Cubing software, timers, trainers and other things that help you in your journey to faster times


The most popular online timer, works excellently on most devices, and is constantly updated. Also has one of the best Virtual Cubes options. The settings page is a bit obscure but it's worth taking the time to learn it!


Best timer available if you have a smartcube, it also has a number of training and learning tools under paywall. If you're serious about improving you might want to give that a try too!

Ruwix Timer

From one of the best twisty puzzles resources aroud, it's simple and effective (although limited to 3x3 scrambles)


A timer, a trainer, a competition site, all together, this is an excellent resource as your main site for all things speedcubing

Briefcubing trainer

If you have a smartcube you will be hard-pressed to find a better tool : use your smartcube to execute the moves that solve the case displayed on the screen

Tao Yu Trainer

With the largest roster of algsets, Tao Yu's trainer is a staple for intermediate and advanced cubers

JPerm's CFOP trainer

Aimed at beginners, it's a good place to start for people starting out on their CFOP journey

EOLRb trainer

Jade's eolrb trainer is loved by many Roux solvers and a perfect way to get acquainted with the last parts of the method's solves

Cross and C+1 trainer

Beloved by thousands of cubers, this tool works both for beginners (to learn cross efficiency) and advanced solvers (to learn transition to f2l)

Rubik's trainer

A number of different trainers for algs, recognition and C+1 transition


Written by yours truly, this tool lets you find out the original scramble of a cube by painting in the face colors; Additionally you can use it as a wrapper for HARCS and CubeExplorer alg generators


A tool to annotate solves videos on a frame-by-frame basis, and compute the duration of solve steps, or algs executions, used by the Reconstruction community


The graphical interface is and looks OLD, but Kociemba's software remains one of the main tools for generating algs for different cases of different algsets.


Best simulator and reconstruction editor from Gil

alg.cubing recon sim 

Older and by now wonky interface but it allows to test out scrambles and moves, used by many to reconstruct their solves

Cubingapp recon sim

Faster and more modern interface, but still in its early development

Twizzle recons editor

Fast and smooth simulator from Lucas, who also shares his code as GPL2-like opensource

Twizzle recons editor

Fast and smooth simulator from Lucas, who also shares his code as GPL2-like opensource

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