Official and unofficial records, as well as where to get informations about official competitions

World Cube Association

The official cubing association, the WCA organises, manages, advertises and arbitrates all aspects of official competitions, records and rankings

Unofficial Records

The unofficial world records for official events and for non WCA events

Unofficial Competition

For unofficial events at official competitions (e.g. Team BLD, FTO, etc.)

WCA Live

See results from official WCA comps posted live as fast as the delegates type them in the system during the comps

Senior Rankings

Official results from WCA but limited to senior cubers (40+) with corresponding rankings

Find your Group

Excellent tool if you are AT a competition or are going soon: tells you which group you are for the different events in your upcoming or ongoing comp


The most popular online competition site, using WCA-style rules, bringing both WCA events and non-WCA ones every week


Second-most popular online competition with a very large amount of events both WCA and non-WCA

Roux Weekly Competition

Best place for weekly competitions if you’re using Roux (and why shouldn’t you!), participate from Facebook or Discord 

Let's Cube

Great multiplayer timer for head-to-head races and in-promptu competitions


Great multiplayer timer for head-to-head races and in-promptu competitions

Cube Comp Updates

Receive email updates when a comp is announced in your country (note: in the US you'll be spammed as ther are tons of comps every month)

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