4average of 5?09:45
Rubik's 5x5x5 Cubecombined final6best of 1
best of 2
average of 5
times under 4:30
times under 2:50
Lunch break    12:30
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cubesemi final4average of 52413:00
Rubik's 4x4x4 Cubecombined final5best of 1
best of 2
average of 5
times under 2:40
times under 1:40
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube
for 2 solves
best of 2?15:00
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube
with feet
final6best of 1416:00
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cubefinal4average of 51016:15
Winner's Ceremony    16:45
Informal meeting
in a bar/restaurant
Note: for multiple blindfolded solving all competitors can do three attempts in total for DIFFERENT numbers of cubes. (example: 3, 4 and 5).
Note: there will not be a specific time space for speed blindfolded and multiple blindfolded. Competitors for these events may have overlapping with the other events.

Other events

10:00 - 17:00 Puzzle market of Dutch Cube Day 2006.
12:00 - 12:30 Visit to Oskar's Sculpture, this is a sculpture made by Oskar van Deventer outside the university.
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch.
14:00 - 14:30 Lecture by Lee Swallows: Geometric Magic Squares.
What else to expect:
Computer demonstrations, puzzle exchange, puzzles offered on commercial basis, ample opportunity to meet other speedcubers and members of NKC.


There will be some trophies to be divided among the category winners.


The following competitors are registered for Dutch Open 2006.
1Jasmine LeeAustralia1  11 111 1     
2Peter StillAustralia        1       
3Gilles van den PeereboomBelgium11 111111 1  1 1
4Jimmy CollBelgium11 1 1         1
5Joël HeymbeeckBelgium1  11 1 1   11  
6Lars VandenberghBelgium1  11 11111111  
7Jan HladCzech Republic1               
8Petra UhlirovaCzech Republic1               
9Aurélien SouchetFrance1 111          2
10Bastien BonnetFrance11 1 1          
11Clément GalletFrance11 111        1 
12Etienne CastagnoFrance11   1          
13Frédérick BadieFrance11 11           
14Jean-Louis MathieuFrance1       111     
15Thibaut JacquinotFrance1  1            
16Stefan PochmannGermany11 1111   111   
17Thomas BossmannGermany11              
18Bernett OrlandoIndia11 11111   111  
19John LouisIndia11   111        
20Alexander OomsNetherlands1  11  1111  1 2
21Arjan BosseNetherlands1  1            
22Arnaud van GalenNetherlands1  11 11111 11  
23Davey GroenNetherlands1               
24Erik AkkersdijkNetherlands11111 111 1111  
25Guus Razoux SchultzNetherlands1  1            
26Hans van der ZijdenNetherlands11            1 
27Jaap ScherphuisNetherlands1       11      
28Joël van NoortNetherlands11 11 11   1    
29Koen HeltzelNetherlands1  11           
30Maarten StoelhorstNetherlands1  11           
31Marianne van der BurghNetherlands1              1
32Michael FungNetherlands1  11  1    1   
33Michel HopNetherlands1               
34Rama TemminkNetherlands1              1
35Rob van der BurghNetherlands1               
36Ron van BruchemNetherlands11 11  1   1 1 1
37Ruben GeelsNetherlands1              1
38Ton DennenbroekNetherlands1  11 1     1   
39Constantin CeausuRomania 1   1          
40Sven GowalSwitzerland1  1   11       
41Rich KitchingUnited Kingdom1       1 1     
42Sean ConnollyUnited Kingdom1  11 1 1111    
TOTAL 104015225199121213610788210


Competitors coming from abroad can contact Ron. We may help you find a cheap place to stay.
Recommended hotels are:
Campanile Delft (click on Delft on the map) at 59 euro per night for a double room (not including breakfast).
Bed and Breakfast Oosteinde. NOTE: you need to book at least 2 nights! Prices (incl. breakfast): single 55 euros, double 62 euros, triple 85 euros, quadruple 95 euros.
Bed and Breakfast Soul-Inn. Prices (incl. breakfast): single from 45 euros, double from 50 euros.
Café Restaurant 't Raedthuys. Prices (incl. breakfast): single from 47 euros, double from 54 euros.
Camping Delftse Hout. Prices: camping from 22.50 euros (double, tent self supplied), hiking huts (up to 5 persons) from 37.50 euros, chalets (up to 5 persons) from 225 euros (Friday until Monday).
If you want to share a room with someone else, then please also send an e-mail to Ron.

Other information

Before the competition starts all competitors can practice on the official timing equipment: the Stackmat timer.
All puzzle brands may be used during the competition, as long as the puzzles comply to the WCA regulations.
Results of the championship will be added to the official WCA World Ranking.